Product Review for Stainless Steel Brown Leather Bracelet

WP_20130217_006I actually got this wonderful Brown Leather Bracelet for my wonderful husband.  So he offered to write the review for me, isn’t he a doll!  I have to be the luckiest darn girl I know.  He’s super sweet, and the most understanding man I have ever meet.  Did I mention supportive.  He supports me and my blogging 100%!  As a matter a fact, he’s the one that tells me to stop working, stay home, be with the kids, and blog full-time.  WOW, I love ya baby! 

Shawn’s Review:

I’m not too big on fashion, I have always been a blue jean and t shirt kind of guy. My go to colors have always been black, white and gray, and one brown t shirt. The only accessories I wear is my wedding ring and a necklace my wife bought me while we were in Vegas for our anniversary, and now my Stainless Steel Brown Leather 9.5in Adjustable Bracelet.

I think leather accessories for guys should look tough and rugged kind of inconspicuous, not gaudy or flashy or flamboyant. No offence, but leather, too much leather can make even the most macho dude look like a sissy.

I have always wanted a set of cowboy style leather gauntlets, I just love the tough look of worn weathered leather, but for fear of overdoing the whole leather thing I settled for the much smaller woven design bracelet. Sorry if it seems like I’m rambling on, I’m just trying to figure out how to describe my Chisel leather bracelet Without sounding like a girl.


The first thing I noticed when I received my brown leather bracelet, was the box it came in. You know when you receive a product and it Is obvious that the manufacturer put time and effort into the packaging, the contents of said packaging are going to be phenomenal. My bracelet exceeded myexpectations. The craftsmanship and attention to detail is off the charts. The bracelet is made from the best leather by the best leather craftsmen, it is 2 1/8” wide and 9 ½” long, with three rows of stainless steel snaps these bracelets will fit almost any wrist size and will hold up to just about anything you can put them through.

I am a diesel mechanic, and I wear my leather bracelet to work all day every day. It sees everything from grease to diesel fuel to Solvents to dirt and grime on a daily basis and I have yet to find any weak spots or defects, I simply wipe away anything that gets on it and continue on my way.

WP_20130217_001To me leather represents strength and durability and my leather bracelet has more than held true to that strength and durability. 

That was my wonderful husbands review.  Pretty awesome, right?  Now let me share with you what I thought about the products. 

I would have to agree with Shawn.  The box was amazing, and the majority of the time when a brand takes pride in the packaging they take more pride in their products.  Very true in this case, the Stainless Steel Brown Leather Bracelet is made of top quality leather and it shows.

My husband has been looking for a leather bracelet for a long time, but unable to find one that fits his style.  Like he said, “he’s not big on fashion.”  It’s true, I don’t know how lese to explain his fashion.  He’s Shawn, he likes what he likes, and when it comes to any type of accessory it has to be perfect or he will not have anything to do with it.  He likes tattoo’s but nothing too colorful, he’s pretty plain, yet picky at the same time.  If that’s even possible, lol. 

    1. I personally was surprised that he was able to find something he liked from Emma Parker Diamonds, much less something he wears every single day.  I would have to give Emma Parker Diamonds TWO THUMBS UP for two different reasons:
    2. The Stainless Steal Brown Leather Bracelet we received from them was definitely a quality bracelet.  It’s obvious from the time you see the box it comes in. 
    3. Their selection is seriously amazing.  I mean it, to be honest I don’t think I have seen a selection as big as Emma Parker Diamonds.  You would think by the name it’s just diamonds, WRONG!  They seriously have everything, and it’s all amazing.  Something forever one.  Even my husband, who’s super picky. 

WP_20130217_002If you would like to learn more about The Stainless Steel Brown Leather Bracelet or any other fabulous products from Emma Parker Diamonds you can visit them online, at

I also have one more things to add.  One of the most important thing to me while I’m shopping is how I’m treated.  Customer service is huge to me both online and offline.  Working with the people at Emma Parker Diamonds has been fabulous.  I’m very excited to be working with them and am looking forward to our future plan working together.  It’s been wonderful, you can trust that when you shop with them you’ll receive great service.  My experience has been nothing but wonderful communication, understanding, and willingness to go out of their way.  If customer service is important to you too, I believe you’ll be happy with Emma Parker Diamonds customer service.Disclosure: I received this product for review purposes.  All opinions are 100% my own, based on my own experiences.  I only review products I feel my readers will find value in, all my reviews are 100% honest, based on my own experiences.

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  1. Cathy says

    I just love wide leather bracelets and watches around here they don’t sell things like that you have to go on line an order them

  2. Jo-Ann Brightman says

    It is surprising that a place called Emma Parker sdiamonds has such a nuce leather bracelet

  3. Winningmama2013 says

    I still like this bracelet, and would wear it myself as well as purchase it for my husband. Also tell your hubby that he did a great job on his review, very descriptive and helps to make the person feel like they were looking at it in person.

  4. Leah Lucas says

    Love the bracelet! My husband loves leather bracelets like that, he is wearing a black one right now that is similar to this one!

  5. Winningmama2013 says

    That bracelet is awesome, it looks like something I could get my husband and he might wear. Thanks for the review. Will have to keep it in mind for fathers day!

  6. Jo-Ann Brightman says

    I do prefer the tooled brown leather bracelet to theplain one shown later in the review

  7. Hailie S says

    It is really hard to find nice leather jewelry. I have ordered a bracelet off of etsy, but was very disappointed with the quality. Thanks for the review(:

  8. Fee (Phyllis) Roberts says

    Your hubby did a fine job on the review! I was sort of distracted by his tat though. I was trying to figure out whet it is! lol! My eyes aren’t the greatest =D

  9. Melissa Pflugradt says

    That’s a nice manly accessory. I think my husband would wear the leather one, maybe. :)
    I agree that customer service on online and offline are important!

  10. Jo-Ann Brightman says

    It waas a good idea to have your husband write this review since he is the one wearing the bracelet

  11. Laura Smith says

    Your husband sounds perfect and so does the bracelet. It looks nice and manly. Your hubby did a great job on this review.

  12. ANN*H says

    At first when I looked at just the picture I thought he was showing his tatoo. I like the leather bracelet for the men and agree they should make a narrower one for the ladies . I would like them. Sounds like you have a good man .

  13. Krista Grandstaff says

    Awesome review…I love the details, especially when your husband talked about wearing it daily and just wiping it off…I like an item to have some wearability AND durability or it just isn’t worth my time or money…this looks like a well made item!

  14. Cheryl Chervitz says

    Thanks for the review, I’m glad that a man did it too. I have always wondered if my hubby would wear one of these, and it looks great on.

  15. michele burnett says

    Wow the leather snap men’s bracelet is a nice accessory any man could wear. Love the detail too.

    • says

      I know right, he actually does now and then we share a blog together and he helps me with a lot of my stuff such an awesome guy love my hubs

  16. Vikki Cousin says

    Nice bracelet. You keep this man! :-) That was so sweet of him. I loved reading this review and the fact that he did something so nice for you. Love it.

  17. Celina K says

    Awesome bracelet. I wish I could find one that my husband would wear! I looked for a simple leather bracelet on Valentines Day for him, but didn’t end up finding one. Like you, my husband is super picky, in a kind of has to be plain kind of way. Makes him tough to shop for!

  18. Mary Gallardo says

    This bracelet is awesome! And how great f your hubby t write the review himself! =) This is something my husband would probably like. He is just the same with his jeans and t-shirts and not so many accessories.

  19. Sharon Siqueiros says

    Thanks for the review!! This cuff is very cool and I think my husband would really like it!
    Thank your husband for being honest and showing himself to all of us ladies out here

  20. Casey M says

    This looks really nice! My Fiance is a blue jeans and tshirt guy too and I think he would like this!

  21. lauren p says

    I like that he wrote the review. He is the one who experences the product first hand. I am suprised that i like the way the bracelet looks.

  22. Robin Wilson says

    It can be hard to find nice, casual jewelry for men, but this one is really nice. I have no doubt that my son or husband would love to have it! It really looks nice on your husband. thanks for the great pics!

  23. Valarie Lee Gentry says

    This bracelet looks very durable! Men usually have hard, hands-on jobs. I visited Emma Parks Diamond website and I really like the Stainless Steel Odyssey Cuff Bangle! I love that they have so many options to choose from!

  24. Lindsey Roberts says

    Thanks for such a great review! I recently bought my man a brown leather cuff as well and it looks awesome on him! I’m happy to hear you have the same sort of style!;)

  25. Sandie says

    I like this leather bracelet. It is manly enough for men. Most men don’t like wearing more than a watch, but I think they would like this as well as your husband does. He did a great review by the way,.

  26. laurie nykaza says

    Great looking leather I think most men I know would like it. Nice to hear it wears well too.

  27. Judy Lipcsak says

    I think it’s great that you’re so supportive and I agree with you about men’s jewelry – it needs to have some weight to it or it looks weird.

  28. Sandy McFadden says

    I am going to have to check this site out I have been wanting to get my boyfriend an unique bracelet that he could wear everyday not just on special occasions.

  29. Becky Bryant says

    What a nice leather bracelet. MY grandson loves this type of thing and I am definitely going to show him this one. Thanks for the awesome review and tell your husband thanks too!!!

  30. Megan Fisher says

    Sounds like a great gift for my man!! Your husband is so sweet to write a review for you!! Sounds like you’re a very lucky woman!! These leather bracelets are SO cool!

  31. Chasity says

    Your husband and mine have a lot in common.. Both have simple but great taste and work hard so need something to stand up to the test.. thanks..

  32. Chevy Reid Roper says

    Definitely sounds like a great company to work with. I love that the bracelet is durable to withstand a man’s ruggedness. My husband is the same way and is not big on fashion unless its a hat…lol. He wears his wedding ring and a necklace with a cross that I bought him, but I do think that he would also love this product. Great review to both of you on a product I will definitely be looking into!!!

  33. Valarie Lee Gentry says

    This bracelet looks very nicely made. I just visited their website and I really like the Atainless Steel Odyssey Cuff Bangle! I love that they have so many options to choose from!

  34. Dorothy Reading says

    Great review! And great idea to have your husband write it. Taking a man’s word for it is easier than the gifter’s word. This bracelet looks like a great gift for my brother.