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I hope you like Social Powers as muh as I do.  This post brought to you by Social Power. All the below opinions are 100% my own.  I always try and provide information that I feel my readers will find value in.

You know, it’s rather aggravating.  We spend so much time building our Facebook pages up only to find out that your Facebook fans are not seeing your posts.  I know its old news, but still wasn’t Facebook supposed to be the super hero of social media networks?  Maybe, I’m crazy.  I really remember hearing about how Facebook was supposed to be the place for brands, especially small business.  Well, maybe at one time it was, but not anymore.

So what’s bringing this up again?  I was just at this website called Social Power.  It’s a platform that is designed to use social media to help resolve everyday issues.  Both big and small issues can be posted here, it’s easy to use, and support others topics.

I’m sure we have all been frustrated with something in our life, and wished there was some way to get the word out.  You know, maybe if we had enough support on the issue ti would be noticed, and who knows what would happen if enough people felt the same way maybe something out be done about it.  You never know, and social media is where it’s at.  If you want something to get noticed, online is where it’s at.

So here is how Social Power Works

Can you think of an issue that is important, yet possibly solvable if you have enough support?  If you’re answer is yes be sure to post it on Social Power.  You never know unless you try, and it’s totally worth a shot.

Once 1000 others agree with you, and you’re issue affects them too, Social Power turns it into initiative.

Once there is an acceptable resolution it will be sent back to Social Power user base.

Sounds rather interesting doesn’t it?  Once I learned about Social Power, the first thing that came to mind was Facebook’s darn policy or whatever.  The one that only allows 10% of your followers on a good day to see your posts.  I know it’s unlikely that Facebook will change their policy, but it really hurts so many of us.  I mean can you imagine what it would be like if even half of our following was able to see our posts in their newsfeed?  WOW, right!

I actually just submitted something that I feel needs resolved, and no it wasn’t Facebook, lol.  I know better than that.  My oldest daughter is active on social media, and I feel there should be a better way for us as parents to monitor our kid’s social media accounts.  You know so we can teach them what is and isn’t appropriate in front of the world without collecting their private information.

I don’t know about you, but I want my daughter to have her own private life to a point, or until she makes me act otherwise.  Don’t get me wrong, if I feel the need I will 100% invade her privacy, but until then I trust my daughter and I want her to know that.

I think there should be a way for parents and children’s social media accounts to be linked.  Yes, so us awesome parents can be nosey.  I know I want to see that my daughter is being smart on Facebook, and if she isn’t I want to know and talk to her about it.  It’s happened, and the sooner I know the better.  Let’s face it social media can be dangerous in the hands of the wrong person.

If you would like you can swing by and support my issue here, or you can just swing by check it out and support some of the other issues.  There’s several on there I have supported.  Be sure to list Your Social Power Issue, you never know good things could come from it.

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  • Ari

    This is a great idea. If only we could transfer everyone from Facebook to a more social-fueled way to get involved like this, I think more could get done. I will have to check Social Power to get a really good idea of how it works, but from your description, it sounds like something that should be a key tool that everyone should use online.

  • Jo-Ann Brightman

    This is the first time I have heard abut Social Power and it sounds like a great site. I hope it will work to solve some of the problems submitted after 1000 other people also feel that way.