Meet Skittles The Pit Bull Funny Dog- He’s a Rockstar Sleeper!

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I would like everyone to meet my pitbull named Skittles!  He’s my oldest child, he’s a funny dog.  Yes he has four legs and some fur, but he’s super sweet and we all love him very much.

First off, yes I have a Pit Bull names Skittles!  I always catch so much crap about that.  I’ve heard it all….

“Why would you do that to that awesome dog.”

“Who’s idea was it to name him Skittles.”

“Like the candy?”

LOL, I personally find it rather amusing.  If anyone knows my oldest son, Skittles.  They know the name fits him perfectly.  He has more personality than most people I know, lol.  He’s funny, smart, loyal, love to play with the other children, and will protect them at all costs.  I love my boy.  I wanted to share a few picture of Skittles with you.

When my husband and I first meet, Skittles slept with me.   Yes, in my bed.  It was me and Skittles.  He’s actually been with me during some pretty hard times in my life.  Always listened to me and never told a soul.  Some of you might think I’m a little off my rocker, which is fine.  Everyone has an opinion and I would never take that from any of you.

Let me share a little about Skittles.  He’s 9 years old, that’s 57 in dog years.  He might sound old, but he sure doesn’t act like it.  Okay, he sleeps strange and all the time, but when he is Funny Dogoutside he’s always running and playing.  He loves to chew up coke bottles.  He doesn’t chew up anything else, well except for the Barbie’s feet.  haha, the girls have learned not to leave their Barbie’s lying around.  It’s not a bad thing, do you know how bad it hurts to step on Barbie’s feet.  OUCH, it hurts pretty darn bad.

Anyway, I brought Skittles home when he was only 4 weeks old.  He had worms so bad, if he would not have made a trip to the vet he would have died within a week.  I know isn’t that sad, poor guy.  He’s moved a lot over the last 9 years.  Before I meet my husband, I enjoyed life to the fullest.  I moved a lot, I was young and had no responsibilities.

Skittles Funny Dog PictureWe moved to Carlsbad, and here we stay.  Skittles is happy he now had a dad, three sisters, one brother, and two other pup sisters.  Oh, and a kitty to play with.  Which surprises me, I was really worried about him not liking the kitty, but they are BFF’s.  They spend a lot of time sleep in the dirty cloths, and on the couch, until they get kicked off that is.  We do not allow our animals on the furniture, but I really don’t think Skittles even knows he’s a dog.  LOL.

Skittles loves to sleep, since we don’t allow him to sleep on in our bed or on the couch, he finds other crazy places to sleep.  Funny dog, we find him sleeping in the dirty cloths hamper for the most part.  He’s been known to sleep in our closet on all our shoes too.  I know doesn’t sound too comfortable, does it?  He seems to think it is.

He loves to sleep with my oldest daughter.  When my husband goes in to wake them up, he talks.  It’s pretty funny.  I’m not sure what he’s telling my husband, but I think it’s to leave them alone so they can go back to sleep, lol.  I think that’s the reason they get along so well.  They can both sleep for 48 hours straight, without a bathroom break, lol.  Darn old dogs and teenagers, all they do is sleep, eat, chew up plastic bottles, lol.  Okay the secret is out my teenager also chews up plastic bottles, but don’t tell anyone she would kill me if she knew I told you.  HA-HA love you Catie Lou, her middle name isn’t Lou either.  It’s just another thing I do to embarrass her.  I know I sound like such a mean mom, but I’m not my daughter doesn’t really chew up plastic bottles, but Skittles does.  Her middle name is not Lou, but I call her that.  No worries she likes it.  Really I love my children and don’t want to embarrass them, especially if I cannot see the look on their face when I do it, lol.

Check out this super cute Video of my hubby waking my teen up for school.  It’s pretty cute, I hope you enjoy!

Anyway I hope you enjoy these pictures and video of my lovely daughter, and sleepy Pit Bull named Skittles!

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  1. Jo Ann Moffatt says

    I have a Chihuahua named Skittles so right there I am biased! I knew a Pit Bull named Rage that just passed away at the age of 15. That name could not have suited him less! He was one of the gentlest dogs I have ever had the privelege of knowing. R.I.P. Ragey!

  2. Kathy Idol says

    I love the video of Skittles. He is a sweetheart. I have a 8 yr. old boxer named Homer. I wish he would talk like Skittles so I would have help getting up the ones I have too. Thanks for sharing

  3. lisa says

    Pit bulls always have so many negative things said about them. It’s nice to hear that a little love is all any pet wants.

  4. Abigail Thomson says

    He is a handsome guy! I too adore my pit he’s been with us 2 years now and he now has a baby human brother (3 months) that he adores! I know lots of folks only judge a book by it’s cover but my boy is the sweetest thing as most are. Cherish him, I’m glad to see a fellow pittie lover out there BRAGGING ;]

    • says

      YOU KNOW IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You know he started out rough but he has a rough life once someone showed him some love, man he will melt your heart he loves his family and his brother and sisters… lol he puts up with so much crap 3 girls one of them is two lol love hearing about others with the same story!