The Best & The Safest Chidren’s Tablet Is The Kurio Xtreme!!


As parents we all want to keep our children safe, especially when it comes to the internet and children’s android tablets, this Is why we love the Kurio Xtreme!! I may be showing my age, but during the 1975 Christmas season, Atari released a home version of Pong exclusively sold through Sears retail stores. Being a young child we just had to have one, boy we thought this was the coolest thing ever … [Read more...]

Personalized Dolls That Will last A Lifetime!


What could be more personalized then your child’s unique drawing brought to life as a personalized doll that will last a lifetime? When I was a little girl at the tender young age of 8, my grandma crocheted me a simple little doll she named Betty. My cute little Betty doll had my name and the date she was created sewn right on her tag. Betty was my best friend, we did everything together. We … [Read more...]

Make Learning Fun with


Yes, your child can learn simply by playing games, coloring, singing songs, puzzles and more with Make Learning Fun with I will admit it I am old school. Everyone from my generation learned from teachers using the same teaching methods. It was compounded by the fact that I attended a parochial school. The learning methods were all cut and dry with a lot of … [Read more...]

Time To Shop For Spring & Summer Children’s Clothes.

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My goodness spring & summer are almost here! This year seems to be going by so fast! It's time to shop for spring & summer children's clothes. Children grow so fast, in a blink of an eye they have already grown 5 inches. If you have multiple kids ages 2-12 years like I do, then you know shopping for their clothes can become expensive. Not only that, but with the different ages, styles … [Read more...]

Baby Gear With The Technological Advantages Of Silicone.


I love Baby Fashion...and I love shopping, the two go hand in hand for me!! Well, I recently came across super cool, baby gear with the technological advantages of silicone! WHAT? SILICONE you ask?? Yes indeed, silicone! I have done away with most of our little Miss Novalee's cloth, plastic bibs because for one, their ugly, worn, stained and secondly they are useless since we have started to use … [Read more...]