Return To The Desert by Jerry Burgener | Book Review

Title: Return to the Desert

 Author: Dr Jerry Burgenr

I totally enjoyed working with Dr. Jerry Burgener, on the review of Desert Journey.  He’s a very intelligent man with a kind soul.  Dr. Burgener grew up in Illinois where he resides today.  He received his PhD from Southern Illinois University and for the larger part of his career has been a forensic psychologist, currently he’s in private practice.  Dr Burgener also has been known to ride and train horses in Illinois and Arizona.

With a well written follow-up to Desert Journey, Dr. Jerry Burgner, takes us along on a quest for answers. Looking for a reason for his hard to shake broken heart, Jerry finds no sympathy from the old Indian spiritual guide Tom, and is forced to ask himself  and answer some tough questions.

Jerry desperately wants to figure out how he wound up in such a dark place in his life after finding out so much about himself  and what he expected from life and relationships on his last visit to the desert. Haunted by thoughts and memories of Jenna, He wonders how he could have fallen into such a self-destructive relationship.

Faced with re-learning the lessons from the first year in the Superstition Mountains, Jerry soon finds there is much more to learn before he can be at total peace with himself and the world around him. Finding the courage to continue, Jerry battles his emotions and ghosts of the past and overcomes his demons to find peace.

I enjoyed this well written and easy to read  novel. I quickly found myself sinking into the story and asking myself some of the same questions Jerry was asking himself. This novel to me was enlightening to the point that I have started my own soul searching expedition.

If you are interested in purchasing a copy of Return to Desert Journey you can purchase on Amazon.

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