Ten Tips To Help You Find Affordable Prom Dresses For Your Daughter

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My daughter is already talking about choosing a prom dress.  I am honestly not sure that I am ready to have a teenager who is old enough to attend prom, not just one prom but two.  Yes, my daughter doesn’t attend public schools, but her boyfriend does.  Which means, TWO PROMS and this mom is on the hunt for affordable prom dresses, or should I say mom paying ofr two prom dresses.  Sure I coul make her wear the same one, but I wouldn’t want to do that, and I am in a place finalchially where I can purchase her two cheap prom dresses.  Plus, my daughter is an amazing kid, I honeslty cannot belive she is a teen.  I like to think it’s my awesome, ninja like mommy skills that caused that lol.

Ten Tips To Help You Find Affordable Prom Dresses For Your Daughter


Ten Tips To Help You Find Affordable Prom Dresses For Your Daughter

Anyway, I have started looking for a prom dress for my daughter already.  The last thing I want is prom sneaking up on me, and us having to oder her a dress last mintue.  The early bird catches the deals on prom dresses, lol.  If you are hunting for a prom dress here are a few tips that might help you land amazing, yet affordable prom dress esfor your daughter.

  • Before you do anything, be sure to set a budget for yosuelf, and let your daughter know how much you are able to spend on her prom dress.  
  • Start looking for your daughters prom dress early, LIKE NOW!  I am not even kidding, expecially with the changes in the seasons you can find some great deasl on prom dresses.
  • Research Prom Dresses on sale!  I think you will be surprised, there are plenty of places online like JenJenHouse that have prom dresses on sale all the time.  I was just on their website looking at their prom dresses and they have some great deals for anyone looking.
  • Raid closets for accessories!  Yes, you thought I fogot about the accessories.  Rather than purchasing all new accessories look in your jewerly box, or closet.  Maybe have your teen ask a friend. 
  • Don’t ignore the plane dress!  Catie and I did this with her homecoming dress.  We didn’t have a lot of money, so we pruchased just an average dress and accessories it.  Sometimes the most afordable prom dresses are the ones that are simple.  Adding a little creativity can give the dress exactly what it needs.  It’s amazing what you can turn a plane jane dress into with a little creativity.  If you are not a naturally creative person, like me lol.  There are plenty of GREAT bloggers who pull off some amazing things, google it.
  • Swap with a friend!  Since we are buying two prom dresses we are trying to find one of Catie’s friends who she can swap dresses with.  A few of her friends form school will be attending two proms, so things just might work out and we will only need to find one.. I’m crossing my figers.
  • Talk to your teen about being flexable.  I think it’s important to explain to your daughter that they might not land their “dream dress” so to have an open mind becaseu there is plenty of amazing dresses out there that are affordbable. 
  • If you read my blog, you know how much I love to shop online!  You can find anything, and everything, even cheap prom dresses at places like JenJenHouse.  I have not purchased anything from there yet, but I have been doing some looking and they have amazng prom dresses at reasonable prices. 
  • Don’t be scared to click on evening dresses, cocktail dresses, homecoming dresses, or aything else.  They are just categories, you don’t have to stick to prom dresses.  This might sound silly to osme of you, but I had a friend who freaked out when I showed her this.  She would always stick to the categories, and never reallygave looking in others much thught. 
  • Look for prom dresses without your daughter sitting next to you.  Talkt to her, and get an idea of what she is looking for in terms of color, material, neckline, etc.  It’s much easier to zip through the website, find a few that are in your budget, and then show them to her.  Plus, it could save some stressful conversations.  That $500 dress you zipped passed could have been her “dream dress”, lucky for you she wasn’t sitting next to you.  Yes, it’s happened to me.  I speak from experiances, lol.

Affordable Prom Dresses From JenJenHouse

If you are on the lookout for affordable prom dresses for your daughter you might want to swing by and check out JenJenHouse!  They have a huge selection of dress that come in different colors, sytles, and fabrics.  JenJenHouse.com is the global leading online retailer for wedding dressess, wedding gowns, special event dressses and accessories.  Whther you are gearing up for prom or a are in need of the perfect cocktail dress you will find over 1,200 styles that can be customzed and tayloted to fit your exact specification.  All of the dresses at JenJenHouse are affordable, some starting as low as $79 and featuing savings of up to 60% off their competitors prices!  

You can find their website by visiting www.jenjenhouse.com

  • Suzanne T.

    Great article. I had three daughters all going to prom at the same time so price was a big issue. Starting early and looking at other categories of dresses were of help to me.

  • Sally Guenterberg

    Great tips. In our area, everyone and their brother is starting a group on fb for selling, trading or asking for something. And they are full of prom/formal dresses.

    • http://jennsblahblahblog.com Jenn

      That is a great idea, I didn’t even think about that..