Ten Easy Super Bowl Recipe Ideas Made With #Manwich

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Can you beleive the Super Bowl is almost here?  I don’t know about you, but I am super excited to see the Broncos going, and my Payton Manning on his way to another Super Bowl Ring.  I hope he gets one anyone, either way I have been on the hunt for easy Super Bowl Party Recipe Ideas.  There are so many things to worry about when you will have tons of people at your house.  It’s always so much fun, we have several people who will be going for the Broncos and others who will be routing for the Seahawks, it should be fun.  All the kids will be playing, and when there is kids you know you have to find easy Super Bowl Party Recipe ideas for kids too.  For some reason they cannot eat what the adults do, even when it’s finger food.  They require their own little party platter, table and chairs lol.  Speaking of easy Super Bowl Party Recipes, I have found several great recipes using Manwich.  Is that awesome or what?

I have grown up loving Manwich.  I remember when I was a kid my mom would get so excited when we would request Sloppy Joes for dinner, as an adult I understand.  Between dance practice, after school activities, running errands, this blog, and all the daily tasks I have it’s nice to be able to make something easy, and everyone likes from dinner from time to time.  Manwich is one of my favorite, because it’s easy, you can do so many different things with it, and it adds an amazing tangy flavor that my whole family loves.  I was talking with my husband the other day, and there are tons of great Super Bowl Party Recipes you can make with Manwich.  We’re actually making a few Super Bowl Recipes from this list as well.

Ten Easy Super Bowl Recipe Ideas Made With #Manwich

Easy Super Bowl Party Recipes

If you are looking for easy Super Bowl Party Recipes you cannot go wrong with Manwich.  You should see all the Manwich Recipes.  There is plenty to choose from, but here are my favorite Super Bowl Party recipes from from Manwich.
Sloppy Joe Slider Pull Aparts super bowl recipes
Sloppy Joe Slider Pull Aparts – Tell me these don’t look and sound fabulous, and to make things even better you can have them done in about 15 minutes. 
Meatball Hoagies
Meatball Hoagies – Meatballs, Manwich and the Super Bowl.  It doesn’t get much better than that.  I want to make these for dinner tonight, I’m not sure I want to wait until our Super Bowl Party.
Sweet and Savory Saucy Meatballs
Sweet and Savory Saucy Meatballs – The perfect Super Bowl Party Recipes are finger foods, and these little meatballs look amazing.
Party Sausage Dip
Party Sausage Dip – Who would have thought you could make dip using Manwich too, and in only 20 minutes.
Saucy Chicken Wings
Saucy Chicken Wings – I’m not big on any of those hot chicken wings, but I am going to bet these are amazing.  Sloppy Joe sauce, and chicken wings just sound like they were made to go together.
Shredded Beef Sandwiches
Shredded Beef Sandwiches – WOW, now here is a great idea if you are looking for Super Bowl Party recipe ideas.  Cook beef in a slow cooker, mix with Manwich and let everyone grab their own Shredded Beef Sandwich. 
Sloppy Joe Dip
Sloppy Joe Dip – You can have these Sloppy Joe dip is about 15 minutes, and be serving something scrumptious.
super bowl party recipe ideas for kids

Easy Super Bowl Party Recipe Ideas for Kids

Manwich really thinks about everyone, check out these 3 great easy Super Bowl Party recipe ideas for kids.

Chicken Strips with Zesty Dipping Sauce

Chicken Strips with Zesty Dipping Sauce – Most kids I know love chicken strips.  Adding this Zesty Dipping Sauce will make things even more delicious.

Sloppy Joe's Turkey Tacos

Sloppy Joe’s Turkey Tacos – WOW, is there anything you cannot make using Manwich?  My oldest daughter, Catie is requesting the Sloppy Joe’s Turkey Tacos for our Super Bowl Party.

recipe ideas for kids

Sloppy Joe Fun Shapes – My kids and I decided to make some Valentine’s Day Sloppy Joes, and they turned out great.  They’re a great Super Bowl Party idea for kids that don’t like crust, or are picky eaters because everyone loves Sloppy Joes.  The fact that they are in fun shapes just makes them cooler.  You could even have fun.  I just bought some football cookie cutters, for our Super Bowl Party I am going to make football Sloppy Joes.  The kids are going to love them.

Easy Dinner Idea
The kids loved the Valentine’s Day Sloppy Joes!  I didn’t even have a chance to get good pictures, because every time I turned around one of the had a Sloppy Joe in hand.  My youngest daughter was the smart one.  She would grab a Sloppy Joe and make a bee line to share it with her dad in the other room, lol.

sloppy joes

My two older girls just sat there and ate them.  I think the fun shapes made them even more delicious.

I decided to make the fun shapes to get my 3 year old, Mattie to eat the bread.  We have gone rounds trying to get her to eat the bread, finally I decided I didn’t want to fight with her anymore.  So rather than just giving up, I do what us moms do, and made her food fun.  I let her and her older sister help me cook, and they made Valentine’s Day Sloppy Joes.  For some reason she doesn’t like bread when we eat Sloppy Joes.  She loves bread with other sandwiches, but not with Sloppy Joes.  Then again Sloppy Joes are her favorite.   Which is fine with me because everyone likes then, they taste great, contain quality ingredients, and only take a few minutes to make.

Manwich dinner ideas

Manwich even brings the kid out in my teen, who’s too cool for just about everything else.  When she hears we are having Manwich for dinner she does this little dance, it’s super funny I wish I had it recorded, and she would let me post it lol.  Mandwich’s kid-stopping power as a weeknight meal solution moms and dads can depend on.

Manwich easy dinner ideas

If you didn’t already know, Manwich offers 3 different kinds of canned sauce varieties, and a refrigerated pre-made Sloppy Joe mix.   Manwich is a tangy sauce perfect for sandwiches, pastas and more. It can also work well in meat-free dishes, like this recipe for Vegetarian Sloppy Joeshttp://bit.ly/Iselxv

Whether you are looking for easy Super Bowl recipe ideas, or something for a quick and yummy dinner parents can depend on Manwich.  Be sure to check out all the other awesome Manwich Recipes, and check out some of the Manwich TV Ads.

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  1. Dorothy Boucher says

    OMG you got to love family,, just too funny
    first i have to say WOW you go girl, to be able to put out such a spread like this, simply amazing and second, its always good to have family around to snap a few shots to say Yes we love it 😉 hehe thanks for share @tisonlyme143

  2. lisa says

    I like your ideas. I have never liked manwich. I make home made sloppy jo sandwiches which are quite tasty. One of the few dishes I can cook.

  3. gigi borden says

    mamwich is always a hit at our house – am going to try these out as well as check out the mamwich link for dinner recipes!

  4. Jennifer says

    These all look delicious. The sloppy joe sliders look like something that is easy to make and enjoyable for our family. Thanks for sharing this post!

  5. md Kennedy says

    If there was one food I liked at the school cafeteria when I was little was the Sloppy Joes – and we always begged our Mom to make them at home with Manwich. So good! And I love all these ideas you have , too. Maybe I`ll make a few of these for Super Sunday and that will be our one meat day for the week.

  6. Carol S. says

    Mmmm… these are easy indeed. Wont take too much time. Hope you can also have suggestions for drinks that will go with these yummers.

  7. tanya holland says

    They all look so good. My family loves sloppy joes and manwich. We will be eating a couple of these soon.

  8. Gail Williams says

    The Shredded Beef Sandwiches are the first party meal item I want to make with Manwich. Yum!!! Your photographs are so appetizing. Thanks!!!

  9. Wanda Bergman says

    I am sooooooooooo going to make some of these, especially the Meatball Hoagies and the Sloppy Joe Dip.

  10. says

    I love those!! Especially the one where you took the whole layer of rolls and just spread the manwich over the whole layer and put the top back on! I never thought of using it on the wings though.

  11. Debbie Welchert says

    What great ways to use Manwich. I never would have thought to us it on hot wings. That’s my favorite recipe here. I’m excited to try it. The Sloppy Joe Fun Shapes is going to be fun for the little ones too.

  12. Carol L says

    When my 7 kids were younger they loved Manwich and so did I. It’s actually been a few years since I have made it. Now that they have their own families I had stopped making it. After this post I’m going to start again for my younger daughter and myself. I didn’t even know it came in 3 different varieties or that there was a pre – made refrigerated brand. Thanks for the post and the recipes.
    Carol L

  13. Ashia Austin says

    I’ve been looking forever for a tasty and easy meatball sauce recipe! I will try this!

    • says

      YES, agreed… that is what I like about it so much it really is something for everyone with 6 people in my house I have to think about that lol

  14. Janette Polivka says

    OMG they all look sooo good!! I have to try some! Especially the dip and the manwich sliders! I can’t really get my fam to eat much manwich, but I’m willing to try it by myself if I have to. I bet they will love it though! Thanks for sharing!

  15. M.Clark says

    The Sloppy Joe Fun Shaped are cute. I think my fave is the Saucy Chicken Wings. Thank you for this post, I have not had Manwich in the longest time. By the by, I like the new look.

  16. lisa says

    I had no idea that you could make so many things with Manwich. I tried it once years ago. I always make homemade sloppy joe sandwiches but, these are good ideas for feeding a crowd.

  17. Cindy Kong says

    I just got a can of manwich and I’m glad I found this blog. Great ideas on other use for manwich. I love the taco idea, i’ll have to make that for dinner.-