And So the Obsession Begins…A Look at My Newfound Love of PS from Aeropostale


The Start of a New Obsession


Do you become obsessed with things? Are there certain things that you feel like you can not live without?


Well I often find myself becoming obsessed with a particular brand of children’s clothing. For me there have been many obsessions in the past but currently there is a new one. I am falling in love with PS from Aeropostale. The brand offers adorable and stylish clothes for my little lady and little man and best of all they are very affordable.


I was very fortunate in that I got to work with PS from Aeropostale for this review. I was given a gift card and was amazed at just how much I could buy with the amount. I was able to buy…


…an adorable Kids’ Striped Maxi Dress (regular price $34.50, sale price $24.15),…




…the Kids’ Meow Graphic Tee (regular price $19.50, sale price $7) and Kids’ Pink Neon Wash Denim Shorty Shorts (regular price $39.50, sale price $23.70),…



…and the Kids’ Giraffe Graphic Tee for my daughter (regular price $19.50, sale price $7).



For my son, I chose the Kids’ Long Live Surf Graphic Tee (regular price $19.50, sale price $7),….



…the Kid’s Cali Sea Monsters Graphic Tee (regular price $19.50, sale price $7),…



…and the Kids’ PS Cali Zip Front Hoodie (regular price $39.50, sale price $23.70).


The quality of the clothes is what would be expected for the regular price and very nice for the sale price. The materials are thick and the details are adorable. I would have to state that I think that the clothes run a little big but that means that they will continue to be long enough and fit all summer long. I am curious to see if they shrink a bit in the wash or not, either way they will continue to fit my children.

Althea is very thin so as you can see the shorts are a bit too big for her. In fact she normally wears a size 5slim and these shorts are a size 4 and had to be taken in all the way for her to be able to keep them up. In the future I will likely stick to dresses and tops from this brand unless they happen to offer slim sizing for items that she wants.

And Now You Can See the Obsession

After I received these items I was so pleased that I did decide to check out the site and saw that they had some new things. I also had a coupon so I decided to make it worth my while and to be able to order some additional items for them. I had a slight problem with the order and contacted customer service who promptly addressed the issue and took care of everything for me. This was actually the fastest response time that I have ever had from a customer service department and they were truly wonderful to work with.


So I had to get my daughter the Kids’ Chiffon Jersey Maxi Dress (I also have an obsession with chevron so how could I resist this one!),…


…the Kids’ Knit Tiered Ruffle Dress,…


…the Kids’ Nautical Stripe Dress,…


…the Kids’ Striped Sleeveless Dress,…


…the Kids’ PSNY Zip Front Hoodie,…


…a second Kids’ PSNY Zip Front Hoodie,…


…and a Kids’ Glitter Stripe Cami.


She was not alone in getting some extra things although since my true addiction with the brand is the dresses she did get more items than her brother. Huxley got the Kids’ Mod Records Graphic Tee and…


…the Kids’ Aero NY Graphic Tee.

All in all I will say that I definitely have a new obsession and thankfully one of the most affordable kids’ clothing obsessions that I have ever had in the nearly 11 years since I first became a mom. This is one obsession that I really do not see my husband complaining too much about either which is always nice.

For Added Savings

There is actually some additional savings that you can earn if you join the PS from Aeropostale Rewards for You program. I actually earned rewards on the above two purchases so I am excited to be able to shop sometime for some more cute stuff for my little kids. I envision myself picking up a hoodie for Huxley.

This blog post was written by Amanda Walton for Jenn’s Blah Blah Blog.

  • Shannon

    What nice clothes! I was not aware they sold children’s clothes but I don’t go to the mall that much.

    • Amanda Walton

      Children’s clothes are not available at all locations. I actually do not have a store near where I live but I loved shopping online. There was even an issue with my second order and customer service was amazing! Everything was handled timely and they were wonderful overall. You can check out locations here. Just make sure that you choose the right store in the drop down area.