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As you know, most public and private schools around the United States will convene shortly, if they haven’t already.  It is a familiar time for the parents of school aged children.  Parents have mixed feelings when it comes to this time of the year.  Some will be relieved that their children are back in school, yet others anticipate the sounds of silence when their young ones march off to school for their first time.

Yes, it is a hectic time of year.  You rush around shopping for new clothing, footwear, and school supplies.  Reuseit.com has come to your aid if you are shopping for a new backpack….and every child needs a new backpack to start off the new school year.   This is especially true for those children who are new to the school scene.  They need a backpack large enough to hold their books, papers, permission sheets and possibly their lunch bag, sweater and/or coat.


Reuseit.com provided me with one of the Sugarbooger backpacks by Ore’s Zippee in the Road Trip style for the purpose of this review.


The story about the Designer and Founder of Ore’ Originals is very interesting.   Lisa Lowe started Oré Originals in her garage in Long Beach, California, producing graphically innovative, recycled-rubber bulletin boards.  Since then, Oré has grown to produce a range of smart reusable solutions for everyday, green living.  Inspired and tested by her own little sweetie, the Sugarbooger™ Collection by Oré was started in 2003 as a labor of love.  Oré’s motto is “Happy Products for Good People,”™ and their mission is to create fun and functional products from original designs that are responsibly made and reusable—all to make your life easier.  I do believe that Ms. Lowe has successfully achieved her goal with the Ore’s Zippees.

I know from past experience, if your child doesn’t like something, they won’t use it, or wear it.  That is where the Sugarbooger backpacks rates far above average.  They have four different styles for both boys and girls from which to choose:  Road Trip, Cupcake, Robot and Hoot!  Your child will love to use these backpacks with the kewl colors and designs.


The backpacks have an interior name tag, so if your child’s bag gets lost, it is easily identifiable.  The backpacks are easy for your child to open and close with a cloth covered zipper.  Weighing in at only seven ounces, your child won’t have any difficulty with pulling or tugging, and the padded adjustable nylon shoulder straps are comfortable when wearing.  These backpacks even have a carabineer which is perfect for a keychain and/or collectibles.  The dimensions of these bags at 15” H x 11.5” W x 5” D and made of nylon canvas.  The Sugarbooger backpack is easy to maintain, as well, with a simple spot cleaning with water.


Reuseit.com has a large variety of backpacks to suit your needs ranging in three different sizes.

Reuseit.com offers a wide selection of kid’s backpacks in an assortment of styles and colors, so you can easily find the perfect bag for your child’s needs.  Better yet, your child will simply love carrying one of these Sugarbooger backpacks.  The Company even offers coordinating water bottles and waste-free lunch bags or boxes to compliment the backpacks.


Too numerous to mention, Reuseit.com carries many fine products which can be very useful to school-aged children and adults, as well.  They range from food containers to water filters to kitchen composters to personal care items to office supplies.  All of the Reuseit.com products are eco-friendly.

Stop by the Reuseit.com Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and You Tube pages to chat about their latest products, or simply to see what’s new.

This Sugarbooger backpack is a great addition to all of the supplies that your child needs to start school.  I know my grandson will love carrying this backpack with him to and from school.  Further, his parents will be pleased that his papers will arrive with him safe and sound.  But, you don’t need to reserve using this backpack simply for school use only.  It makes a great bag any time your child needs that extra space for all his small toys, or for that extra layer of clothing he needs on those outings to the ball park, trips, or simply to visit grandma.  Be sure to stop by the Reuseit.com website to order your backpack today to prepare your children to start school in style.


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  1. Laurie Nykaza says

    my nieces and nephews would love these but i have to say my 23 yr old daughter thinks they are so cute i think she would take it

  2. Julie Cover says

    Just love the fact that this backpack only weighs 7 ounces. The interior name tag is a wonderful feature. As you noted, backpacks are so versatile. I can just see my nephew now, loading it up with his lego blocks to take to Aunt Julies!!

  3. lisa says

    These are cute. Kids can be very particular when it comes to backpacks and pretty much everything else at a certain age.

    • Karen Hand says

      Lisa: How right you are. I can’t remember how many times that I purchased something that my children refused to use because they didn’t like it. Didn’t take me too long before I started letting them pick out their own clothing and supplies. Thanks for your comment.

  4. md Kennedy says

    What a great site, and very cute bags. I’ll have a look to find something for B2S for my niece and nephew.