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Keeping in Touch with Family #FamilyMobile #CollectiveBias #shopMy kids are my world, and being able to pick up the phone and call them whenever I need to is important to me.  My husband and I have been talking about getting our oldest daughter her own smartphone.  She had one about a year ago, but got into trouble and we took it away.  She has worked hard, and we think she is ready for another one.  Plus, she is starting to be more active in after school activates, going to friends, babysitting on the weekend, and I want her to be able to reach me when she needs to.  I don’t know who her not having a phone has been harder on, me or her.  I do not like not being able to reach my kids when they are walking home from school, or any place away from home.  It’s hard, and I worry about them all the time.  At least if she has a phone I can get in touch with her, and she can call me if she needs to.  Honestly, the only reason I have put it off so long is because I have been looking for cheap wireless plans with unlimited talk text, and data for my kids. I do not want to worry about a contract either.  When she lost her last phone I was stuck paying a monthly bill for it for 6 months, and nobody was using it.  Talk about wasting money!

Cheap Wirless Plans #FamilyMobile #CollectiveBias #shopWalmart Family Mobile has cheap wireless plans, with unlimited talk, text and data/web.  I was surprised at how inexpensive the plans are, and I was able to grab a smartphone for my daughter for under $100!  Thanks to the Walmart Family Mobile wireless plan we were able to get Catie a smartphone with all the bells and whistles.   Now I can just pick up the phone and call her, not more freaking out when she is 2 minutes late walking home from school.  

walmart cell phone Plans #FamilyMobile #CollectiveBias #shopWe choose an Alcatel One Touch Evolve smartphone, which retails for only $79!  It is perfect for my daughter, and she loves it.  I still cannot get over the fact that I was able to pick up a smartphone, with so many great features for under $100, and not sign a contract!  YEPIE!  I am doing the happy dance right now, and I am super glad you cannot see it. I don’t dance well when I am excited, lol.

cheap phone plans #FamilyMobile #CollectiveBias #shopThe Alcatel One Touch Evolve is an Android phone that features:

  •  Touchscreen with adaptive keyboard for typing accuracy
  • Choice typing capabilities
  • Text messaging
  • Email
  • Bluetooth
  • Social networking
  • Wi-Fi calling
  • Up to 13 hours of talk time, and 410 standby hours
  • Camera
  • Multimedia games
  • Vivid 4” display

Teen sitting down texting on her new phone #FamilyMobile #CollectiveBias #shop

Catie loves her new phone, it does everything she needs, and then some.  When I asked Catie what she liked best about the phone she said, “I just cannot get over how accurate the keyboard is.”  Of course she would notice that right away, she had already texted every single friend she has to give them her new phone number, lol.  She did make me feel special by making sure I was the first person she texted.  Right after she opened it, and I went into the other room I heard my phone buzz, and read a super sweet message from my Catie Lou telling us thank you SOOOOO MUCH, what great parents we are, and how much she loves us. I am excited she likes her phone so much.  She has worked hard to earn it back, and I do not think she will do anything to lose it again.  If for some reason she does, I can sleep better at night knowing I do not have to pay an extra bill for a phone that is not being used.

family mobile plan #FamilyMobile #CollectiveBias #shop

I can also sleep better at night knowing she will not go over her talk, text, or data.  I wish all cell phone companies would offer cheap wireless plans, with unlimited talk, text, and data like the Walmart Family Mobile Plan.  

The Walmart Family Mobile Plan

The Walmart Family Mobile Plan offers two cheap wireless plans. 

  • Unlimited Talk, Text, & Web for only $39.88 a month.
  • Unlimited Talk & Text for only $29.88 a month. 

Both plans offer no commitment or contract!  To make things even better, you can start your Walmart Family Mobile Plan online, or instore.  Most of you already know how much I enjoy shopping online.  Personally I would rather order a smartphone online, I feel like I can take my time reading and understanding the plan, and choosing the smartphone that fits my daughters needs.  Needless to say, I was excited when I learned I could order my daughters new smartphone online. 

Unlimited Talk, Text and Data #FamilyMobile #CollectiveBias #shopGetting started with our new Walmart Family Mobile was easy.  I visited the Walmart website, picked out a smartphone for under $100, and placed my order.  I have always loved how quickly Walmart ships, I received it 2 days earlier than planned.  In only 3 days my daughters new smartphone arrived at our front door.  I didn’t have to pay anything extra for shipping, unless of course you want expedited shipping.  

You also have to order the Family Mobile Starter Kit, which is required for each line of service you connect.  The Family Mobile Starter Kit includes your SIM card and the easy to follow directions to active your service. 

teen texting on her new Smartphone #FamilyMobile #CollectiveBias #shopSetting up my daughter’s new smartphone easy as ordering it, everything can be done online.  I opened the package, followed provided directions, and had a new phone number and working smartphone for my daughter in a matter of a few minutes.  Catie has been playing with her new phone non-stop since she got it. 

I am really excited we were able to find the Walmart Family Mobile, and a smartphone for under $100.  I hope I never need to take away my daughters phone again, but if it ever happens I feel better knowing I will not be stuck paying a monthly bill for a phone that is not being used. 

I was so excited about the Walmart Family Mobile plan, how easy it was to purchase, and the affordable plan we purchased for Caite, I called my mom to tell her.  I knew she had been looking for cheap wireless plans, without a contact, that offered unlimited talk and text.  She visited the Walmart website, and stopped by her local store to ask some questions, and when she gets her tax return she is planning on changing cell phone provides. 

Whether you are looking for cheap wireless plans, or a cell phone plan for your children I suggest visiting your local Walmart, or to learn more about the Walmart Family Mobile plan.  It’s been a great option for us, and my mom is excited to change her plan so she can save money, and get a better plan.  Talk about the perfect way to maximize your tax return, change cell phone providers, get a better plan, and save money over the next year.  

  1. Looks like your daughter loves her new phone. I loved how simple the process was to sign up. And I love that you can easily change the parental controls online. #client

    1. Yes, I agree it was so easy to set up, great service and an awesome device for anyone who want something affordable for their children, or themselves! We love our phone, so glad I was able to try Walmart Family Mobile!

  2. I have never had a phone with a contract and I won’t. Don’t want to be locked in.
    Glad your daughter likes her phone.

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