Rub a Dub Dub – Goat Milk in the Tub

You are probably thinking – huh Goat Milk Stuff?  What is that?  Goat Milk Stuff is  fabulous hand made Soaps using the finest products available.  

Rub a Dub Dub – Goat Milk in the Tub 

I don’t know about your household, but in mine, we get our hands dirty.  Hubby works on cars and I do the gardening in the spring and summer.  Then there are all the other odd jobs where you get crummy as well.  What kind of soap are you using to wash your hands?  When you wash your hands, do they feel dry and rough after you dry?  Probably because of all the added unnatural ingredients they put in the soap when it is processed.  How about eczema or psoriasis, anyone in your family have that?  I know that in the winter time my fingers crack and split and it is because of the soap products I have been using.  It sure takes a lot of lotion to get it corrected, but then I usually end up washing my hands dozens of times a day and then the process starts all over again.

Goat Milk Stuff was kind enough to send me soap samples of the Almond, Black Raspberry and the Oatmeal, Milk and Honey.  Also, I received two (2) lip balms one in honey flavor and the other vanilla flavor.  I use the lip balm especially when I am out in the cold and have a tendency to keep licking my lips making them chapped.  Using the Goat Milk Stuff Lip Balm has cured that obsession making my lips moist and soft.  


Goat Milk Stuff is all natural using fresh raw goat milk from Goat Milk Stuff’s healthy herd of goats and not from canned or powdered milk products.   Goat Milk Stuff soaps were designed for a long lasting soap, one that lathered well and also moisturized.  It is made using a cold process allowing the soap and softeners to form without cooking. Goat Milk Stuff cures the soap for 6 weeks before it is ready for use. 

Goat Milk Stuff has a variety of bar soaps, essential oil soaps, liquid soaps, laundry soap, and soap logs weighing approximately 3 lbs., just to name a few.  Besides the varieties of soaps, Goat Milk Stuff makes lip balms, lotions, shaving stuff, soy candles, sugar scrubs and bath fizzies.  

The coolest thing about Goat Milk Stuff is that it is a family owned and operated company, Ma, Pa and 8 youngins make these fabulous soap products.  It all started when Ma made some soap one day and popped it in the shower.  Shortly after Pa’s cracked fingers stopped cracking and splitting, thus Goat Milk Stuff was born.   


I love using these soaps as they really moisturize my skin and makes it feel soft.  There is no overpowering scent to knocks your socks off.  It’s just a well-balanced fragrance. 

Goat Milk Stuff soaps are currently available on the company’s website online at Goat Milk Stuff, community markets and Farmers Markets in your area.  Interested in selling Goat Milk Stuff?  There are fundraisers and wholesale sales available.  Check website and have a look at FacebookTwitter, YouTube, Google +, and  Pinterest where you can pick your favorite scents.   

I hope that I have changed your thinking about goat milk and the advantages it has for your skin.  If your family is like mine, we do get our hands really dirty and we have found that Goat Milk Stuff is a fabulous hand made soap using the finest products available from the happiest and healthiest Alpine Dairy Goats in Indiana.


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  • M.Clark

    I have never heard of this brand, but it sounds very hydrating, I’d love to give it a try. Thank you for this review.

  • Alison Gibb

    I do have eczema. I will look into trying this soap. I really like that this company is family owned.

  • Julie Wood

    Goat milk soap look truly amazing for helping me with dry skin. I would love to try this product, and I like the cute packaging that it comes in. I am glad it does not have an overpowering fragrance smell!