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heap of assorted lego blocksBeing mom can get stressful at time. Okay, so let’s be serious when is it not stressful, it’s how we handle our stress. I like to think I handle mine well, but there’s been more than a dozen times I’ve tossed my children some LEGOs and told them to play and give mom a break, lol.

On a typical day in our house: Wake up, get everyone ready for school/daycare, get yourself dressed, drop everyone off at school/daycare, head to work, come home, do homework, cook dinner, clean up, family time, baths, bed, mom and dad time.  I honestly don’t know how we do it all, and cannot wait until this mom is staying home with her babies, where she belongs.

Where we live the kids are inside most of the day.  In the summer it’s too hot for the kids to play outside all day, and the winters are too cold.  Our spring and fall, well we don’t have those.  There’s a few days here and there that the kids can play outside all day.  Other than that we’re stuck with evenings and early morning.  My children love to be outside, so spending all that time inside is hard on them.

We’ve really started to get a nice collection of LEGOs.  We started out with only the normal LEGOs in different colors, and have moved on to the themed LEGOs.  Which are totally awesome and my children love them.   My two younger girls really like the LEGO® Friends Play Sets.  I have bought them several, and they take care of them because they don’t want to lose any pieces.

My youngest daughter likes the City Mining Loader, Fire truck, Highway Speedster, and other LEGOs that you can drive.  She’s just like her daddy a car freak.   She is young, but always amazes me.  She plays with so many toys that I would think are too old for her, but those are the toys she likes and does well with.  I am thankful my youngest doesn’t put things in her mouth.  I think it’s because she’s always been the youngest and wants to be like the bigger kids.  She has always loved LEGOs, we will have her HUGE pink and purple LEGOs from when she was itty bitty.

I don’t let them watch a lot of TV or play video games.  I believe it’s important for them to get creative and use their imagination.  Which is why as a mom LEGOs are awesome.  They’re also something that my children agree with me on.  There’s something for just about any age group, and they can help teach kids so much.  My toddler learned how to count by playing LEGOs with mom, dad and her bigger sisters.

Which is why I’m so excited to introduce the Official LEGO Channel on YouTube.  It’s definitely a place my children enjoy that has loads of entertainment.  My children ask me for my tablet all the time so they can visit the Official LEGO® Channel.

LEGOIf you have not seen the Official LEGO® Channel it’s definitely worth checking out. I personally had not seen it until recently, there are loads of entertainment, and my children love it. Now every time I am on the computer they want to check out the LEGO® Channel, lol. If I tell them not right now, they ask me if they can use my tablet or phone to visit.  The Official LEGO® Channel has great video’s for kids.

The new LEGO® YouTube channel has over 500 videos from a name you trust with more videos being added daily. Custom playlists are an easy way to build something special just for you and your child(ren). Playlists are easily made from the Official LEGO® Channel and can be accessed anywhere you go by parents and children (in the care, at an airport, waiting in line, around the house, etc.)

It’s an awesome channel, my kids love it. Browse Themes, Club TV Shows, LEGO® Brand, Designer Videos, Video Games, Board Games, Fan Creations, TV Spots, and more. To give you a better understanding of The Official LEGO® Channel here’s a short video from their channel.

My children and I made our very own LEGO Playlist with some great videos for kids, and it’ was fun and easy. What to create you’re very own Playlist? It’s easy, follow these simple steps.

  • Head over to YouTube and log in.
  • You will see on the left side of your screen, on the sidebar of your homepage, “Find Playlists”. Click on it.
  • Then a new playlist screen will appear. Now find the word manage, and click you’re magical mouse on it.
  • BAM you have created a playlist, now head over to to create your playlist. Don’t forget to name it, I named mine LEGOs. I tried to think of something more fun, but nothing has come to mind yet. No worries it wont be long, lol.
  • As you watch videos you like add them to your Playlist. To add your favorite videos click on “video options”.
  • Click the “Add to Playlist” and choose your LEGO® Playlist. You’re done, and your children will too.

Be sure to swing by and check out LEGOs on YouTube and check out their fabulous children’s video.  If you have a few minutes you can check out my LEGO Playlist too.

I limit my children’s TV and video game time.  they are allowed two hours on the weekend, and only one hour on weekdays.  The last thing I want is my children vegging out all day in front of the TV.  LEGOs are a great way to keep your child busy using their imagination, and keep them from spending all their spare time watching TV or playing video games.  Here’s a few fun games I play with my children to keep their imaginations active.

Make it for me – There are times when I give my children a task.  I will ask them to make me something such as:

  • Make me a Disney Princess Castle
  • Make me something from a movie.  I might ask them to, “Make me something from The Little Mermaid.”
  • Build me the house you want to live in
  • Build something from Batman or Superman
  • Make me numbers
  • Build me a city
  • Build me a car
  • Make me a play – This always turns out fun, a child’s imagination is amazing.

Drop and run – This is one of my favorites, and the kids love it.  We have tons of LEGOs, every now and then I will grab our big container of LEGOs and turn it upside down on the living room floor.  LEGOs are everywhere, but the kids love it.  There’s something about making a mess that makes my children happy.  When I do this my kids grin from ear to ear, and dive in.  They will play for hours.

My children will also invent their own games using LEGOs such as, guess what I am, fasted one done wins, or tossing clean up.  I know the tossing clean up is where they take the LEGOs and see who can get the most into the correct bucket.  They have an imaginary line that cannot be crossed and everything.  Things can end up a little crazy, but there are times when I just love to sit back and watch my kids have fun and don’t care about the mess.

LEGO YT - infographicLEGOs help keep my children busy.  They use their imagination building awesome building, cars, barns, farms, as well as anything else their creative little minds cook up.  Our collection is growing, and my children love their LEGOs.

Be sure to swing by and check out The Offical LEGO Channel on YouTube.

Thank you to LEGO and Technorati for being sponsors. I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls Collective. All opinions expressed here are my own.

  • Maria Iemma

    My son is a Lego fanatic – since he was little he was fascinated by them.

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    Thanks so much for all the info! Legos are my son’s favorite :)

  • Kathy Idol

    You just can;t go wrong with Legos.

  • Elizabeth Indoe

    Thanks for the info. I love legos, but didn’t realize there was so much more than the blocks and what you could do online. I see a great way to enjoy indoor winter fun now with my little one.
    Thanks again,