Nutrisystem Travels Well – We’re in Hollywood for Week 23

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Most of you know I have been on vacation this last week.  I’m on week 23 of my Nutrisystem diet, and feel like things are going great.  I don’t have a scale in front of me to weight in, but I think we can tell if we’re starting to put on a few pounds.
My husband and I flew out of El Paso, Texas and landed in LA, California.  We have been staying in an awesome room, it’s so nice.  There’s a pool on the roof that is heated, perfect for those late night swims.  It’s been an experience for sure.  I’ve been to California several times, but never this area.

We’ve been living it up in Hollywood, lol.  I can tell you one thing, coming from a small town its culture shocking.  While I cannot give you an exact update on my weight, I can tell you that Nutrisystem travels great!  I didn’t take a whole lot, but there was a few items that I took, for the most part breakfast.

Kozzi dieting apple 883x588 Nutrisystem Travels Well   Were in Hollywood for Week 23If you read my post last week you know I went into my vacation with a plan in mind.  Stay on track, don’t pig out.  Really in the end it’s about the amount of food that is consumed, and what I’m eating.  I did good, I ate healthy salads for the most part.  Which is awesome, I love a good salad.  I don’t think I lost anything this week, but I don’t feel like I have gained anything.  I promise to post a better post next time, when I am able to weigh and measure myself.  Until then, I’m hanging in there.

If you’re wondering what in the world we were doing in California look for posts to come!  I plan on sharing more about our exciting adventure in Hollywood and Beverly Hills  Two places I truly never thought I would be spending a week of my life.

I have to say I am still very happy with Nutrisystem, it’s nice to have a little vacation from everything.  I plan on coming back totally refreshed ready to get to work.  Thanks Nutrisystem for all you’ve done to help me accomplish the weight loss I have.  I value what Nutrisystem has taught me, I now pay attention to portion size and realize it’s something that I have to watch regardless of what I am eating.  I look forward to returning home after my vacation and buckling down.  I also am excited about the days getting longer, means more times for walks with the kids.

1000002 Nutrisystem Travels Well   Were in Hollywood for Week 23

If you want to join me in becoming a skinner more healthy you, give Nutrisystem a call at 1-888-853-4689 or visit them online at

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  1. Karen Hand says

    Hope you enjoyed your vacation. You have such willpower going for you. I don’t think that I could stick to any diet on a vacation.

  2. Maddie K. says

    Don’t be surprised if you actually lose more weight than you normally have in the coming weeks. Sometimes shaking up your diet and eating differently helps you lose weight and break a stall if you happen to be experiencing one. Stay on track and keep doing great.

  3. Jo-Ann Brightman says

    I hope you enjoy yourself. It is good to find a diet/weight loss system tht works. Portion size is very important.