Perfect Valentines Gift For Her!

Boy have I got the perfect Valentines gift for her just in time for Valentines day! I love quality active wear. I’m a stay at home full-time Mima with two beautiful kids under the age of seven, so I’m always on the go. It’s important for me to wear loose-fitting, comfortable clothes that can keep up with my busy lifestyle. I also want to look & feel good at the same time so I’m always on the prowl for quality, fashionable, durable active wear that will last a long time. I put emphasis on “a long time” having to care for two active kids & being on the go constantly. I go through my jogger suits & hoodies in no time and wear them out faster than anything. This is why I’m ecstatic about the I Am Love L2L Light Ash Rose Hoodie Peace Love World sent me to review. It will make the perfect Valentines gift for yourself or that special someone in your life!!

peace love world

The Perfect Valentines Gift For Her!  6 top reasons we love the I Am Love L2L Light Ash Rose Hoodie,

  • Fun & Flurty
  • Fashionable, stylish
  • Soft, 50% Pima Cotton / 25% Cotton / 25% Modal.
  • Gorgeous pastel color
  • Durable & machine washable
  • Kangaroo pockets
  • It is really comfy

To me there’s nothing like the feeling of being comfortable all day long and looking fabulous at the same time. This flattering hoodie is fashionable but more importantly it’s functional as well. Hooded with a wide top, long enough to make a fashion statement with any pair of casual jeans, and is definitely cute enough to just run errands in. Best of all it’s flattering and perfect for outdoor workouts.  The quality is magnificent, we were impressed by the nice feel and special soft touch of the fabric. 

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The I Am Love hoodie, as with all of Peace Love World products, come with a fair enough price tag. Even better they are making a difference and real change in the world by championing their favorite causes including breast cancer awareness through Susan G. Komen For The Cure and a shelter in Haiti for disabled and abandoned children. I love that Peace Love World wants us to do good, feel good, and look our best while doing it! Hey even some of the top name celebrities, Jennifer Lopez, Ellen DeGeneres, the Kardashian sisters, just to name a few, are seen around the home town sporting their Peace Love World collection of choice. You can check them out at Peace Love World Celebrity.

I love wearing my I Am Love Light Ash Rose Hoodie with a nice pair of jeans on weekends and I get marvelous compliments everywhere I go. My opinion is it’s a must-have, and would make the perfect valentines gift for her. I love them all! I also love their mission statement.

peace love world

Peace Love World also carries an exclusive line of fabulous men & children’s clothing and accessories. For more information on how you can purchase Peace Love World products, just head on over to their website. You can also stay connected to them by following all their social networks,

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and most definitely Pinterest!

  • Buddy Garrett

    Our daughter would love this beautiful hoodie.

  • cassandra

    this looks like an absolutely amazing comfy set. I love the designs on it as well :) verry cute.

  • William W.

    I have a dear friend who just moved to my cooler area. I am use to the coolness (and the rain). Sadly, she looks looks like a sad shivering puppy in the cold. This hoodie would help her greatly (and it’s a color she loves).

    Until it hits “springtime” (that usually happens in our SUMMER), she’s going to be left out in our elements. *Brrrr!

  • Julie F

    I love this hoodie!

  • Kathy Pease

    This is so cute and it looks really comfy..I know my daughter would love it also and probably steal it from me .

  • debbie b

    love the hoodie it looks so soft and comfortable .. I love a lot of clothes on the website ty for the giveaway

  • K-Squared

    The gift being given away depicts a perfect gift for my relative that often has to go out in the cool temperature and attend appointments with doctors, it would generally be worn with love not only for me but those that made this possible. Such a woman she is, her greatness goes a step further when she helps out as she can with others in helping them with activities. Such a wonderful gift this would be as a belated birthday (Valentines Day) gift!

    She has come into hard times as of recently because she has had to take me in after being injured in an accident! This would be such a blessing!

  • K. Finn

    I like how the dark pink kind of jazzes up the light pink. It makes it prettier than basic sweats.

  • Vickie Marks

    love this hoodie and great review

  • Crystal

    I love this hoodie. I would most defiantly wear it!


    Love comfy clothes!! Cute too. Great review:)

  • gwendolyn blunt

    I love that behind this great product is a wonderful mission. I would love this comfy hoodie and share it with my daughter!

  • kristin h

    i love the color and the look – very comfy looking

  • M.Clark

    I like all three hoodies, the I am Peace L2L Light Cool Breeze Hoodie, the I am Love L2L Light Ash Rose Hoodie, and the I am Happy L2L Light Lavender Hoodie and the matching comfy pants for all three hoodies. Thank you for this great review!!

  • Mia

    That’s a cute sweater! Wish I could’ve gotten it for valentine’s!

  • Happi Shopr

    That looks so cozy! I love that they are charity minded too.

  • Russell Moore

    This is the type of thing that my wife loves, and looks good in. Hope I win it for her.

  • Jackie C

    What a SUPER giveaway! Thank you!

  • tamra gibson

    This really does look pretty. I think pink always looks good on babies, toddlers, youths, and women of all ages. I also love pastel colors. They seems to lighten my mood

  • Alison Gibb

    Great review. I like to know the quality of an item before I buy it!!

  • kimberly bhatti

    oh both me and my daughter would love an outfit like this. it looks so comfy and cute!

  • Sandra Beeman

    Comfort in clothing is my mantra. I love wearing sleep pants, warm-ups, T-Shirts and Hoodies. This Hoodie is the perfect style . Kangaroo pockets are a Mom’s dream. I’m very impressed to know that Breast Cancer and Children of Haiti will benefit from all the items available. Win-Win.

  • Laurie Nykaza

    Pretty color I love this outfit so cute my daughter would look great in it too!

  • MIchelle Castagne

    This looks so comfortable. I’d get plenty of use out of it.

  • denise low

    This is so cute. I bet my grand daughters would love it.

    • Jenn

      omg, it’s a great app I love it

  • Holly Kennedy

    Love, love, love everything they have! Super cute.

  • Kiera M.

    How cute!!!

  • Mary Dailey

    Sporty and still feminine. I love hoodies.

  • Lesley

    These hoodies look sooooo comfortable!!!

  • Lisa Schweizer

    Love this hoodie!! I grew up in the 70’s and would love to win :)

  • Michael Essington

    I know my fiance would love this! It would be a great gift for her.

    • Jenn

      They are great I love them, and it’s so much fun waiting for the ring.. even when they are only $10 rings it’s great I love them

  • Elizabeth

    I really love sporty wear as well, even if I’m not particularly exercising that day. It just feels comfortable and put-together at the same time. Just like you, I’d happily wear this hoodie with a pair and jeans and feel good about myself all day.

  • lisa

    I love hoodies. I also like the pastel colors.I like the powder blue color.

  • Lindsay N.

    What an adorable hoodie! I love anything pink – which is especially fitting for Valentine’s day.

  • The Funster

    What a great gift idea! My wife already likes wearing her sweats after a long day, and the I Am Love L2L Light Ash Rose Hoodie would be perfect. As you stated, it’s fashionable and comfortable. It’s not very often that you get both! LOL! Thank you for the great idea

  • M.Clark

    I visited the Peace Love World website and they don’t just have clothes, they have bags as well!! I like the Peace Love World Black Hatoa bag, the Peace Love World Black Kiara Bag, and the I am Love Black Weekender Bag. Thank you for this review.

  • maria c

    This Hoodie is so cute and looks so comfy. I love their mission statement too. Thank you for your review.

  • Shannon

    What cute hoodies, thank you for sharing.

  • gigi borden

    oooh this does look comfy and would be perfect!!!

  • Jo-Ann Brightman

    This is a very cute hoodie. I can see why you are getting compliments on it. I like that the company champions good causes.

  • randy fulgham

    I must say this outfit looks good and it would be a great ideal if I had girlfriend…