Two Top Reasons Why Electronic Toys Are Great For Kids!


There are tons of educational & electronic toys, but not all of them are worth your hard-earned money or your precious ones time unless you shop in the right places. After doing a little research I was able to come up with what I think are two top reasons why electronic toys are great for kids! By nature children are problem-solvers, benefiting from a toy that doesn't guide … [Read more...]

7 Great Tips For Teaching Your Toddler How To Ride A Tricycle.


Teaching your toddler how to ride a tricycle isn't tough at all, you can actually teach them how to pedal a tricycle in a matter of minutes. If you compare teaching your tot table manors, potty training and telling them not to touch something over 1000 times, teaching them how to ride a tricycle is actually one of the easiest challenges you may face. We parents know that Kids love toys that let … [Read more...]

5 Reasons Why We Love Family Game Night!

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We are a real close knit family and do just about everything together. We love Family game night, there's nothing better than being able to drop everything about the day, turn off the telly, put away all the technical devices and having a blast spending quality time together as a family. Board games are a favorite in our home its a major plus when you get one that the whole family can enjoy. We … [Read more...]

4 benefits For Teaching Your Kids Music Using A Digital App.


Do you have a drummer, guitarist or pianist running around your home playing some kind of a musical instrument? Whether it be two wooden spoons with pots & pans as drums, or a cut out cardboard guitar with strings if your child is interested in music you may have a future musician on your hands. My kids all love to make music some way or another. My 7-year-old Niko, has been wanting to learn … [Read more...]

The Top 4 Best Selling Holiday Gifts For 2014 From Ideavillage!

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Every year I look forward to our holiday gift guide and this year I have the top 4 best-selling  holiday gifts for 2014 from ideavillage and I know your going to love each one! I so enjoy sharing with all of you our wonderful, personal, holiday favorite stories, idea's and recipes, along with the best-selling innovative products out on the market today. We all love to save money especially … [Read more...]

What To Look For When Choosing The Right Toddler Scooter.

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We are an outdoors type of family, doesn't matter what time of the year, my kids love to play outside!! My little miss Novalee is 18 months old and full of energy! She has just about every toy you can imagine but her over all favorite are the ride on toys. Since she has mastered balance and coordination well enough to where she can scoot around safely, we have been looking into purchasing a … [Read more...]

Choosing The Perfect Kids Scooter For The Holidays!

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All of us who have kids know that scooters have been around for decades. We parents also know that scooters are a big demand with the kiddos this time of the year. So choosing the perfect kids scooter for the holidays can become a bit overwhelming to say the least! The good thing is scooter quality, technology and their designs has changed to suit how they are used making our choices easier, oh … [Read more...]

Happy Halloween From Mike And Ike!

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Your house will be the go to house this Halloween with Mike And Ike Candies!! We love Halloween, all the kiddos running around in their awesome, cutesy costumes. Every year my son in law decorates the garage, turns the fogger on, plays Friday the 13th music and wears a hockey mask to hand out the candy. He'll sit next to a table, with an empty bowl, super still until someone is … [Read more...]

Technology Designed With Baby In Mind,The iBaby M6!

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Baby monitors give parents the freedom to move about the house and resume normal activities for daily living. They also amplify the baby's cries at night to wake even the heaviest sleepers. The best baby monitors have clear video & sound, little interference with other electronics and ample range, so you can be in another room and still monitor your baby. Some even monitor movement and … [Read more...]

Stroller Safety Starts With Choosing The Right Stroller!

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Being a mother of two adult children and three beautiful grand children all under the age of 8 years, I like to think I know a thing or two about strollers, after all I can honestly say I have been through a few! I have also learned over the years that stroller safety starts with choosing the right stroller. Most parents, will want to get at least one stroller for their baby. If … [Read more...]

Apps To Keep Children Safe This Halloween

Apps To Keep Your Kids Safe This Halloween

It’s almost time to get spooky up in here, with goblins, ghouls, ghost, zombies, mummy’s and all those creepy crawly things that come with Halloween!  The kids have their Halloween costumes picked out, and are ready to hit the streets for some trick-or-treating, but how ready are you?  Are you considering the real dangers that might be lurking outside this Halloween?  Have you … [Read more...]

We Love Our HALO Bassinest!

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As you already know my newest grand baby was born September 18 th and we couldn't be happier!! Having a new baby does bring its challenges though, for parents SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) is scary. I'm happy to say our HALO Bassinest has helped to ease our fears!! With SIDS, there is no way to completely prevent it, but thankfully, there are some things that we as parents can do to assure … [Read more...]

#BestGotBetter With Contigo West Loop Travel Mugs!

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As you all may know I'm a super busy full-time grandma to three beautiful children under the age of 8. My daughter & son-in-law have an unusual work schedule and we don't leave the kids with just anyone so I'm their primary care provider 12 hrs a day 7 days a week. My grandkids live 45 minutes away, so needless to say I'm in my car a lot. My day starts at the break of dawn. Once I hear my … [Read more...]

Power Rangers Super Megaforce Halloween Safety Tips!‏


Halloween is coming, are you ready? I am super excited to start this month! October-December-November are my absolute favorite months of the year. We have Christmas in December, Thanksgiving in November and Halloween in October. I just love the adorable Halloween costumes that come out each year. I'm sure being a parent you’ve already put a lot of thought into your plans for Halloween, all the … [Read more...]

Why Parents Should Be Involved With Their Child’s Education

Why Parents Should Be Involved With Their Childs Education

This post about why parents should be involved with their child's education is sponsored by our friends at  All opinions are our own, but we think you're going to love Schoola as much as we do, because they're doing great things for the schools our children attend!  Being involved with your child's education can have a major impact on them during school hours. … [Read more...]

Customized Apparel For that Special Someone Or Event In Your Life!

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We are a T-shirt wearing family and love all those funky sayings and comical characters especially on the kiddos clothes. I kid you not we each own around 20 customized t-shirts or more and just about each one has some awesome print or design on them. I really enjoy designing one of a kind T-shirts to give to my family and friends that they can cherish for a long time. Another fabulous thing … [Read more...]

Keeping Baby’s Bottles, Pacifiers And Sippy Cups Sanitary & off the floor!


I'm a mother of two awesome children and grandmother to three beautiful grandchildren so I can honestly say baby gear sure has come a long way! Because I have a few baby years under my belt I like to think I know a thing or two about baby gear. One of my top quirks when it comes to baby gear is keeping baby bottles, pacifiers and sippy cups sanitary & off the floor. Boy, oh boy am I … [Read more...]

5 Simple Ways To Help Your Kids Stay Organized For School!

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We are in the beautiful month of September, if you have kids like I do then by now they are already in school. Keeping them organized, especially with the younger kids can be a difficult task to say the least! I'm going to share with you today 5 top ways to help your kids stay organized for school, but first I would like to ask, do you remember those "getting ready to go back to school days" when … [Read more...]

Benefits of A Quality Baby Activity Walker.


As our little Miss Novalee started to become more independent, rolling over, sitting up on her own and crawling everywhere, now walking…”whew’ it is definitely challenging to keep her confined in one place, after all I can only block off the family room for so long. Being loving parents of course we are a wee bit picky about the baby gear our precious little one will be encountering as she … [Read more...]

My Promise To My Children

my promise to always love you

I love my children, and I wanted to say thanks to JOHNSON’S® Baby Family and The Motherhood for sponsoring this post, and giving me the opporuntiyt to not only share JOHNSON’S® Baby Family Promise to moms, but my promise to my children!  My three older children are my stepchildren, but we never say that in our house.  The only time I refer to them in that way is when I am trying to … [Read more...]