Reasons I Choose Not To Carry Baby Facing Out

What are your thoughts on carrying your baby facing out?  I have put a lot of thought into it, and I can think of several reasons I don’t feel it’s safe.  I’m not here to judge anyone, or point any fingers, but to share my opinion on the matter.  When it comes to my children there are a few things that are very important to me – their safely, comfort, and bonding time.

Naturally I want to be sure my children are safe, and seeing children dangling in a carrier facing out looks uncomfortable.  I’m the type of person that I try to put myself in someone else’s place, and I come up with my own conclusion based on what I feel, because at the end of the day I know I love my children more than anyone, and I am going to do what I feel is right.  I am going to have to agree with all the statistics about baby wearing, and making sure baby is faced inward.  From my point of view it just looks more comfortable, better for bonding time, and like it puts less stress on the little baby body.

In my opinion wearing baby facing outward doesn’t provide the infant with any support, they just dangle, and it looks horribly uncomfortable.  Wearing baby facing inward with their knees pulled up to your waist not only looks like it’s more comfortable, and provides more support.  It looks like it’s more fun, and better for bonding.  Personally wearing Mattie facing inward on walks was some of our best bonding time.  She’s right there snuggled up next to me, we’re able to talk, giggle, and I love the way it felt when she was sitting close to me.

Carrying baby facing out looks like there is a lot pressure on the pelvis, no support for an infant’s head, and their poor little backs don’t look very comfortable.’m including an infographic with some great information, it’s called 9 Reasons not to carry your baby facing out.

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What are your thoughts on wearing baby facing out, or facing in?

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  • Keno Moore

    I feel that babies are curious,they like to see what’s going on.Facing outward seems the way to me.

  • Katie

    I don’t have kids yet, but everytime I see a baby being carried that way, I think that doesn’t look very comfortable for the baby. Or for the person carrying the baby for that matter.

    • Jenn

      Plus it’s so much fun to have your infant close to you.. That’s my favorite part is having them super close

  • M.Clark

    I need to agree with you on this one Jenn, I think the baby is more comfortable and safer facing in. But of course everyone is free to do as they think is best. Thank you for this post.

    • Jenn

      Thanks M.Clark… I agree everyone has their own opinion on the subject which is totally fine it’s my brother has always carried his children facing out and they are totally fine so… everyone will make their own choice, honestly I just always LOVE looking at my little one we had some of our best talks that way lol.. well I talked and Mattie would just look at me and grin, but hey it was fun and I always felt like it was a great bonding time for us.

  • Maggie

    Hi there. I just happened to stumble upon this post while doing a few Google searches, and I just felt compelled to comment.

    If you do not feel comfortable wearing baby facing out, then I absolutely believe that you should wear baby facing in. However, the reality is that the points above have never been proven. I hope you do not take offense to this as I am in no way trying to “bash” you. This is simply the information that has been floating around, so it is entirely understandable that this is the information which you have received…

    In truth, there have never actually been any studies done which look at the long term effects of forward facing. The information going around is truly an amazing example of excellent marketing – starting off mainly with Ergo. This idea that forward facing is “bad” somehow caught on and has twisted into a very unfortunate extreme. Ironically enough, it is now hurting Ergo after their announcement that they are introducing a forward facing carrier. Gotta love the irony!

    While I agree that certain positions may not “look” comfortable, I certainly do not think that this proves anything and it does not justify saying that forward facing carriers are “bad.” It is sad to consistently see blogs and websites that basically “bash” forward facing without any real proof. Even the claims that it can cause Hip Dysplasia are not supported. Forward facing can not cause Hip Dysplasia and has never been proven to cause this condition. In fact, a recent study on swaddling shows that baby’s whose legs are held rigidly in a straight manner in the first six months of life may be at greater risk of Hip Dysplasia. Even a “crotch dangling” carrier does not hold baby’s legs rigidly in place with legs together…

    Looking at almost all of the companies which have forward facing positions, I have also noticed a few things.
    1. This is a position for when baby is a bit older, 5+ months, and when baby has full head support. This means that baby’s muscles and hips are already more developed and baby is able to hold his/her head unassisted. This is huge. This pretty much takes away a majority of the points against forward facing.
    2. Follow your baby’s cues – if they get fussy or sleepy, take them out or turn them around.
    3. Create a comfy seat – any wrap style will tell you to spread the fabric wide to create a comfortable seat for baby and the newer structured carriers have wider seats as well. Again, there is not even any proof that “crotch dangling” is bad, but it we’re going off of “that doesn’t LOOK comfy,” we still have many options.

    Many babies love facing forward, and I am saddened that a large portion of parents may be turned away from babywearing because of these unproven ideas.

    • Jenn

      Maggie, I welcome your opinion totally and completely I love hearing others opions, especially when it comes to little ones. I very much appreciate your open and honest comment, and feel like I have learned something from you! I can honestly say that one thing I appreciate form a person is them saying it how they see it, and I can tell by your comment this is something you are passionate about.
      I really feel like by carrying my baby inward I was able to take advantage of some pretty awesome bonding time, a whole lot of fun, and it just looked so much more comfortable for Mattie. I do appreciate your comment, very much and I’m always open to learning from other moms who are out there that have already been down this road, because it’s how we learn… I’m honestly not one to read something online or in a magazine and believe it’s true, I tend to make my own judgments, which is why the post really isn’t about statistics and what the “pro moms” have said we should do, it’s more about a personal decision that I have decided to make, and why I feel the way I do. So yes, it’s totally 100% open for others to comment on and leave their opinions, because I just love learning form others like I have you! Thank you so much for your open and heartfelt comment! It’s very much appreciated, and I’m sure there are other moms who will find it very valuable as well.