The NEW HTC One! Get It From Verizon for 16 Days ONLY! #VZWBuzz

Most of you already know I am part of the fabulous #VZWBuzz Lifestyle Blogger Team, which is amazing.  Every now and again they sends us phones and other items to try to share with you.  If you haven’t already heard HTC is updating things, the already awesome HTC One smartphone just got a little better, and the ONLY place you can grab it is from Verizon Wireless.  

Starting with a larger screen, better software, and a rocking camera.  It’s a fabulous phone that shouldn’t be passed up.  You can find the HTC One exclusively at Verizon Wireless for 16 days, which started on March 25th!  I know, I am sorry I am 2 days late posting, but I have not had good internet to get much of anything done, lucky for me Verizon Wireless has a nice reliable hotspot I can connect too, and I use that for everything when needed. 

new htc oneThe New HTC One

First you will notice the new HTC One offer an awesome design, it’s sleek, and nice with the full metal body, soft curves, tampered edges, and 5 inch Full HD display.  The new HTC One knows when you pick it up, which means no more needing to wake up your smartphone by pressing a button.  Simply swipe the screen in different directions to access features. 

HTC BlinkFeed

Be sure to check out the content on BlinkFeed, which you will find on your new HTC One’s home screen.  HTC One owners can get updates from all their favorite sources, such as: entertainment, weather, news, fashion, sports, social networks, and more.  It’s easy to use, and makes the things you love easier to access. 

One of my favorites the clear, balanced sound!  If you’re like me and my family, you jam using your smartphone.  Music, videos, and even your games will sound powerful due to the dual front facing speaking and the awesome HTC BoomSound.  This is an enhanced amplifier that offers balance to boost bass and give you nice crisp and clear vocals.  The speakers help make the new HTC 25 percent louder than it’s predecessor. See, it’s sounds pretty awesome right!

HTC One Camera

Don’t forget about the camera, it’s the one feature I refuse to overlook.  I need a phone with a great camera, especially after being spoiled with the Lumia Icon from Verizon.  Good news, the HTC One has a fabulous camera, with amazing features that you cannot go without checking out.  If you are like me, the camera matters about as much as how well the phone makes a call, lol.  I know it might sound crazy, but I use my phone to snap pictures of my family, and for my blog.  I need those pictures to look great.  I am really excited to give the new HTC One’s camera a whirl.  The Duo Camera with UltraPixel helps you capture more light and depth.  The uFocus allows users to change the focus on objects in your picture after you have taken them.  The Dimension Plus, allows you to ad 3D style to your images!  Pretty cool right, adding 3D to your images, as well as background effects with Foregrounder! 

The Duo Camera has UltraPixel, which helps to capture more light and depth providing you with a better picture.  Holding the camera horizontally, and pressing the volume button will quickly launch the camera. 

The UFocus allows HTC One users to change the focus on objects in their pictures after you snap your shot.  Due to Dimension Plus, add 3D to your pictures.. YES, I said add 3D to your pictures, all you will need to do is tilt your HTC One to see different angles, add backgrounds and effects with Foregrounder.

HTC One users can put their memories into play with ZoeHighlights, which picks the top images from an event and crafts an awesome 30 second slide show that you can show off.   


Another important part of a smartphone is the apps.  Not to worry you will still have tons of great apps available in Google Play.  Your device will come with tons of great media that you will have access to right away, and if it is not already listed you can visit Google Play and download it.  

You can get the new HTC One for $199 for a Buy One Get One Free (bogo) with a contract, or by using the Verizon Edge program, and in that case the HTC One would cost about $21 a month. To learn more about the HTC One or any other Verizon Wireless device or plan visit

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  • nancyfancypink

    I use Verizon and am happy to hear that this is available- Maybe I can make it there in time before it’s over!

  • Jerry C

    I need a new phone. The one that I have right now doesn’t even have a stinkin camera on it. Hell, I can’t even get on the internet with it. Just call and text, if I knew how, and that’s it. Maybe this will be the new one that I get.

  • Lynne

    I will agree with Donna. I personally haven’t had great experiences with Verizon, so would be happier if this phone was available through another carrier. It does sound like a great phone and I will be looking at it when my upgrade comes around, as we are still with Verizon, and probably will have to continue to be so.

    • Jenn

      OH NO! What has happened with Verizon.. I have been with them forever and every and always been totally happy. What has happened to you?

  • Bogdan Mohora Sebastian

    i like the new ONE!

  • William W.

    I think this is a wonderful product. (I haven’t checked out consumers ratings for this, but your positive input brings it up a couple points.) Maybe I should leave you an address for my empty pocket? (It sure can use the company!)
    Have a great Spring!

  • Donna Quarles

    I love the phone but I hate verizon wish it was through tmobile.

    • Jenn

      Oh no that stinks? I have had nothing but great service with Verizon.. I am so sorry that you have not had good experiances.. I am sure HTC will make another awesome phone soon… How are you liking Tmobile? I have heard good things about thier service

  • Sally T.

    I feel so old school as I do not have a smart phone.
    I have my very old cell from T-Mobile.My husband just got a up-dated phone
    so BOGO would not help at this point.I NEED HELP. :-)

    • Jenn

      oh no Sally, do you have questions? I am in love with new smartphones lol… Pretty smartphone savvy, I would be more than happy to answer questions or help you in anyway.

  • Julie V

    I love my HTC one except for one thing. I have been to wrestling and to a concert that my son was in and I couldn’t take a good picture. I ended up using my digital camera. I was disappointed because the background lights caused everything to blur.

    • Jenn

      Is it the new HTC? I used to have an HTC and I love it, but the camera did the same things.. I think it was the HTC 8x or something along those lines.. Good things is as the days go by cell phone cameras keep getting better and better I have the new Nokia Lumia Icon and WOW there is almost no need for a camera..

  • Lauryn R

    I LOVE HTC!! I had the Thunderbolt for over 2 years and it was the best phone I have ever had. I literally used it for everything. Especially the camera for taking pics of my kids! I would love to be able to get the HTC One. Unfortunately I had to go for the free upgrade and am stuck with the Samsung Nexus for now. Oh well, maybe Mothers Day! 😉

    • Jenn

      Good luck to you for Mother’s Day… You are right HTC is a wonderful brand of phones.. I have always liked them, and I am sure their camera has impoved since I had my last HTC.. that was the only issue I ever had, but back then it wasn’t even an issue.. It was only a year ago but camera’s on phones have come a long way in the past year

  • Sandra VanHoey

    Sounds like a great phone and I love the camera features on this since I take so many pictures

  • Pamela Ferenz