Talking To Teens About Their Period Is Not Easy, Choosing U By Kotex Is

Since my daughter has been getting older we have had to talk more about things that are out of my comfort zone.  Maybe not out of my comfort zone, but things that I don’t want to talk about because I realize my little girl is getting older.  Being a parent is hard, but being a kid is hard too, especially when your body begins to change.  Communication with your daughter is important, help them understand the menstrual cycle, and learn to rise above the embarrassment of talking about it.

Why do girls have a period?

It’s very important to talk about the why’s and the how’s.  As parents we know that boys and girls both enter into puberty differently.  If we don’t explain this to our children, who will be doing the explaining?  I don’t know about you, but I would rather know my girls are getting an honest caring answer from their mother, than wonder where they are getting the information.  It gives me piece of mind to know that my girls know what is happening to their bodies, and they are hearing it from someone who cares.

How long will my period last?

Typically a period will last 3-7 days.  It’s important to be knowledgeable on the subject, and explain that everyone’s period is different.


Many of us experience some type of discomfort before, or during our period.  Whether they get them at first or not, be sure to explain so they know what is happening to their body if they do.  Remember they might not know how to recognize camps at first. They might think their stomach hurts, when in fact they are fixing to start their period.  Talk to them, make sure they know they can talk to you.

Having your period sin’t the end of the world.

It made my daughter feel better to know that she could still go on about her daily activities.  She wanted to know that she cold still hang out with her friends, have fun, ride a bike, swim, and other things she enjoys.

What do I use, when do I use it, and how do I use it?

It’s your choice what you allow your daughter to use.  Many of us might think using a pad, tampon or liner is common sense.  However, I remember it was a foreign language when I started my period. I didn’t know how to use a tampon when I was old enough, I had to ask my mom.  Sure that’s okay, and she answered it for me, but I would have rather her come to me.  It took me months to get the courage to approach my mom about it.  It’s a uncomforable when you are young, and it’s our jobs as parents to talk to them so they understand they do not have to be embarrassed.

Taking to your daughter about their period is not easy.  Luckily U By Kotex® makes choosing the right product for women easy.

New Kotex by U Products

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  • Rosie

    I started young, so it took my mom by surprise. I still remember the day I had my period, a bra and nylons I thought – wow! I am really grown up!

  • HC Montgomery

    When I was growing up, my parents would not talk with me about anything related to sexuality or the (female) human body. I ended up learning everything on the street (bad, since no one really knew what they were talking about) or through school where everything was clinical, but nothing was personable. Good for you to talk with your daughter openly and honestly, even though you aren’t always totally comfortable. I think it’s so good for kids to learn from an adult who not only wants them to have correct information, but who also cares for them; about their comfort, safety and happiness.

    Just yesterday, I had a doctor’s appointment and, since we homeschool, I brought my two youngest sons with me. The nurse asked the standard questions, including date of my last period. Right after I answered her, my ten year old son piped up with his own question, which, of course, was”What’s a period?”

    We’ve had talks about reproduction before, but in private. I actually would have thought I would have been more uncomfortable to talk about it all in front of a more-or-less complete stranger. It really wasn’t uncomfortable though. I explained it to him as simply an accurately as I could while the nurse stood by listening. When I finished she told him his mom was smart and explained it as well as a doctor would have. She also took me aside after the appointment and told me that it was nice to see an informed parent (apparently many aren’t) talk with their child so calmly and easily and in a simple, but correct way that he could understand. I always doubt myself as a parent, so this really made me feel good!

    Keep talking to you daughter! It’s one of the best things a parent can do for their child!

  • Jo-Ann Brightman

    Although both my parents spoke to me about my period I still wish I had had more details. I agree that it is very important to talk to girls and cover all the issues involved.

  • cheryla lister

    I remember having the “talk” with my mom, very long time ago. I love the way they have spruced up products with the bright colors!

  • Julie D

    I have a daughter, and honestly not looking forward to the day when I have to have this talk with her!! I will definitely be purchasing Kotex brand for her.

  • Teri Mays

    I know that when I started the first time, my parents were divorced and I was with my dad. We were at a family gathering. I told my dad, so he was going to the store to get feminine products for me and he told my grandmother before he left. I came out of the bathroom and everyone knew. I wanted to crawl under the carpet but I just went and hid instead. I did have an older sister who had filled me in pretty muchly.
    When my daughter asked about what would happen when she started, we had a very open relationship and she knew that she could come to me to talk about anything. I just told her that she would be grumpy, get cramps in her lower abdomen and she would go to the bathroom and there would be blood on the poopy paper, she would need to get a pad, put it in her panties, adhesive side down, yes I had heard of someone that made this mistake, and let me know. Also if she had any more questions, I would be glad to talk with her about it. She later told me that it happened exactly as I had told her, so she was prepared.

  • marissa lee

    my mom did a great job talking to me and my sister about when we get our periods…she left nothing out…lol

  • Rust

    Mine is now in her twenties so we had the talk years ago. It was something mymom never talked to me about, she just (embarrassed) handed me a book and some products. I was uncoomfortable when the time came to talk with my daughter but my own mom’s behavior was something i was resolved to do better than. The talk went ok and somehow (I think it was more b/c of her than me), the topic was one we could talk about comfortably as she got older. Now, it is something we can both discuss as though it were the weather. lol

    love the kotex u products!