As Seen on TV Products What Shines and What Falls Short

 So Many Surprises and So Much Fun

I am sure if you have children that there are certain television commercials where your children become very animated. In our house these favorite commercials usually end with our children jumping up and down and screaming “I want that”….ALL DAY LONG!  

The As Seen on TV brands are some of their favorite commercials because they offer such unique products that my children want to try and test out.

What I have found is that some of these products are great and others honestly miss the line a bit. However with each product that we try I end up finding something that my children can learn from this product.

The Things My Children and I Learned From Their As Seen on TV Products

We received multiple different products from the As Seen on TV line. These included two SeatPets, a My Spy Birdhouse, the Wow! Cup, and the Ice Cream Magic. Using some of these turned into quite the unexpected adventure and it became far more than what you would have expected.

What Althea and Huxley Learned From SeatPets 


There are many things that my two middle children learned from their SeatPets. Althea learned that she really loves her cat SeatPet a lot. She thinks that it is comfortable and she likes to cuddle it. Huxley liked having his there and was really interested in how it worked and what all of the zippers and pockets could hold. He also learned that he did not love the concept of a giant stuffed head being in front of him while he was driving in the car.  They retail for $19.95 each.


Oh and before the seat belt specialists jump on a band wagon, she does not wear the puffer coat when she is riding in her seat.  She was only wearing it because it was cold and we were outside in the driveway testing out the new SeatPet.

What I Learned From the SeatPets


I personally learned that seat pets are a pretty great concept. In fact I think that they are very comfortable and will make a nice place for the kids to rest their heads when we go on long trips. I also learned that Huxley is not the biggest fan of giant plush things being on him when he is driving down the road. I do think that Huxley will appreciate this more when we are on a long car trip and I am sure that we will test it out this weekend when we head to grandma’s. I am one excited mom that possibly the SeatPet will keep them from whining quite as much on our 8 hour car trip.

The Things We Hope to Learn From The My Spy Birdhouse


Our weather is not the right type of weather for birds to start nesting. So we have not yet been able to test out of the My Spy Birdhouse yet. However there are some things that I hope that we learn from this. One of these is that I hope to learn how birds nest and to be able to show the kids the different things that they use to build their nests. In addition I hope that the kids can learn about different types of birds and perhaps even see a baby bird hatch from an egg.

What the Ice Cream Magic Taught My Children


 The Ice Cream Magic is probably the product that all of the children were most excited about. When they saw it, the younger kids started jumping up and down and screaming ice cream. They were very excited about testing this product out. However what they did not realize is that they were not going to be able to really make the ice cream of their dreams in the Ice Cream Magic. First off the bowl that you make the ice cream in only holds ¼ cup of whipping cream. This is about the perfect size for a child for a serving of ice cream but sadly we never did make ice cream in ours. We even added extra ice and tried prepping the bowl in the freezer first but the result was always just a thickened cream and nothing more, even after my ten year old chose to shake it for about 16 minutes.

What the Ice Cream Magic Taught Me

The Ice Cream Magic taught me that disappointment does not mix well with my children. When the result was not ice cream a couple of my children sat down and cried. I tried doing this too and the results were the same, no ice cream was ever made. I do think that if you continued shaking that it would eventually form homemade butter but obviously this was not what we were going for. Sadly this product would not be one that I would suggest to anyone.

The Things I Discovered About the Wow! Cup


The Wow! Cup is an awesome concept. Plus it really is spill proof. I was so excited that we finally got a spill proof cup that did not leak at all. However this is where it gets tricky. I tested it first and found that you really have to be able to press down your top lip while sucking at the same time. I was concerned that this would be something that my children would not be able to do. This concern was right when my two girls could eventually figure it out but Huxley never did quite get it. Andrew did not want to try the cup and said that it was too much like a sippie cup. Shane and I both tested it and I laughed for a while at him as he could not figure it out until I explained to him how to do it.

I do think that the Wow! Cup could work for more than just children. You know that friend that spills their drinks at your house when they have a bit too much to drink? Well that friend needs the Wow! Cup and you can assure yourself that you will not be cleaning up after them again. In fact since it will take a bit of work for them to get a drink, you likely will not have as many refills to worry about either

All in all I would rate my experience with the As Seen on TV products highly. I think that the products that did not work well for us could be tweeked a bit to work really well for others. The products are all available at the As Seen on TV website where you can find the SeatPets for $19.95 each, the Ice Cream Magic for $11.99 (sale price), the My Spy Birdhouse for $17.95, and Wow! Cup for $9.95.

This post was written by Amanda Walton for Jenn’s Blah Blah Blog.


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  1. Shannon says

    Thank you for these reviews on these products. I have found often like you said it isn’t exactly as advertised.

    • says

      Shannon some of them were great. The more that my son gets used to his Seat Pet the more excited he is. The only one that was really disappointing was the Ice Cream Magic and that was just because we never were able to make ice cream…lol!