Metro Retro Thirty-One Tote Review – Every Mommy Needs a Tote Like This

WP_20130202_002I was recently given the opportunity to review an awesome tote from Thirty One.  Which I have to say I am very happy with.  Once my daughter was a little older I decided to downsize my handbag.  I bought a super cute little pink bag that wasn’t as durable as my new Tote from Thirty One.  I’m starting to think my bright idea to get a smaller handbag wasn’t the smartest move.  Lets face it, just because I’m not carrying around bottles for the time being doesn’t mean that I’m not mom.  I have four children, not sure what I was thinking, lol. ,Maybe I jumped the gun.

Before we get started let me share a little about Thirty One for those of you who are not familiar with it.

Thirty One is a direct selling company that offers some pretty awesome totes, purses, accessories, and great home organization accessories.  They pride themselves on celebrating, encouraging, and rewarding other for who they are.  Empowering women and families around the world.  Thirty One was founded by Cindy Monroe, you guessed it a mom.  She also worked and enjoyed shopping, but never had time to find the items she loves since she was always busy.  She created Thirty One Gifts to bring the boutique experience to her home, with the added perks of giving women the benefit of earring income from home.  Something many of us want more than anything to do.

You can sign up as a Thirty-One consultant and earn money by selling these fabulous product, having parties to get the word out.  I think you’re going to love what Thirty One has to Retro Metro Toteoffer, if you’re someone who loves style and has the need to be more organized you have to check them out.

I have been working with the wonderful Kahna, who began with Thirty-One in December of 2009.  Kahna was on the search for opportunity that provided affordable and high value products that people would love.  She was tired of working for “the man” (omg, I have to agree with her) and wanted to maintain a independence of her own.

She joined Thirty-One and knew from the start she wanted to be in the leadership role, she wanted to build a team.  I think you’ll be happy to know that she is now at home running her Thirty-One business full time.  You have to admire someone who knows what they want, and does what they need to get it.  Really, all of us can do it.  We need the necessary skills.  Which is a company we believe in, the want, and the desire.  Hard work pays off in the end.  That’s my opinion on anything, if we try and keep our head up in the end we will look back at our journey and smile.

Kahna believes in her them she says. “they team is incredible & I work daily to help them achieve their dreams!  I want you all to be blessed with such an amazing company & opportunity!  And BELIEVE that you can FAR EXCEED your dreams!”

If you think you cannot go anywhere with Thirty-One, take a moment and check out all the places Kahna has been, because of her dedication to a product she believes in:

  • The Today Show – Annual Toy Drive 2012 Participant – NYC
  •  Thirty One – American Red Cross Ambassador for Washington 2012-13
  • Top Team Sales for Cancun 2013 (#2)
  • Leadership Council (LC) 2012
  • Leadership Incentive Trip Earner Cancun 2012
  • Level 3 Dream Rewards 2012 (Best Buy)
  • 2012 Top Bonus Earner in Company
  • 2012 Top Team Sales in Company
  • 2012 Top Personal Sales
  • National Conference Facilitator 2012
  • Presidential Advisory Committee (PAC) 2011
  • Leadership Council (LC) 2011
  • New York City attendee – Thirty One on Today Show 2011
  • Leadership Incentive Trip Earner Cancun 2011
  • Top Team Sales for Cancun 2011
  • Top Dream Builder for Cancun 2011
  • 2011 Top Dream Builder in Company (32)
  • 2011 Top Bonus Earner
  • Level 3 Dream Rewards 2011 (Apple)
  • Leadership Council (LC) 2010
  • Top Dream Builder 2010 (27)

All I have to say is hats off to you Kahna!  How exciting it would be to head out on all those trips for work.  If you’re thinking of venturing off into the world of Direct Sales be sure to talk with Kahna.  She obviously brings her knowledge to the able.
WP_20130202_009 (1)

Now about the Thirty-One Tote I picked.  The Retro Metro Tote in Black Happy Dot is what you’ll see me lugging all my stuff around in.  That’s my super cute 8 year old daughter in the above picture.  You will see Vayda Rockin the Retro Metro Tote in Black Happy Dot from Thirty-One. Vayda loves nerds, lolly pops, and pizza.  Too bad she rarely eats any of them, because her mom is mean and makes her eat an apple or orange after school.  Which is why she’s trying to get in the molding world at such a young age.  She wants to move out on her own, and live in a house made of gumdrops, lolly pops, and and gummy bears.

Vayda has been bothering me day after day to please let her be in my handbag review.  She loves the bag, and also wants to show off her sparkly pink shoes.  She actually made me promise not to cover them up with any of that stuff that I do to my pictures.  Yup, that’s Vayda and she has been waiting over a week to be part of those post!

I have to admit, I really missed having a large tote to carry all my junk in.  My husband told me, “Babe, you know you cannot take your laptop to work just because you’re handbag is big enough.” Ha-Ha – very funny, he actually knows me all to well.  The thought did cross my mind, now when we travel I do not have to worry about my husband “accidently” putting my laptop in the trunk, lol.

The Retro Metro Tote is 14″H x 16.5″W x 5″D, there’s plenty of room for everything and several fashionable patterns.  The totes can be used for so many other things, when my husband and I have our next child I can tell you where I will get our diaper bag.  I wish I would have know about Thirty-One Totes when my daughter was younger, I looked all over the page for something just like this.  I did not want to carry around a traditional diaper bag, I wanted a big fashionable tote that I could use to carry mommy stuff in as well.

I really think as a mother of 4, I need a bigger handbag.  I keep thinking my kids will grow out of it.  You know, “mom can you hold this”, “here mom”, “I don’t want this”, “please mom I want to go play”, or my oldest does the fake, “Mom I have to go to the bathroom,” so I have to hold something that isn’t mind, I don’t want, but get stuck with.

The Retro Metro Tote is an addition to Thirty-Ones Retro Metro Collection.  The Thirty-One Tote is loaded to the max with pockets inside and outside.  Which makes it perfect for school, work, or MOMS WITH KIDS! I personally love the poka dot design, I’ve always been into them.  You can actually get the Retro Metro in 5 different patterns and colors.


The Retro Metro Tote by Thirty-One has just what I was looking for-Tons of room.  There’s plenty of space for me to carry everything I need in this bad boy, I could probably fit my toddler in there, lol.  Seriously, and the tote is super durable so I bet it would hold her too.

Now that I am a mom, I look for a handbag that I like but I also thing about how it’s going to hold up, how big it is, and will it fit my needs.  I used to fit my needs around the size of my tobag.  Like I mentioned the tote is super durable, looks fabulous, and there’s plenty of pockets both inside and out.

My Thirty-One Tote is not personalized, but you have add up to 12 characters on one line or 8 characters on 2 lines.  I don’t see myself carrying a handbag with any lettering, but it did give me a good idea for a diaper bag, WHICH I WOULD ROCK!

If you have questions about Thirty-One do not hesitate to contact Kahne at [email protected] or [email protected].  She will be more than happy to help you with any questions.  Be sure to visit her on, and Shop At Thirty-One.  You can also swing by and follow Kahne on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and join her exclusive group to stay up to date with new styles, deals, and more..


  • [email protected]

    Nice gift for my granddaughter who has two babies and a lot carry.

  • Karen Hand

    I love the Thirty One bags. I have several of their totes and am really pleased with the quality of the totes as they last forever and stylist to boot..

  • Lorayne Gothard

    I love how you showed how roomy they are and all the wonderful colors. Makes me want one really bad now!!

  • ANN*H

    I like the patterns and colors that they havc. Thirty-One bags are popular in my area. They are great for kids school things also.

  • Kristin Gilbert

    I love this tote- Totes have become so much more stylish than they used to be!

  • Jo Ann Moffatt

    These are sweet! I seem to always buy the same style of purses and after seeing these I think it is time to change-up. I really like the idea of the embroidery on the front. Thanks for the review – it really gave me the urge to go retro!

  • John Hutchens

    my significant other loves the bags says they are very nice

  • Lanie

    Really cute tote. I have heard good things about the Thirty One products but i have never tried them out. this tote definitely comes in handy though. :)

  • Valarie Lee Gentry

    I love Thirty-One bags! They have so many kinds and you can change out the designs on one of the purses! These bags are really prefect for moms! I love the tote bags and you can personalize everything! Such a cool brand!


    these are real nice bags and my grand-daughter uses one almost like it every day day to carry her legal stuff to court.

  • Christina Kelbel

    Love this tote, the design is awesome!

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    I love all the little pockets inside

  • Ari

    A quality durable tote that has enough compartments is hard to find. I will look into 31 when I head back to school and consequently need a bag big enough to fit my needs. Great review!

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    This tote would be great for carrying my crochet projects

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    I have this bag and love it

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    I love these bags, I have one and I use it a lot. Love the colors.

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    I love this tote! Nice and big and would fit extras I need for a road trip! :)

  • Dorothy Reading

    That pattern really is adorable. It seems a good sized tote, too. Not so large as to overwhelm, but large enough for all the little thises and thats women need.

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    I have heard so many people talking about these, I can’t wait to try one, thank you for your review!

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    I love the way these totes look.

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    I love the pockets! Great bag! I want one.

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    You are right Every mommy needs a tote like this.

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    i really like the thirty one’s bags. the ‘retro metro’ bag is my favorite though.

  • Andrea Williams

    Ha, ha! My boys are in high school and I still have various things in my bag for them. :) When they leave I’ll hit grandma stage and have things for them. I guess I’ll have a big handbag from now on. Oh well!

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    It’s a really pretty tote. I like some of the other prints they have for it too

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    With kids you always need something when you’re out. This bag looks roomy enough to cover it!

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    I purchased one of the Thirty-One purses a couple months ago and simply love it.

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    Love the size of this and the cute pattern! Thanks for your thoughts!

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    i love 31 – i have several of their purses & wallets – so great & fun!!! ( :

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    I have always loved Thirty-One bags and envy those who can afford them! I may have to afford them now since your reciew says how durable they are! Maybe they are worth the extra cash!

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    The Metro in Black Happy Dot T hirthy One Tote is roomy enough. Jenn, you had me laughing, where you wrote about Vayda wanting to move out on her own, so she can live in a house made of gumdrops, lolly pops, and and gummy bears.

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    WONDERFUL article Jennifer! :)

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    Very nice tote for all moms :)

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    Tons of room is my first priority, but I don’t mind looking fashionable either!
    I’ve heard lots of good things about Thirty One. Thanks for the review!

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    every body needs a tote bag –nice review on this one.

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    I would use this tote to take to the market with me during the summer. Stuff like this always works great at farmers markets.

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    Nice bag! I could use a bigger hand bag too.

  • Aria H.

    My daughter has a thirty-one purse, clutch, and hot iron case (which is great for protecting counter/furniture tops from the hot iron), and I got a utility tote for christmas from my s-i-l. We think they are very high quality, pretty patterns, and just love them.

  • Valarie Lee Gentry

    This is the perfect tote for any mother! I always have a bag that I am carrying around and it’s not always fashionable. I am currently using walmart bags =( This would be a great upgrade for me! It looks so BIG!

  • lisa

    You always make me laugh. THE best reviews around!It’s funny, the more space I have the more I realize I need to bring with me.

  • MD Kennedy

    SOO cute – I amy get one for my stepdaughter who gives birth in May!

  • Mary S.

    I love, love, LOVE, Thirty-One Gifts. I have the retro-metro bag in denim. I have my initial embroidered on it in hot pink and have the hot pink scarf that I tie to one of the straps. I love how roomy it is and the outside pockets are perfect to put my car keys and sunglasses in when I enter a store. I can’t wait to get a new one in the turquoise with matching scarf.

  • Maddie K.

    I love tote bags. I use them for so many things. Shopping, carrying my yarn, organizing crafts. I never seem to have enough.

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