Fifteen Things I Want To Do In London!

Windsor castle walks out of two towers.

Have you ever sat around and daydreamed about what it would feel like to win a sweepstake to travel somewhere, like London?  I have, I catch myself thinking about the beautiful scenery, history, castles, and the story I could write while on a London Vacation.  There is an endless amount of things to do, especially if you were to win a trip to London for two.   There is so many things I want to do in London, but here are ten that come to mind!

Ten Things I Want To Do In London!

London Eye

If you have not heard of the huge London Eye you should look it up.  It towers above the House of Parliament and Westminster keeping an eye on London.  It’s a ride, and I read somewhere it takes about 25 to 30 minutes from start to finish.  You go up, up, and up!  It’s a must see for me.

Castles, Castles, and more Castles

I think I would be happy doing nothing more than visiting castle after castle while visiting the area.  There is so much history in the walls, I would love to roam the hall on a tour, learn, explore, and enjoy some of the fun events provided at some of the castles.  Did you know the Windsor Castle is the longest occupied in Europe?  Oh, and who wouldn’t want to visit Buckingham Palace?  It’s where the queen lives, and in August and September you can tour the state rooms, and garden.  WOW, right!

Alton Towers

My husband wants to visit Alton Towers, he’s the thrill seeker.  Maybe it’s the death-defying rollercoaster, or the water park.  I guess I would be just fine in the kiddy pool, oh or even better the spa! 

Harry Potter Studio Tour

I don’t think it would be a proper trip without visiting the Harry Potter Studio Tour.  I have been a huge fan of the movies, it would be neat to see the sets, and props from the Harry Potter movies!

Madame Tussauds

I would have to visit!  I love the ones in the US, I imagine it is just as awesome.  It would probably be the only chance I would ever get to take a picture with royalty, and hey I will take what I can get!

Tower of London

I don’t think you could visit without seeing the Tower of London. I would love to go on a tour of the towers, and hear about the cool.

Thamas River Cruises

Who wouldn’t want to go on a cruise down the famous River Thamas.

Tate Modern

This is London’s largest modern

Food Festival

Did you know you could visit one of the food festivals and sample a little bit of everything from ice cream to whisky!  If you want to give the U.K.’s food a whirl this sounds like the place to give everything a try.

London Zoo

I have been to 100 Zoo’s, but never one in the U.K.!  Who knows maybe they are different, I want to see.

Leighton House Museum

I don’t think a trip to the U.K would be complete without visiting the Leighton House Museum, and I am 99% sure my husband wouldn’t come home without a short visit.  

Shakespeare’s Globe

I would love to visit Shakespeare’s Globe and watch one of their awesome shows.  They also have year around public events, workshops, and who can forget tours!  I would love to take a tour of the world’s largest exhibition on Shakespeare. 

Imperial War Museum

I don’t know if my husband would forgive me if we didn’t at least stop for a short visit at the Imperial war Museum.  This is right up his alley, and he will love seeing examples of the machinery of war, war literature, manuscripts, and more from WWI and WWII. 

Kew Gardents

The Kew Gardens is more than 300 acres of land, and 250 years of history!  It just looks amazing, and sounds like the perfect place to let loose and relax.  The Treehouse Towers is supposed to be a super fun play area for children.  There is rope bridges, zip wires, huge swings, and more.  I wonder if they let big kids play too.  One day, I will find out!

Columbia Road Flower Market

I love flowers, and cannot imagine an entire market filled with breathtaking flowers.  This is suzczpposed to be one of London’s most amazing markets, and I am going to guess the smells are amazing as well.

The U.K. is filled with unique culture, heritage, countryside, and amazing castles.   I don’t know about you, but I would love to find my storybook located in the U.K.!  It is probably the place that I want to visit the most, so you better believe that I will be trying for my shot at a vacation for two to London!  Yes, and you can too.  I just hope you have better luck than me, lol.  I never win anything like this, I mean I think I would cry if I was to win a vacation for two to London! 

Some of you might remember we have worked with VisitBritain in the past, they are fabulous, and I have some exciting news. VisitBritain, Scotland and Wales,, and the national tourist board for England announced a new co-branded marking campaign that sounds pretty neat, to help inspire more Americans to visit the U.K. called “Find Your Storybook.” This campaign launches on February 9th, and this is the first time both companies have jumped embarked on this sort of campaign.

What is the campaign? Let’s just say, if you have ever wanted to win the vacation of a lifetime now is your chance to Discover Secret Britain and win the trip of a lifetime, and Aston Martin for the Weekend, Globe Trotter Luggage, TWO Flights to London, and a THREE night stay at a luxury London Hostel! It doesn’t get much cooler than that, does it? In my opinion, no! I know I will be entering.

TWO lucky people will win a trip of a lifetime to experience London’s top attractions. Only one question remains. Do you have what it takes?

Watch the video, check out all the awesome details, and accept your mission! GOOD LUCK!

  • Evelyn Chuter

    Wow, that it my biggest dream, to win a contest and spend time visiting Castles. I want to spend a night in one. I’ll take a London trip any day, but my true dream is to go Ireland or Scotland and visit Castles. Even Germany. Or London too. I fill out every contest for a trip like that. Hey maybe I’ll win one and you can come with. :) I wouldn’t have anyone else to take with me.

  • Wanda Tracey

    I would love to visit London because I am a history fanatic and cannot get enough of it.Your pictures are really worth a thousand words.One of the places I would not miss seeing is the Kew Gardens and I ,like you cannot imagine a whole market full of flowers.That must be amazing.

  • tj

    Looks cool. I would like to go to Italy myself.

  • Paula Ball

    I have dreamed of going to Europe since I was old enough to dream. My dad traveled the world working, but he never was anyplace I wanted to visit(north Africa, Peru, Malaysia)so I’ve never left North America. I would like to visit out of the way places and neighborhoods to just get the feel of really living in London.

  • Shannon

    I would love to go to London. So beautiful.

  • lisa

    I would so love to visit London. I could get lost looking at the castles alone. Actually, I have a cousin that lives over there. I haven’t seen her in years. Hmmm…

  • MaeRi

    I want to go to London too!I want to visit the same places ^.^

  • Judy Thompson

    I would love the coffee maker and you do everything right I think anyway .. you do a great job <3

  • Marissa Nowell

    The Harry Potter Studio tour and the Food Festival are on the top of my list!

  • Alison Gibb

    I have been to London! We had a wonderful time!

  • Sue E

    My daughter & her family lived in England for over a year to be close to her husband’s while he worked.
    I tried and planned to go, but my health & finances got in the way :{
    She took some great pics & I still have a yearning to go. Thanks for some more suggestions!