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Kozzi lose weight sign vector 1949x1949 Nutrisystem Week 20 | #NSNationI want to start out by saying I love Nutrisystem!  I really feel like this is the diet that will work for me long term.  Let me explain.

Okay, so I honestly don’t have too much to report from last week!  I’m a cheater, I took the week of Christmas off.  It was too hard, I had everyone in my face telling to try this, help cook that, I caved!  Plus for New Years I wanted to hang out and have a few drinks with the man of my dreams, my husband.  However, I did not gain a pound.  Isn’t that awesome?  So just a quick note to check in letting you know where I stand.  Still at a 22 pound weight loss, I would have more had I not been  cheater.

I was a weakling!  There I said it, but really that wasn’t the only reason I decided to give in.  Sure it was a lot of the reason, and maybe the other was an excuse to talk me into thinking it was okay to give in.  Either way the outcome was a feel good feeling!

I’m very excited that I did not gain.  I did try some fabulous fattening foods, however I was only able to eat a little bit.  It’s just crazy, since I have been on Nutrisystem I feel like I have learned how to eat better.  If this keeps working as well as it as I will continue on the Nutrisystem path until I reach my goal weight.  I feel like this will be the results I have been looking for, and ones that will last.  I’ve tried diets that work faster, but obviously didn’t work for the long haul.  Sadly, I have lost and gained over and over again, it’s getting old. 

On other diets I think I have starved myself, so when I started to eat again everything went directly to my booty and hips.  One of the reasons I took the time off was I wanted to see how much I would gain back!  Okay that and I just wanted to eat some of those yummy holiday treats.  Thank goodness it’s over, lol.

I just think Nutrisystem will be a life changing diet.  It’s not only helped me get rid of my unwanted weight at a healthy pace, it’s also helped me learn how to eat.  Eating right, and not over eating is extremely important if I plan on keeping the weight off.

When I have been on other diets I have been scared to eat.  I can almost guarantee it, the moment I eat something other than rabbit food, my hips begin to grow.  Thanks Nutrisystem for helping me learn how to eat, I’m excited that I have taken the week off from my diet and not gained anything.  Still at my 22 pound weight loss.
This week, I am ending with a 22 pound weightless, cheated on my diet, but wasn’t able to eat even close to half of my yummy burger. Now, if that’s not progress, I don’t know what is!
Thanks Nutrisystem for helping me become healthier, and starting me off on the right road to a skinner more healthy me. I am 22 pounds lighter and loving ever second of it. I cannot wait for next week.

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If you want to join me in becoming a skinner more healthy you, give Nutrisystem a call at 1-888-853-4689 or visit them online at

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  1. Julie Sullivan says

    I’m going to give nutri system a try..Me and my daughter started a diet together , but her way isn’t working for me..We both want to eat healthier but I refuse to eat like a rabbit !

  2. Kathy Idol says

    Keep up the good work! I have hear about nutrisystem but never tried it. I think that I will try it. I have been working for a year to lose weight. So far I have lost 39 lbs. but my doctor wants me to lose about 100 more. I am trying hard.

  3. Jo-Ann Brightman says

    I think it is great that you are learning to eat in moderation… That’s probably why you didn’t gain when you cheated. If you can’t cheat every once in a whil on a diet you will never remain on it long enough to keep off the weight. Congratulations on your loss.

  4. Jo Ann Moffatt says

    My best friend went on Nutri-System a couple of years ago. She lost about 82 pounds: she looks fantastic and even better she feels fantastic!

  5. Sacha Schroeder says

    Thanks for sharing this experience. I have always wondered if Nutrisystem would actually work and if the food would be good. I like following your journey!

    • says

      Now, some of the food sucks! LOL< but think that it’s just like anything some stuff you like others you don’t find what you do and stick with it!

  6. says

    I have always been interested in trying Nutrisystem. I can’t quite afford it just yet, but I will here soon. I rely on honest reviews of Nutrisystem to help me in making my decision. I’m kind of a picky eater and I like that you can choose your meals to be delivered. Thank you for posting these reviews, they are helpful.