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Watch those Birds with Audubon Park

Did you know that birdwatching is the second most popular outdoor activity, second only to gardening? Make your birdwatching experience a good one with products from Audubon Park.  Watch those … [Read More...]

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Getting Started with Your Own Twitter Marketing Campaign

Getting Started with Your Own Twitter Marketing Campaign

It is hard to deny Twitter’s popularity these days. Even compared to the more-established Facebook, Twitter has a much better engagement rate. You can tap into this engagement rate and promote your website, product or services effectively. This article will show you how to get started with your own Twitter marketing campaign in no time […]

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Handbooks for Special Needs Children

Has your child been diagnosed with Autism, Sensory Processing Disorder, ADHD or Learning Disabilities?  Cara Koscinski has written two handbooks for families whose children have special needs to guide parents, teachers and caregivers.  April is Autism Awareness Month and the books are just the right tool to help with your special need child.  Cara Koscinski […]

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You Can Help SIRUM Make Access To Medication Affordable in the USA!

You Can Help SIRUM Make Access To Medication Affordable in the USA!

The price of medication is outrageous.  Have you or someone you know been affected by the high cost of medications?  Sadly tons of Americans are, but thankfully SIRUM (Supporting Initiatives to Redistribute Unused Medication) has a plan to help those struggling to afford life-saving medication.  Helping is easy… Simply leave your name here and if […]


Prep Master Cutting Board

Are you an at home Chef and like to prepare your own cuisine with fresh ingredients?  If you do you probably have certain dishes and tools you like to use and that includes your cutting boards.  I have found a cutting board that will put any old cutting board you have to shame.  John Boos […]

Diy shabby planter

DIY Crackle Paint and Easy Lettering.

I painted this planter for my oldest sister, for her birthday. This actually used to be a small storage bench. The problem was the thing was so small you couldnt fit anything in it!  The paint is crackle paint is done with glue and the lettering is no fail sign lettering.  The bench started out […]


5 Ways to Heart Health | Staples & Fitbit

It is the end of February, American Heart Month, but that does not mean we need to switch our focus from a healthy heart. There are a number of things to do everyday to help keep our hearts happy and beating strong. From yummy foods in our to daily stress-relieving meditation sessions, it really is […]

5 Reasons Galactive Fitness Game is The Perfect Fitness App for Kid

5 Reasons Galactive Fitness Game is The Perfect Fitness App for Kids

There are so many fitness apps out there, it’s nice to see Galactive Fitness Game a fitness app for kids!  I’m super excited to sponsored post and 5 of the many reasons we are loving Galactive Fitness Game, the fitness app for kids with a reward system that will help inspire children to live a […]


What Every Girl Needs and Wants at that Time of the Month

If you are uncomfortable during that time of month, is here to help. What Every Girl Needs and Wants at that Time of the Month As any woman of child bearing years will tell you, every 28 days or so, you have your monthly cycle. We dread those few days while we are on […]


Keep Warm with a Cozy Earth Bamboo Blanket

My husband calls me cold blooded, since I am always cold, even when I am inside on a hot summer’s day. During the winter season, it is worse, as I dress in several layers just to keep comfortable. However, on these days, I can keep snuggly warm with a Bamboo Blanket from Cozy Earth.  Keep […]


5 Reasons Luminara Fireless Candles Are Perfect for Your Home

Making my home warm and inviting is a high priority on my list. When my home is clean and smelling fresh I feel great. I am more motivated, energetic and overall in a better mood. There are so many different decorative items that can add warmth and class to a room and I have found […]

gluten free snacks

Reasons To Love The Baked, Gluten-Free Snack Goldfish® Puffs

If you’re looking for an awesome gluten-free snack idea for the kids or yourself, you have to give Goldfish® Puffs a try.  That’s right our favorite baked snack is now baked and gluten-free!       People are going gluten-free for more reasons than a wheat allergy or celiac disease.  I’m sure many of you […]


Spark Something Good with Duraflame

Spark something good today by doing a good deed for a stranger, neighbor, mail carrier, friend or family member with Duraflame.  Spark Something Good with Duraflame  Have you ever bought coffee for the stranger in line behind you? Maybe you have dropped a few coins in a low-running meter, or left a positive note for […]


Nature’s Natural Scents

I think everyone has heard of Aromatherapy but if not it is one of natures healing process that works through your sense of smelling.  Spark Naturals has the essential oils to help with stress, colds, fatigue as well as a variety of simple ailments. Spark Naturals generously sent me an Ultransmit LiteMist Aro\matherapy Diffuser, health […]


Out of Africa Shea Butter

Shea Butter is one of the most beneficial skin care products on the market because it is  all natural making it a healthy skin product.  Out Of Africa Shea Butter is 100% Pure unrefined Shea Butter hand made in the heart of West Africa by local families. Out Of Africa Shea Butter Out of Africa […]