Oriental Trading Makes It Affordable to Create Crafts

Oriental Trading is a great company for anyone looking for unique crafts and activities to do with their children. I have ordered from the company for years and was excited to get to work with them for a review.

The Goodies

I always find it difficult to figure out just what I am going to be ordering from Oriental Trading. This time I chose some items for my own children as well as for a couple of groups that I work with.

oriental trading 1

One of the things that I love doing is being able to keep a journal and write. I jumped at the chance to get 48 canvas journals and have many different things that I will be doing with them. We are going to make some gifts, create some crafts, and I am going to use them for different groups that we are a part of.

oriental trading 2 

I also chose the Classroom Quilt Starter Kit. I do not plan on doing this expected with this and I will share more. I wanted a unique way to be able to create something fun with my family while we are on vacations.

 oriental trading 3

The DIY Mini Ceramic Flower Pots were something that we really needed for an upcoming Girl Scout project and were something that I had wanted to do with my children as well.

 oriental trading 4

Next I sought out to find something that was going to help me with decorating the flower pots and since it was for the girl scouts I chose the Glitter Tempura Paint Set.

 oriental trading 5

I wanted something different and fun to do with my children. I decided that it would be fun to choose the DIY small wood trays because I thought that they would be something fun to create together for gifts.

 oriental trading 6

Finally I also chose the DIY Wood Peace Sign Picture frame because there are few things in the world that my children love more than pictures of themselves with the people that they love. I thought that it would be a lot of fun for them to actually have something that they wanted to do during the upcoming months.

The Plan for the Journals

First off I have to admit that I have multiple things planned for the journals. One of these is just to create fun travel journals for my kids while we are traveling in the upcoming months. I plan on taking some pictures while we are out of town visiting grandma now and letting them decorate the fronts and then adding a picture of them from their time traveling. Then I will be able to help them with writing about their different trips that we take. I hope to add photos and small papers so that they can really remember our travels as they get older.

Next I did get some of these for the MOPS groups that I am a part of. We have a very limited budget and I loved the idea of being able to help the group with one of the crafts that I am making. I am having the ladies make a mom’s journal craft when I am working with them. I am going to have them bring a family photo and then ask them to decorate in any way that they please.

Journals are something that you can never have too many of. These can be a fun craft to do with the kids as part of a gift or any other things that they might be interested in. I am sure that I will be updating with new posts about the items that we create.

I must admit that I am quite pleased with the overall quality of the journals and that it is surprising to me that something that costs less than $1 can actually be a a high quality item.

My Unique Idea for the Classroom Quilt

We have started traveling a lot as a family and we do not always get to purchase things to remember our trips by. Obviously we generally get the children something small but when it comes to the adults there are few times when we are actually purchasing something for ourselves. So I wanted to get something that would help us remember the times that we spent together traveling.

As soon as I saw the quilt I knew that I would be working on a unique offering with a travel quilt. I plan on sitting down with the kids when we get home and in having them help my husband and I to create a unique patch for the quilt each time that we go out of town or take a tip. I will be adding some notes about the travels and important things like dates and who traveled to help us always be able to enjoy these amazing family memories together.

So instead of using it as a “classroom” quilt ours will be used as a “travel” quilt.

Plans for Flower Pots

Our Daisy troop needed flower pots to be able to plant flowers for an upcoming project. I also have always wanted to grow some herbs at the house and have wanted to talk to the kids about how to plant things. So I thought that these small flower pots would be perfect to grow a few select small herbs so that the kids could learn to take care of the plants.

Glitter Paint, So Fun, Oh My!

Painting is always fun and something that my kids enjoy. That being said, being able to paint with the paint that has glitter in it is sure to be even more fun. I plan on using the paint with the flower pots, some of the journals, the trays, and the picture frames.

I have ordered paints from Oriental Trading many times before and always been happy with the quality and coverage that they provide with the crafts.

Small Wood Trays Are Sure to Please

My children love making things for themselves to use and for others as well. These small wood trays are going to be used to create a number of different small projects. We are going to use them to be able to create trays to empty pockets into. I want one of these on my dresser, my husband needs one, we need a few in other areas throughout the house, and we are likely going to be making these beauties for grandparents. I have a cute idea to incorporate with these if we do choose to use them for gifts.

Showing Off Their Beautiful Smiles

The Wood Peace Sign Photo frames will be painted and then pictures will be added. I am hoping that these will line our hallway and create some beautiful memories as well as housing pictures of our family doing things together.

Best of All, the Prices are Very Affordable

Oriental Trading really offers some great high quality products that will help me to have hours of fun for my family and friends. The best thing about the products is that they are so affordable. The set of 6 Wood Peace Sign Photo Frames were only $12, the set of wood trays were $15.50 for 12 trays, 6 16 ounce bottles of Glitter Tempura Paints were just $18, 12 mini ceramic flower pots were $14, 48 journals were a steal at $45.50, and the classroom quilt kit was only $41.

This blog was written by Amanda Walton for Jenn’s Blah Blah Blog.


  • Michelle

    I <3 the idea of a travel quilt! Or any kind of while to remember the different things you do with your babies! It's kinda sad how much you actually do forget without even realizing it :(