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I’m sure most of you have heard about it, but do you know what it is? madware or mobile adware can royally mess up your phone. Seriously, it can go as far as replacing your ringtone with an ad, place advertisements in your photos, calendar, and more. It’s bad stuff.

You know in the past I didn’t really worry too much about Mal-ware on my computer much less madware on my Smartphone, but now it’s something I think about all the time. Ever since I started blogging, and learning more about how everything on the wonderful world-wide web works madware has been something that comes up often. Whether it’s a thought, a conversation, or someone you know has been affected by it.

Have you ever thought about being affected by Malware on your Smartphone? I know right, it’s definitely not something we think about often. We jump from website, to website, download apps, install them, uninstall them, to turn around and install another one. There’s so many apps on Google Play, how do you know which ones are safe with the increasing amount of apps containing madware?

The percentage of mobile apps containing madware as exploded. Norton recently analyzed 1.5 million apps and noticed a 210% increase in the number of apps including madware.  Are you wondering what some of the apps that are known to have madware are? I think you’ll be surprised. Here’s a few apps have been known to have madware.

Brightest Flashlight Free – This is a bright app that allows you to use your phone like a flashlight. I was surprised to learn that the app pushes alerts for things like dating sites to your notification bar. Needless to say this can be a bit embarrassing, not to mention aggravating.
Zedge – This is an app that offers free ringtones, themes and wallpaper.
Angry Birds and Angry Birds Space from Rovio are two of the top ten madware offenders.

Really, it’s time to take this pretty serious. I have never been infected by Malware on my phone. However, I have friends that have and it’s not fun.

Does your child have a phone? My teen does, and man she really downloads those apps. Seriously I don’t’ think she ever even thought about the fact that her phone could get infected by madware. We had a nice talk about it a few months back, and guess what. The talk didn’t make her stop, I had to use my parental settings and take her ability to download apps away. LOL, no I didn’t break her fingers, I jumped online and took advantage of the parental controls I’m so lucky to have. I guess I should have known better than her listening. She’s a teen and mom doesn’t know anything, she thinks I just want to spoil her fun by asking her to take it easy on downloading apps.

How much money did you spend on your Smartphone? Even if you’re lucky and picked it up while a promotion was going on. How much do you pay monthly for that service. How much is a replacement phone, does you phones insurance cover Malware? How do you protect all your phone from madware?  What if I told you that there was a way for you to help protect your phone from madware that was free.  OKAY, I know sit down.  I did the happy dance too, but really keep reading you can do the happy dance after you finish reading this post and you’re protecting yourself.

Norton Spot is Norton’s app solution for madware. Norton Spot is an awesome ad detector and scanner of advertising networks that can spam your device via apps you install. I personally love Norton, it’s the only program I’ve ever used for my computers. It’s the only app I will use to protect my phones as well. What can I say when you find something that works, don’t break it!

WAIT, DON’T STOP READING YET! IT GETS BETTER!!!!!!! But first take a look at this Infographic from Norton.  Be sure to keep reading below it, I’m going to tell you how, and where you can go to protect your phones from madware.madware infographic

I bet you thought I was going to tell you this wonderful app that I trust so much only costs, NOTHING. I know right, it’s a free to download app that is available in the Google Play app store for Android devices.

Now you can get Norton Spot for free to help you identify apps that are not trusted. Norton Spot will remove those sneaky little apps that want to invade your privacy, because you frustration, and maybe even embarrassment.  I don’t know about you but it Norton watching over my phone makes me sleep better at night.  I’ve trusted Norton for a long time, and now I’m trusting them to watch over my phone, for FREE!

While I was writing this post I ran over to Google Play and downloaded Norton Spot for my Android device.  It’s awesome.  It scans you’re phone in a few minutes, and share the results of the scan with you.  All you do after you download the app is open it up, hit the spot them button, and Norton gets to work.



After you hit the Spot them button on your mobile phone, Norton goes to working looking for an risks on your cell phone.  It’s pretty awesome, and super easy to use.  It’s definitely worth more than you’ll pay for it.  I honestly cannot believe that Norton offers this app for free.  It’s crazy, however I am thankful they do, and I’m super excited it’s from a name I already know and trust.

Did you know that madware only affects Android phones?  Hurry over the Google Play and Download Norton Spot for your Android Device Today.  If free isn’t a good enough price, I don’t know what is.

“I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for Norton. I received a promotional item as a thank-you for participating.”


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  1. Fee (Phyllis) Roberts says

    That’s very interesting. I don’t have a smartphone right now but I’ll keep this in mind =D

  2. Sarah L says

    I don’t have a smart phone, but I’ll keep this in mind when I finally break down and can afford one.

  3. says

    I had and Android phone, then switched to an iPhone, but I am considering getting another Android when I go back for my upgrade. I’ll be sure to look this up if I get the Samsung I have my eye on

  4. says

    Well, this is one time I don’t have to worry about this stuff. I have a plain pay as you go phone. Can’t afford any other kind. Living on disability does that to you so in this case, I guess it’s a good thing I am too poor to have one of these fancy phones.

  5. Dorothy Boucher says

    where there is good there is bad, But I always say good shall prevail 😉 thanks for this wonderful review 😉

  6. Rebecca Sinclair says

    With all the good that is available on the net – unfortunately there is always someone out there to corrupt it – whether it be from viruses or annoying, unwanted advertising. Thanks again for this review!

  7. says

    Thank you for sharing this post…I have just installed this app on my phone…I paid a lot of money for my phone and do not want any Madware…evil Happy Holidays!1

    • says

      i am so glad you found value in it.. I feel the same way and STINKIN PEOPLE THAT MAKE MADWARE, MALWARE, ANY VIRUS MAKES ME SO MAD LOL.. that’s life though sadly there’s always someone that wants to take all the fun away

  8. Shari says

    I don’t even use the internet on my smart phone plus I don’t have an Android phone. Now I am kind of happy that I don’t go online due to all of the madware. It’s bad enough for the computer but now smart phones. When I get a new phone,, will be downloading Norton.

    • says

      I have always used Norton for everything and they have always done me right! I love how easy it is to use on my phone too and FREE now that’s pretty awesome!

  9. says

    I learned a lot from this. I’m going to send my daughter to read it. I just have a plain phone and that';s fine with me. She has an iPhone and she should know this.

  10. says

    I don’t have a smartphone myself, but my husband has been talking about upgrading my phone after the new year, so this is quite timely. I had no idea about this “madware” so am very glad for your information. Thanks!

  11. Rebecca Sinclair says

    I don’t have a smart phone (I know I love in the dark ages) and so had no idea about madware. In the future I do plan on getting a smart phone though, and will definitely keep this app in mind! I don’t think anyone should be without it. In fact, I’m going to recommend it to my Mom. Thanks for the very informative review.

  12. Heather says

    Hey I found your website looking for something to help protect my phone! Great post, now following your website.. thank you for helping me find a way to keep my phone safe. I just lost a phone due to madware. I can promise everyone it is not fun, i was on the phone for hours, and still ened up costing me money. thank you for sharing

    • says

      Thanks I think you will really like the app Heather…. and I am super excited to have you following along, if you need anything I am here always love talking to everyone..