Sleep Number DualTemp Layer Stops Climate Control War With My Wife

Remote For Sleep Number Dual TempIf you don’t have a Sleep Number Dual Temp Layer or have never heard of it, you are going to want to read this…. We hear all the time about the ever elusive great night’s sleep; you know the kind of sleep where you wake up feeling refreshed and energized. We hear about it so much and actually achieve it so little that I for one, was beginning to think there was no such thing.

My wife and I went out-of-town to visit our closest Sleep Number store last month, and since Jenn wrote about our Sleep Number Store Review, I wanted to share the Sleep Number DualTemp review with you.  We figured it’s a couples product, so why not share the posts right?  That way you get both sides of the story…  You know the manly side too!

It’s the same old story, I can’t sleep when it’s too hot, but Jenn can’t sleep when it’s too cold especially if her nose gets too cold. I happen to think that’s cute, unless its 2 a.m. and she is killing the A/C then it’s not so cute because it means I will spend the rest of the night tossing and turning and sweating like a long tail cat in a rocking chair factory. Until about a week ago, a gift straight from the heavens that was hand delivered by angels, well actually it was the UPS guy but I think you get where I’m going with this. There it was conveniently wrapped in a single package everything we would need to end our early morning climate control wars.

Before we get started let me share all the awesome features you can expect when you purchase your own DualTemp Layer:

  • Dual-sided so you and your partner can sleep in your ideal temperature
  • Easy to use remote.  Change from cool to warm with the touch of a button
  • Even distributed temperature from head to toe. Thanks to the revolutionary temperature balancing Layer with active air technology.
  • Breathable comfort layer that is soft and comfortable
  • Timer with automatic shutoff in one to nine hours
  • Three-year limited warranty

Sleep Number Dual Temp ReviewI immediately removed our new Sleep Number Dual Temp Layers from the box and installed it on our king size bed, yes it comes in king, Queen, full size and twin. Our new Sleep Number Dual Temp Layer was installed in minutes. I think the hardest part was talking my daughter into giving us the remotes so we could hurry and try our new Dual Temp Layer.

The Sleep Number Dual Temp Layer came with two heating and cooling units, and two remote controls (batteries included)set up was a breeze, my 3-year-old watched me do mine and insisted she do mommy’s and to my surprise she did, it really is that easy! All I had to do was hook everything up which was very simple thanks to the instructions. I am a firm believer in instructions. I plugged it in, installed the batteries in the remotes and set the temp I was comfortable with then my wife set her side. She now refers to my side of the bed as the Arctic Circle, and I call her the tropical hole.

For the first time in almost 6 years of marriage I have seen my wife’s cute lil sleeping face that was always covered by the comforter before, the cold nose thing I guess.  She is so beautiful I’m glad she is finally warm enough to sleep with her head out of the covers. The weird snoring sounds have stopped too.  Don’t tell my wife this, but I hate it when my feet get cold so when they do I sneak them over to her side to warm up.  So If you like it cool, and your significant other likes it warm, or vice versa, and you’re tired of fighting the climate control wars, I’m telling you that the Sleep Number Dual Temp Layers can save a marriage.  Since this is a family oriented site I won’t go into details about what the cool setting can do for your love life… Wink wink.  Needless to say I would recommend the Sleep Number Dual Temp Layers to any one hunting that “Shangri la” known as a good nights sleep

The cool thing heh heh cool get it?  The Sleep Number Dual Temp Layers are not just for heating or cooling, the layers actually add an extra layer of cushion to any mattress that cradles your body so you are totally encased by the warm/cool, air slowly spinning you into a level of comfort you have never experienced.  I use to be wide awake by 5 A.M. every morning, whether I was tired or not.  I never needed an alarm clock because I was awake before the clock was.  Adjusting to using an alarm clock has been somewhat traumatic because now I sleep so deeply that the alarm clock scares the holly crap out of me.  Come to think of it, it probably don’t help that the alarm sounds like there is a front end loader backing up through my bedroom with that BEEP!!! BEEP!!! BEEP!!!!!  It is worth it to finally sleep comfortable, and not have to look forward to that 5am argument with my wife because she’s too cold, or I’m to hot.

Best Matress Topper Before we received our new, totally awesome DualTemp Layer from sleep number we used an electric blanket during the winter months.  I cannot tell you how excited I am to toss out that old blanket, filled with wires, and stick with our DualTemp.  If it’s awesome during the summer months, one can only imagine how great this will be during the winter.

Everyone has heard of Sleep Number before their ads are everywhere from television to your favorite magazines, they are all about getting a good night’s rest.  We cannot recommend the Sleep Number DualTemp Layer enough.  It’s truly just want we needed to both have a nice comfortable nights rest, without waking up too hot, or too cold.  You can learn more about the awesome DualTemp Layer by visiting Sleep Number’s Website.

If there is a Sleep Number Store in your town I recommend stopping by, so you can get the low down on everything they have to offer. They have a very knowledgeable and courteous staff to help you decide which product would be right for you.  They even have this really cool digital machine that shows you your pressure points and gives you your own personal sleep number. If you are not sure where you closest Sleep Number store is you can use their convenient Store Finder here. If you don’t have a Sleep Number Store in your town you can go to for more info.

Sleep Number Sweepstakes

Right now you can win your very own Sleep Number DualTemp Layer by visiting Sleep Number’s Facebook Page.  Entering is easy, simply “Like” Sleep Number on Facebook and enter for a chance to win a FREE Queen Sleep Number DualTemp Layer with standard UPS Shipping ($1739.98 value). Sweepstakes is only open until September 20th, 2013, so you better hurry over to Sleep Number’s Facebook page.

Don’t forget to follow Sleep Number on Twitter so you can keep up with all their awesome news, deals, and who knows maybe they will have another fabulous giveaway.

  • Shannon

    This is so cool, thank you for sharing.

  • Colleen Schindler

    Wow! What I would give for one of these. They look so comfy. I was happy to see it comes in Queen size. I signed up on their website and I’m just crossing my fingers!

  • Jeanine

    Wow, this is a really great idea! I already have a good mattress- now I can have climate control to go with it!

  • A Lee

    What couple doesn’t disagree on what time of mattress. Firm vs. soft?. This would help solve that problem.

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    Great giveaway!

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    I would Love to own a Sleep Number Bed :)