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Being a mother of four children, a wife to a mechanic, a pet owner to three large dogs, and a kitty means lots of messes to clean up.  There’s always something that needs washed, wiped, bathed, swept, or vacuumed.  It’s never-ending, but it’s all part of being mom.  I often wish that having a large family meant having more people to help around the house.  Sadly, it doesn’t, lol only in moms happy place.

Don’t get me wrong, my husband helps.  He is god sent and I am blessed to have such an incredible man in my life.  Seriously, he is not above grabbing the broom, vacuum, dirty cloths, bathing kids, none of it.  He’s my partner 100% of the time, I love him.  However, asking our children to grab a broom and sweep, or do the dishes is a chore all in its own.  There’s the little noises they make, letting you know they’re not happy, or the acting like they didn’t hear you and running off to their room.  They act like we were not children once, lol.  We wrote the book on these tricks they try to play.

With all the traffic that goes on in our home we vacuum about every other day.  If we let it go much more than that, I can tell.  There’s nothing I hate more than my floor looking dirty.  Yes all of them.  My kitchen, bathroom, and all carpeted floors.  If they look and feel clean, I feel better.  When my floors look messy, mom is cranky.  Please don’t do that to mom, lol.

Well get this! 

I have been lucky enough to review a Panasonic JetForce Vacuum MC-UL427 Vacuum, which by the way is FREAKING AMAZING AND PURPLE!  Anyway, I have had it for about a week, and I’ve had to fight with my children and my husband to use the vacuum.  No, joke…  See this picture of my toddler?  Yes, she is crying and pouting because she had to let her sister have a turn using our new Panasonic JetForce Vacuum.  Man if I had known that getting my kids to help was this easy, I would have bought it a long time ago.  It’s seriously an amazing vacuum, and you can pick it up for only $149.00.  For an awesome vacuum that can keep up with four children, a mechanic husband, three dogs (which are inside every evening/night, and a kitty, and get my children to help out around the house willingly.  $149 is NOTHING, if it gets my children helping!

2012-12-05_10-06-58_930_zpsed62e556, Uploaded from the Photobucket Android AppWhen it comes to cleaning up messes in my family’s life, Panasonic has surpassed our expectations.  It not only keeps up with our families messes, but has the best technology, and comfort in mind.  The Panasonic JetForce Vacuum not only works on all levels of carpet, but multiple floor surfaces, and includes various specialty attachments and features such as:

  • Pet Hair Air Turbine Brush
  • Stretch Hose
  • Dusting Brush
  • Automatic Carpet Height Adjustment
  • HEPA Filter
  • Powerful 12-Amp Motor
  • Bare Floor Option
  • 24′ Automatic Cord Reel
  • 13″ Cleaning Path
  • Soft Wheels

We have used the Panasonic JetForce on more than just the floors.  We have used it to clean the couches, chairs, curtains, and even dust off the window seals.  I also have to brag about the comfort, seriously it’s not only lightweight, but it has a unique handle.  At first I wasn’t sure about the handle, but after using it I really like it.  It makes pushing the vacuum around more comfortable.

So let me give you the rundown of why we’re so happy with the Panasonic JetForce Vacuum.  About three months ago, we bought a new Hoover Vacuum.  Which we loved, we really thought it got the job done.  When we used it, it got all the dirt up.  So we thought!

2012-12-05_11-50-51_990_zpse5c52df7, Uploaded from the Photobucket Android AppWhen we used the Panasonic JetForce for the first time, we had vacuumed the day before.  So all that fine dirt and dog hair that’s trapped in the carpet should have been gone.  I really didn’t think we would get much up.  BOY, WAS I WRONG.  The picture to the left is all the fine dirt and hair that was picked up.  Pretty nasty isn’t it, and to think I’m picky about my floors.  My husband and I were both amazed how much fine dirt and dog hair the Panasonic JetForce picked up.  In our bedroom alone we filled up the canister?  When we went to empty it out, all that was in the canister was very fine dust and dog hair.  Everything that our other vacuum missed, I can honestly say we were both amazed!  We both thought our Hoover did a good job picking up all the fine dirt and hair.  It just goes to show how important having a good vacuum is if you want to know your floor is clean.

We put up our Christmas tree yesterday, we pulled all the couches away from the wall and really cleaned good.  We vacuumed with the Panasonic JetForce, and walking on the carpet after vacuuming was awesome.  The carpet felt soft and CLEAN!  The entire floor looks and feels amazing.  We also used it to vacuum our kitchen with the bare floor setting, which worked great.

We’re hosting Christmas Dinner at our home this year.  I always freak out about making sure my house is clean.  I am excited about using our new Panasonic JetForce to vacuum before our guest come.  The difference it makes is our carpet is great, I never would have thought a vacuum that costs less than $150 would do this.  I really thought I was going to have to save up, and drop some serious cash to get the results I wanted out of a vacuum.

So what are my favorite features?

  • The JetForce separates the dust and air via centrifugal force and an hour glass shape dust container, which helps the vacuum lose any suction.   It works, awesome!2012-12-05_10-09-09_693_zps98d05ae1, Uploaded from the Photobucket Android App
  • Pet hair removal attachments, that work on furniture, curtains, etc.
  • Automatic carpet height adjustment is awesome.
  • No bags.
  • Long reel cord.
  • Pet Hair Air Turbine Brush.
  • Works awesome on bare floors, as well as carpets.
  • Easy-to-empty, bottom drop dirt cup for quick and clean dirt disposal.
  • I LOVE THE UNIQUE HANDLE, it’s more comfortable and easier to maneuver the vacuum.
  • Most of all, IT WORKS!  This vacuum does what it claims and then some.  I can honestly say, it worth every penny you’ll spend on it.
  • My kids, LOVE IT….. They really fight over who gets the vacuum.

Now if they only had it in pink.  Yes, I know it’s purple and that’s cool, don’t get me wrong.  But if you follow my blog, you know I’m a pink kinda gal!

We’ve been using the Panasonic JetForce for a little over and week and are extremely happy with the results on carpet, bare floor, chairs, couches, and curtains.  I cannot recommend this vacuum enough.  We are very pleased, thank you from all 6 of us Panasonic you’ve caused lots of GOOD CLEAN fights in this house.  LOL, HAD I ONLY KNOWN ALL THIS TIME IT WOULD COST ME LESS THAN $150!

This mommy cannot recommend the Panasonic JetForce enough.  My husband recommends it as well.  This mom and dad give the Panasonic JetForce TWO THUMBS UP!  If you’re looking for a great vacuum, at an affordable price be sure to consider the Panasonic JetForce Vacuum MC-UL427.

“I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for Panasonic. I received a product to facilitate my review.”

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  1. sam dock says

    I had no idea that they made vaccums. We had to switch to something bagless a while back too and it was SHOCKING how much our old sweeper wasnt picking up-gag.

  2. gina says

    This sounds great, I love that its for multi surfaces & we have a dog so little white hairs everywhere is an issue sometimes, I love that its lightweight too,

  3. kathy pease says

    This looks awesome..we have 2 dogs and 4 cats so you can imagine the pet hair..This would make cleaning up after these hairy beasts a breeze :)

  4. Anita Leibert says

    I never knew that Sony was making vacuums, however, I have a high opinion of their products already, so this has to be awesome! I could certainly use this in my home with all the dog hair :)

  5. June Isbel says

    I can not believe this only weighs 15lbs! WOW ! I have RA and I am having a bad time with my vacumm It is way to heavy as I do not have the strengh any more!
    I am the onlyone here so I will not be competing with anyone to use it! I so wish I had a toddler to vacumm for me! :)
    Happy Holidays,

  6. Tara A. says

    I had no idea Panasonic made vacuum cleaners. That’s so neat! It looks like it works really well. I love canister vacuums.

  7. Fee (Phyllis) Roberts says

    I would love to have one of these. My kitties make a mess all over the house. Getting into everything. This would save me a lot of time. Thanks for the great review =D

  8. says

    That is awesome Jenn!!! How d U get these review products? I got one product to review &that was it but, this vaccuum is crazy great!!!! I loved the review!!!!! I need to buy me a new one, so this was great to read!!!!

  9. Lily Kwan says

    The Panasonic JetForce Vacuum looks very nice. Thanks for the interesting and informative review!

  10. Dorothy Boucher says

    this looks like a wonderful vacuum, i have a nice one but i find myself having to vacuum 2 times sometimes even 3 and with my bad back , i am popping advils for the night.. great review and thanks for shaing 😉

  11. krista grandstaff says

    If you can pull all of that off of freshly vacuumed floors, I NEED THIS!! The dog and cat and kid combo in my house is crazy, and I know by the amount of dust they churn up, that my floors have to be a lot more gross than they appear -ewwww!

  12. Rebecca Sinclair says

    Sounds like an awesome vacuum, and when my current one dies…I’ll definitely be in the market for this one! It sounds amazing and the price is just right!

  13. Rebecca Sinclair says

    I love that it has auto-cord adjustment. I know it sounds dumb, but one of the things I absolutely hate about vacuuming is having to wind up the cord when I’m done! So sill I know! I love vacuuming, but that cord drives me crazy!

  14. Ann Cluck says

    The first think that caught my eye was the pet hair turbine!!! I swear I sweep up a small pupyp every day!!

  15. Ashley says

    I love the fact that this vacuum has a pet hair air turbine brush attachment! My house could sure use it!! =)

  16. marthalynn says

    I love that your kids want to use it! Seriously, that is priceless. It’s nice to see that powerful vacuums that are affordable are making their way to the market. I’m going to look into this one!

  17. Kathy Smith says

    I too have dogs and cats and grown children living with me so a good vacum is always needed. This one sounds like a good one.Thanks for the review.

  18. Crystal Gibson says

    This sounds absolutely amazing… Especially when it comes to pet hair, and AUTO carpet height adjustment! I have a bad back, and leaning trying to turn the knob to lower/higher can often be a pain… This would come in super handy!! Thank you for sharing your opinions with us!! Enjoyed it, as always!!

  19. Ashley Miller says

    Very interesting vacuum!! I am in need of a decent, inexpensive vacuum right now and this looks like a very good one!!

  20. Rebecca Sinclair says

    I Love that there are no bags! Those are such a pain to empty and then when you need to replace them, you realize that you are out, and have to run to the store and then when you get into Wal-mart you end up spending 158 dollars instead of the 8 for a package of vacuum bags. Yup…this would eliminate all that hassle just to vacuum the living room! :)

  21. Fee (Phyllis) Roberts says

    I so need one of these. Mine is busted but I paid so much for it I can’t get rid of it. So I have been sweeping. Not fun! This sounds right for me. It’s my favorite color! =D

  22. toni says

    didn’t know this product existed. looks like it has great suction by the photo you put up. this is one i will have to keep in mind (we have multiple pets, so shedding is constant). good write up.

  23. Kayleen Considine says

    That is one heck of a vacuum!! Thank you!! I will keep it in mind next time we need one. I didn’t know Panasonic made vacuums.

  24. Rebecca Sinclair says

    I had to laugh that you fight over who gets to use the vacuum! Now that is worth more money than the vacuum costs!

  25. Kristy says

    Loving that it is PURPLE as well!!! I’m very interested in this because I hate vacuuming myself so maybe this would get me to vacuum more!!

  26. Rebecca Sinclair says

    For such a great vacuum I can’t believe the price is so low! I would have thought it cost way more than that!

  27. Lisa R says

    I pet hair air turbine brush, wow, I could sure use this one….my lab is always losing hair everywhere, i can’t stand hair, and under $200 bucks, thats amazing

    sibabe64 at ptd dot net

  28. Julie Middleton says

    Reading this review and seeing that picture reminds me of the Kirby demonstrations they used to do. I wouldn’t pay THAT much for a Kirby, but i WOULD pay $149 for the Panasonic as it sounds like it’s just as good…especially if it’ll get my kids fighting over who gets to clean…LOL

  29. Theresa Reed says

    Wow. I need this vacuum. I have three dogs in the house. They all have different lengths of hair. I bet I would be amazed to see how clean it got my carpet to. Thanks for sharing your review on this vacuum.

  30. Rebecca Sinclair says

    I also love that it is light enough for kids to help! Some vacuum’s are too heavy for children to heft around and I think it is important for kids to help with housework. Plus, most young kids think it is fun to push a vacuum around :)

  31. Tina Seagraves says

    If it works as good as they advertise I want one.. so far all the vacuums I have bought don’t suck.. pun intended ..lol

    • says

      omg Tina I HONESTLY WAS AMAZED WITH HOW FREAKING AWESOME IT IS… I have spend more money on vacuums in the past and they didn’t work nearly as good…. now I have only had it a week my fingers are crossed it lasts a long time but either way I have to tell you I say it is money well spent…

  32. Anita Leibert says

    This sounds like a totally amazing vacuum! I’ve been using a Hoover and always thought it was one of the better one’s available….. apparently I was wrong! I will certainly be thinking about your review on the panasonic JetForce when I should decide it’s time to purchase! Thank you so much, it was really a pleasure reading your review!

  33. Rebecca Sinclair says

    Holy Cow! That is a LOT Of junk left over from your last vacuum! That picture speaks volumes right there! Love that it is in purple!

    • says