Christmas trees? Are you crazy? No, I have not totally lost it here. I just consider myself to be a thrifty shopper. With that being said, I’d like to talk a bit about Christmas trees. Yes, I know it is May, and with the warm weather upon us, the furthest topic of discussion on your mind is about Christmas trees. However, now is the perfect time to think about them, and I will explain why. I was thrilled to review an artificial Christmas tree from recently.



National Tree Company 2’ Noble Spruce Tree with Burlap Bag

Contrary to popular belief, not all people are created equal when it comes to physical abilities.  Unfortunately, there are individuals who cannot physically handle the rigors of a live tree, or cope with the hassles that a live tree brings:  the constant clean up of falling needles, watering the tree, and the disposal of your tree following the holiday season.  So, an artificial Christmas tree is ideal for you.

Every year, the day after Thanksgiving (you know, Black Friday), instead of facing the crowds at the retail shops close to me, my husband and I put up our Christmas tree.  It is an artificial 6 foot tree that has just about seen its last holiday season.  I love it once it is all decorated; however, the fact that it takes all day to set up and decorate is draining, both physically and mentally, for both of us, aside from the fact that it takes up a large amount of space in our living room.  I think this next holiday season we will consider a smaller tree, but still artificial.  Considering the circumstances at the appropriate time, we might even put up the 2’ Noble Spruce Tree with Burlap Bag that I have reviewed.

This 2’ Noble Spruce Tree is just the right size at 16” wide, 16” deep and 24” high for placement on your countertop, tabletop, end table, your dorm room, den or office, or anywhere else you might consider.  This beautiful, traditional shaped tree is made from flame-resistant materials, so it is safe to have in your home, and carries a 5 year warranty.

While the picture on the website indicates that the tree features a bright red bow and burlap bag, since the majority of my other decorations are of a different color, I decided to add my favorite ribbon to accent the tree. carries artificial Christmas trees of all styles and sizes anywhere from 2’ to 15’, including a line of colored and potted trees.  The website also indicates that some assembly of the tree is required.  While that might be true for the larger trees that carries, the 2’ tree I received required no assembly.  A side note on the website indicates that 75-80% of the tree’s measurements is from the tree branches, and takes approximately 30-45 minutes to fluff out.  The branches on these trees are sturdy enough to support most any ornament you desire to place on your tree.



I spent a whole 5 minutes fluffing the branches of this tree.

Of particular interest is a half-tree, another product that has in stock.  I will admit that I have never seen or heard of a half tree, but if you stop to think about it, it is wonderful for those individuals who have limited space.


This is the Vickerman Westbrook Pine Half Tree model.   You may select a model either with or without lights, depending on the size you desire.

Despite your decorating preference, has a wreath that you will love to own, as they have a vast selection.



With a limited supply of decorations on hand, in the way of size appropriate ornaments, this is the finished product. also carries other products such as pre-lit trees, wreaths, garlands, lights, tree accessories, as well as other Christmas accessories for your holiday decorating needs.  The site also has a personal shopper to assist you in the selection of your tree if you have a hard time deciding which model is best for you.  The company offers free shipping with no sales tax.  With a Better Business rating of “A”, also has an exclusive 30 day price match guarantee.

This is the reason that you want to shop for a Christmas tree now – today!  At the present time, is featuring a factory authorized closeout sale.  Why not take advantage of this sale, while it is hot, so you too can become a thrifty shopper.  Be sure to stop by to grab a great deal on the closeouts from Vickerman Co., but their quantities are limited, so hurry.

Do I like my National Tree Company 2’ Noble Spruce Tree with Burlap Bag, I sure do.  It will definitely make a nice addition to my other decorations this next holiday season, and I am sure it will make a great addition for those people who either don’t want the hassles of a real tree, or simply want to downsize to a smaller tree.  But don’t think you need to get just a 2’ tree, get wild and order one of the larger size trees and save megabucks during this sale.

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  1. Sandy Cain says

    Now THIS is great! I LOVE Christmas – it always seemed so special to me. I’ve only had 2 Christmas trees, and that was when I lived out west. I want to get one here in NY. Adeste Fidelis!

    • Karen Hand says

      Sandy: Now is the best time to snatch one of those great trees, especially since they have having a great sale going on. You get twice the tree for half the price!

  2. carla bonesteel says

    I think the tree looks great, and I totally go for the fake tree! We have a small apartment, so that tree would actually be perfect for us!

  3. Stephanie Thompson says

    Curiosity got the best of me when I seen you were talking about Christmas trees in May. But, that is a very good idea because it would make since that you could get one on sale or at least cheaper in May. My house is so small and I think the half tree is the perfect tree for it. I like bigish trees so I would get it and room to put it up. Going there.

    • Karen Hand says

      Stephanie: Hope you were able to take advantage of their great sales going on. Yep, I have my eye on the half tree as well. Thanks for stopping by.

  4. Sherry J says

    Thanks so much for this post.I live in a small trailer so I haven’t been able to get a tree.The 2′ tree would be great to have so thank you for the info.

    • Karen Hand says

      Sherry: Always my pleasure. I’ve got my eye on that half tree, myself. Now, if only I could talk my husband into it. It would make our lives so much easier and wouldn’t take up so much room. When I was young, I lived in a trailer for a little while so I understand you space limitations. Be sure to check them out soon because the sale they are having won’t last much longer.

  5. desiree says

    i like little trees and then you can put the tree up for the next year and then you can use it for other holidays

    • Karen Hand says

      Desiree: The nice thing about a small tree is that you can leave the decorations on it, and simply place a plastic bag over the top and tie at the bottom for storage. Is that the epitome of laziness or what? Only I would think of such a thing to save time during the holidays. Great to see you today.

  6. says

    I love this Jenn! I have a severe allergy to Pine oil. Odd but true so I cannot have a real Christmas tree in my home. I have to be sure to take my epiPen with me when I go to family & friends homes, also on fortunate times I’m able to get out and about to stores or any where there is pine involved. I do have a Douglas Fir talking, singing tree. My G’son loves it but it scares my dog to death. I will definitely be checking on this one for up coming Christmas season.

    • says

      Becky I’m pretty sure I read a comment from Karen saying that they were having a huge sale.. You knwo that is when I do all my Chrisams decoration shopping… either right after christmas or during the summer online, it’s nuts the deals you can find aout there.

  7. Kathy Peterson says

    The tree looks real, great blog and just knowing that it could make it a little bit easier at Christmas is enough for me.

    • Karen Hand says

      Kathy, every little bit helps, especially around the holiday time. You don’t need all the worries, especially at that time of year when you have so much to do anyway. Thanks for stopping by.

  8. lisa says

    I always add to my decorations after the holiday when prices are lower.That wreath is pretty. I’m going to order one.

    • Karen Hand says

      Lisa: I’m with you. I usually hit the sales after Christmas to stock up for decorations, etc. for the next year. Yes, I thought the wreath was one of the prettier ones that they have, so glad you like it. Always happy to see you visit us.

  9. Karen Glatt says

    You know what I really like about this website is the Vickerman Westbrook Pine Half Tree! You put it in a corner, and it looks like a real tree! I have never seen such a great idea for a small space. I would love to own this tree!

    • Karen Hand says

      Karen: The company is having a huge sale right now, so it would be the perfect time for you to grab one of these up for next year. I was even considering purchasing one of these myself, as our tree takes up so much space, plus my cats love to climb in it, Although it would probably not eliminate the problem totally, they would have a harder time getting at it. Thanks for stopping by.