Pamper Yourself in Luxury

Do you like pampering yourself with the finest of cosmetics?  Well, my friend, look no further because Honeycat Cosmetics can fill your bill and then some. 

Pamper Yourself in Luxury 

I have been given the distinct opportunity of reviewing several products from Honeycat  I received Honeycat Cosmetics Cat-Tails for Two, Grand Marnier and Apricot Shower Gel, Honeycat Honey and Buttermilk Body Cream and Honeycat Cosmetics Chocolate Bath Melt Treats all displayed in a packaging fit for a queen.


I was anxious to try these because they were screaming try me, try me.  So first thing this morning, I showered using the Honeycat Cosmetics Cat-Tails for Two Grand Marnier and Apricot Shower Gel.  I popped in the shower and opened the bottle.  The shower gel is a rather thick gel and has an aroma to knock your socks off.  I used only about a tablespoon of gel and had more than enough bubbles for my entire shower.  It felt so good that I wanted to stay in the shower for quite some time, but being afraid I would run out of hot water I quit after 10 minutes. The Honeycat Cosmetics Cat-Tails for Two Grand Mariner and Apricot Shower Gel is enriched with all sorts of goodies like Apricot oil, sweet almond oil, jojoba oil, vitamin E, vitamin A, coconut extract with a hint of Rosemary.  After my short shower, I applied the Honeycat Honey and Buttermilk Body Cream.  This body cream absorbs quickly, and once again, using only about a tablespoon, I was able to cover all areas needing moisturizing.  I have even used this as hand cream after I have manually washed the dishes my husband forgot to load in the dishwasher.  The Honeycat Honey and Buttermilk Body Cream is enhanced with Almond Oil, Aloe Vera, Vitamin A and E, Vitamin B5, Glycerin,  Macadamia Nut Oil and other essential oils all smothered in a pleasant vanilla/honey scent.  

Now for the real treat, the Honeycat Cosmetics Chocolate Bath Melt Treats.  Sounds delicious huh?  So I am thinking while I take a relaxing bath, I will eat the chocolate.  Nope you don’t eat it, you bathe in it.  OH YA BABY!  These chocolate squares, swirled with dark chocolate and trimmed in gold, are simple to use and SOOOOO worth it.  Of course they look way too good to bathe in, but once you do, you will want to pamper yourself every evening.




In fact, these Honeycat Cosmetic Chocolate Bath Melt Treats measure 3 ½ inches by 3 ½ inches.  You simply drop them in the tub, sit back and indulge your inner chocolate self, all without consuming a single calorie.  Honeycat Cosmetic Chocolate Bath Melts are enriched with Mango butter, Cocoa Butter, Vitamin E and a light chocolate fragrance.  On one of those stressful days we all have, take a relaxing bath with the Honeycat Cosmetic Chocolate Bath Melt Treats and watch your troubles melt away.


Check out Honeycat Cosmetics for all the products with which to pamper yourself.   Honeycat offers Shower Gels, Scrubs, Bubble Stuff, Creams and Butters, Salts and Soaks, Lip Balm, and special Kitty Treats.  Be sure to Like the company on their Facebook page, as well as their Twitter page.  

All of the Honeycat Cosmetics can be purchased at several Day Spas across the nation and also online where orders are filled and shipped promptly.  

I know that you can spoil yourself by trying the Honeycat Cosmetics products.  When you do, you will never use anything else.  I would like to thank Honeycat Cosmetics for sending me the products to review.  It is nice to pamper yourself in luxury products.  

  • Hilary Andriesian

    It all sounds positively edible! May have to put DO NOT EAT stickers on all three if I win them! The chocolate bath melts look like Dream Bars I’ve eaten as the ultimate treat to go with my morning latte! And the combination of Apricot, Almond and Rosemary makes for a perfect perfume in the bath gel…and then there’s the lotion…all sorts of pampering in this awesome package. Fingers and toes crossed!

  • rochelle haynes

    I would love to try this

  • Jackie C

    These products look good enough to EAT!

  • Shannon

    I have been hearing a lot about these, they sound wonderful.

  • Lesley

    I would love this!!!

  • Paula Morgan

    Oh My Gosh!! These sound absolutely YUMMY!! That shower gel and body butter sound like they are just what I need right now!! I am having a devil of a time with dry skin this year, and with all of those moisturizers in there, it would probably be a big help. ♥

  • bev kimball

    Oh! Thes all sound so nice!!! I love it and want to win some!!!

  • lisa

    I love the packaging. I have never tried this line of products, but hope to do so.

  • Dorothy Boucher

    LOL M Clark, taste yourself hehe

    love the design they added to them, and i don’t mind taking a bath and smelling like chocolate, not that i want to taste myself loll but just to have that yummy scent around me :) thanks @tisonlyme143

  • M.Clark

    Those Honeycat Cosmetic Chocolate Bath Melt Treats look way too real for my tastes. I love eating chocolate, but not smelling like chocolate. If I had to take a bath/shower with chocolate scented products I would be too tempted to taste them!! I would love to try the non-chocolate scented products.Thank you for this review

  • lisa

    After that great review I sure hope there will be a contest!

  • Shannon

    These sound delightful! Thank you for sharing.

  • Alison Gibb

    Wow, all of these products sound great. Do you think you will be doing a giveaway of these? I would love to try them!!

  • Michelle S

    I love the design, so unique and cute. Makes a girl feel special kind of packaging. The treats look yummy.