Six Things You Might Not Think About Before Taking Your Dog Camping

camping with your dogMost of you already know how much I love my dogs.  They are spoiled rotten kids, and with spring on here it’s time to start thinking about taking my family camping.  See we are lucky, spring really means that temperatures are in the high 80s and 90s, which means it’s perfect toward the end of April to take the kids camping.  Of course, we will be taking our dog camping too.  Do you take your dog camping too, or maybe traveling with you?  If so here are a few things to think about before taking your dog camping, or traveling with you.

six things you might not think about before taking your dog campingSix Things You Might Not Think About Before Taking Your Dog Camping

Skittles always goes camping with us.  I am working with the other dogs, but right now they need to sit out the trips, because there are several things to consider before taking your dog camping.


First and foremost, your dog must be trained.  If you are like us, you camp as far away from everyone as possible, but running into people and other animals happens.  You will need to be sure you have 100% control of your dog.  If your dog doesn’t listen to your commands, you need to spend more time with them, before taking your dog camping

Aggression Level

If you have a dog who is at all aggressive, it’s best if you leave them at home.  Being out in wide open spaces with the wildlife can make your furry pal excited, and if they get 

Fleas and Ticks

It’s likely you have already taken the proper steps to keep those pesky fleas and ticks, but if you have not it’s a good idea to do so before you leave for your camping trip. Fleas and ticks are everywhere, and they love the woods.  You don’t want to chance riding home with extra passengers.  So be sure to get your up treated before you leave on your camping trip.


Another thing you will want to check, is their shots.  Be sure you dog is up to date on all vaccinations.  If you are not sure, call your vet and ask.


Just in case something happens you want to be certain your dogs has their tags on at all times while you are away from home.  This way if your dog gets lost in the woods, and someone finds them they can reach out to you and get your dog home safely.

Camping Supplies

Just like you, you dog needs camping supplies.  A few things you should take are a leash, bowl, pet waste bag dispenser with bags, and some type of bedding.  You can get all the supplies you need at places like Petmate. 

Lucky for Skittles we received all his camping supplies from Petmate!  All these supplies can be used on our fun days at the park, traveling to grandmas house (yes Skittles goes), staying the night with his uncle (again, yes he goes), or on our camping trips.  Skittles will be styling wherever we go, thanks to the fabulous people at Patemate he now has everything he needs to camp in style.  Check out everything Petmate gave him to be sure he has an amazing summer wherever we go.

  • Chuckit! Kick Cube™Petmate®
  • Travel Pop-Up Tent
  • Petmate Collapsible Travel Bowl
  • Petmate Palm Retractable Leash
  • Petmate Clean Response® Bone Waste Bag Dispenser

take your dog campingI know Skittles loves his Travel Pop-Up Tent becasue he has been sleeping in it every single night since we got it.  He wants me to trade out the pink blanket for something a little more boyish, but hey he’s happy.  Oh, and the Chuckit! Kick Cube™Petmate® is still in one piece so he must love that thing.  He will sit in his tent and chew on it, swing it around, and beg us to toss it for him.  He also hides it from my younger daughter, and begs me not to allow her to take him on walks.  I know, I make him go on walks with Mattie, and he is such a good sport about it too.  I do feel sorry for him from time to time, becasue Mattie is a bit bossy, but she is learning how to walk Skittles the right way lol.  

Do you see him hanging out in the tent, with his Chuckit! Kick Cube™Petmate® in the above picture?  See those eyes, they are looking pretty worried right?  That’s becasue Mattie is standing right there with the Petmate Palm Retractable Leash.  If you look closely on the right hand side of the picture, you can see her.  

dogWhen Mattie walks Skittles she tugs him all around the yard lol.  Poor guy he is such a good sport. You can see on his face how much he hates it, and I keep telling him Mattie will get better, lol.

Do you take your dog(s) camping?  If so we would love for you to leave a comment with any tips, tricks, or advice you have for those who want to take their pups or already take them pups camping.  We can all learn so much for one another.  


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  1. Michael Lambert says

    Thank you for the tips, but I don’t think I would ever take my dogs camping.

    • says

      awww really… Well I have to agree kind of, I only have one dog that I will take with me, but he goes every single time lol. It’s something we have done with him since he was a pup so he knows how to obey and not run off.. My other dogs, omg it would be crazy ness lol

  2. melisa says

    We always take our dog camping with us. He’s very non-aggressive, and I would even say he’s naive to the point of concern when it comes to wildlife, so we’re always careful to keep him right by our side. And we ALWAYS check him for ticks and fleas, before we even get in the car to go home, then again at home.

  3. Debi H says

    Lots of great advice but I don’t think we would survive a camping trip with our dog!! He is a Yorkie/Maltese and barks at anything that moves!

  4. Vlad & Barkly's Dee says

    We have an RV and take Vlad & Barkly everywhere with us. They get really excited when they figure out we’re packing up to leave. I highly recommend people taking their dogs on vacation with them if it’s possible. Dogs, too, seem to really love getting away.

  5. Denise Elliott says

    We always take our fur babies camping with us and from your review these products sound perfect for our family, Thanks for the review.

  6. wendy c g says

    Thanks we are going camping in couple months. I know most of this things. However I did not think about ticks.

  7. bev kimball says

    I forgot to add that we ALL sleep in tents still, and Ali has his own sleepin bag and bag for toys and treats!

  8. bev kimball says

    Thank you for someone finally putting up camping tips for furbabies to go camping!!!! We take out Ali every year, (and my hamster goes too) and he loves it!

  9. Jerry C says

    I agree with you on these things. My best buddy, MEAT, to me is the sweetest big ole puppy in the world. But I’m afraid that he wouldn’t be as sweet around strange animals. I found a dead rabbit in my yard the other day and decided to let him see it so he wouldn’t wonder what I was doing. When he got a whiff of it, I guess it smelled good to him, he grabbed it and I almost wasn’t able to take it from him. I’d hate to see him kill some innocent little animal.

  10. says

    Years ago when we had much younger dogs and when my sons mom was alive, we went camping all the time with our dogs. They especially loves going to the coast and playing on the beach. Our one dog Bo Bailey (RIP) would dig in the sand like crazy when we pointed at the sand. He was pomeranian/poodle so he wasn’t very big, but the sand would just fly behind him.

  11. laurie allen says

    Awesome FUN review with lots of useful info. If only ALL dog owners were so conscious of their pet’s needs!! Thanks for sharing and giving us an opportunity to win some cool stuff!

  12. Kaylee Kuroski says

    I’ll definitely be putting these tips and supplies on my camping checklist for the summer!

  13. Linda Szymoniak says

    With five Treeing Walker Coonhounds, I can’t really take my whole pack camping, but we do love going hiking in a couple of the country parks by us, the forest preserves just into IL from us, and best of all, hiking at the Indiana Dunes State Park. I don’t take all five dogs – my senior girl is best left home and walked around our subdivision. For the others, I take either my other two girls or my two boys. I can’t handle them all at the same time by myself and it gives me the chance to bond with each of them.

  14. Darlene says

    Thanks for the article. Our dogs still a puppy, but he is part if the family. When we go camping we want him to come. Thanks for helping me be aware of things to think about to keep him safe and happy.

  15. Tina Truex says

    This is great advice I can imagine many don’t stop and think. It is just as important for our pets as it is for our kids to have the needed supplies for camping. Great job!

  16. Angie says

    Your Skittle’s is adorable and you can tell just how loved he is and how much he loves in return! I loved your post about safety should always come first and you can’t take for granted safe guarding your pet. The can’t make good choices so it is up to US to do that for them:)

  17. Lauren S. says

    My boyfriend and I like to go camping and we just got a puppy, so these are great items for a checklist! Makes me feel less uneasy about the idea since she is still in puppy mode :)

  18. Natalie Brown says

    Hi! I love this idea! Most people just throw the dog in the car & go camping. As long as there’s food & water, everything is good. I love my dog too & I don’t want him to get hurt or sick if we’re camping. Your dog is too funny sleeping in his little tent. lol Thanks for the review!

  19. Sarah Elyce says

    This is a great list to read before taking dogs camping, or even hiking. We go hiking often but our dogs are great listeners. If they aren’t, it can be dangerous for you and the dog.


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