Be Shrewd with a Savvy Caddy

While the majority of reviews done by this individual are geared towards women, I decided it was high time to devote my efforts towards the masculine sex. I have requested the assistance of my husband to review the Savvy Caddy.

Be Shrewd with a Savvy Caddy 

My husband has suffered for years, and I will venture to say that most men in your life will admit to how uncomfortable they feel as well. What is the reason? It’s their wallet – big and bulky because of all the information that a man needs to carry with him. It’s true, we live in a world of plastic cards, credit cards, insurance cards and you name it. Most of the cards that men carry are a necessity.   Men need their driver’s license, as well as another form of identification. They need to carry a debit card to avoid carrying large sums of cash. And, of course, what male doesn’t carry a picture of their soul mate and/or children. And, because of my husband’s health condition, he also carries a listing of his current medications and phone number for his various doctors. All this is in the event of an emergency. 

Only a man can describe how uncomfortable it is to sit or walk around with a wallet that is packed to the extreme limits. In searching the internet to solve this dilemma, I ran across the Savvy Cady and decided to give it a try, or should I say, my husband did.


I was so excited when the Savvy Caddy arrived. I opened the package and gave it to my husband to try out. After placing his cards in his new wallet, his immediate response was that while the Savvy Caddy is a bit larger than his old wallet, it really felt soft and comfortable when sitting. You see my husband is on the thinner side and doesn’t have a lot of padding on his backside, so it is really nice to find a product that will allow him to carry all of his necessary cards and information, yet be comfortable, as well. How does the Savvy Caddy work? The original design is to place all those necessary cards into the photo holders, just like a regular wallet, but how the Savvy Caddy differs from an ordinary wallet is that instead of having one card slot stacked upon another, there are spaces for 2 cards on each side, thus making the wallet a lot thinner. 

The Savvy Caddy is manufactured with genuine leather and comes in four different sizes: 

The SC-8 thin wallet – holds 8 cards and is only ¼” thick

The SC-16 slim wallet – holds 16 cards and is only ½” thick

The SC-24 thin wallet – holds 24 cards and is only 5/8″ thick

The SC-32 slim wallet – holds 32 cards and is less than 1” thick

Since all of the versions of the Savvy Caddy are so thin, the wallet is quite easy to get into a man’s back pocket. And because the Savvy Caddy is so thin, there is less wear and tear on the wallet and will last for years.


The Savvy Caddy SC-8 is ultra-thin and offered in black or brown color, while the remaining styles are offered in a black color. However, in May, all Savvy Caddy’s will be available in both brown and black colors. Cards can easily be removed from the photo holders.



To purchase the Savvy Caddy, simply visit the company’s website

Scope out the Savvy Cady Facebook page, as well as following along on their Twitter page. With Father’s Day coming soon, the Savvy Caddy makes a great gift at a very reasonable price. 

My husband loves his Savvy Caddy. He can quickly access any of his cards and/or currency, so give the gift of comfort to your significant other and be sure to order your Savvy Caddy for each male in your life.




  • lisa

    My husband and I both use a card case. It’s not as nice though. It’s much better than carrying a wallet.