Adventures of Jimmy and Charlie Review Mommy Tested #Children Approved

Title: The Adventures of Jimmy and Charlie

Author: Rodney Mack

It has been my pleasure to work with Rodney Mack, author of The Adventures of Jimmy and Charlie.  Mr. Rodney Mack was so kind, he autographed our copy of the book with my daughters name.  We would like to send him a special thanks, Vayda and Mattie really appreciated it.

The Adventures of Jimmy and Charlie is a fun book that really hits home.  The book is designed for children’s 3 – 9.  It’s a lovely story about 2 brother kittens who were orphaned.  The two cats had no place to go, until they find a home on a ranch.

Don’t think when you start reading The Adventures of Jimmy and Charlie, you’re reading one story.  This book is loaded with three short stories packed with excitement and adventure.  My children told me they really enjoyed reading about the cats exploring and some of the crazy things that happen along the way.  I love the way the book shows the importance of listening to parents.  It also love that it teaches children to love the home they have, be thankful for what they have.  I think these are good values to keep in children’s books.

The story of Jimmy and Charlie is super cute, loads of fun, and teaches life lesions along the way.  It’s an awesome book, that not only my 8-year-old enjoyed.  My teenager (Catie), toddler (Maddie), and mom enjoyed the book as well.  I actually have a really cute story to share with you, about how much all my children enjoyed reading the book.

We had issues getting Vayda’s reading up to her grade level, until we started getting books about animals.  She’s not much of an animal lover, but she sure does love a good story about a kitty or a puppy.  The difference is just amazing.  I guess she’s normal, lol.  I don’t know many people who pay attention, and actually read a book that they do not enjoy.  I know when I read something that doesn’t interest me, I often have to read it a second time.  Just to be sure…

The author of The Adventures of Jimmy and Charlie, Rodney Mack is a sweetheart, he autographed it with my daughter’s name on it.  Once I showed her that, it was over.  She was so excited to have a book that was autographed.

I had planned on helping her start reading it the next night.  I got out of the shower and headed into the living room to put kids to bed, hummmm nobody is in the living room, and it sure is quite.  I knew at that point something was going to explode, break, someone would scream, something bad was fixing to happen.  I started for the kids room, when I turned the corner, I stopped.  You’re never going to guess what I see!  Go on guess.  No, nobody was super glued to the toilet.  That was last week, while I was outside feeding the dogs.  Get this, it’s even more scary than being super glued to the toilet.

All three of my girls were in bed reading The Adventures of Jimmy and Charlie.  They were getting along, my 14-year-old (Catie) was helping my 8-year-old (Vayda), while my 2-year-old (Mattie), was kicking back with a sucker listening to her big sister read to her.  OMG, THIS NEVER HAPPENS.  I immediately head for the kitchen, where’s the thermometer.  This never happens, something is seriously wrong with my children, someone is sick, or even better someone did something and they are being nice to each other so they don’t tell.  HUMM, being the investigator mom that I am, I decided to play it cool and just ask.

“So, what are you guys doing?”  My 8-year-old tells me, “nothing mom, Mattie wanted me to read her a bedtime story, and Catie is helping me.”  There was no sneakiness going on or nothing (being mom we learn those faces).  WOW, they were seriously getting along and reading.  Together???  At this point I was fixing to pass out, I think my Catie noticed.  Catie then tells me, “I don’t even know why I am helping her, she’s doing great.  I have not had to tell her a word yet.”  I quickly tell Vayda how proud of her I am, and allow them to stay up 30 minutes passed their bedtime.

I know right, I’m still in shock myself.  To top it off, NOTHING EXPLODED, NOBODY WAS HURT, NO CRY, SCREAMING. NOBODY STUCK TO THE TOILET.  None of that, they were seriously getting along, and liked hanging out.  Oh, and get this THEY DO IT ALL THE TIME NOW!  I don’t know what’s going on, I’m still waiting for Vayda to come and tell me that Catie did something, and she didn’t tell earlier because Catie promised to hang out with her, lol.  Either that, or maybe just maybe they have found something they all enjoy doing together.  Only time will tell, lol.

Reading Jimmy and Charlie helps teach children while they read the story.  Yes, the best way to learn, the fun way.   Rodney Mack takes an awesome children’s story and turns it into more than just a story.  When you purchase The Adventures of Jimmy and Charlie is filled with great stories blended with important information, and lessons.  This is a great book, we all enjoyed reading it.  My daughter took it to show and tell last Friday.  Boy she is proud of her autographed copy of The Adventures of Jimmy and Charlie.
My family enjoyed reading The Adventures of Jimmy and Charlie, and we all give it TWO THUMBS UP!  My kids are still going back and reading the stories.  If you’re looking for a great book, that’s perfect for children just starting to read, as well as more advanced readers you can pick up The Adventures of Jimmy and Charlie at, Tate Publishing, and Barnes & Noble for only $7.99.

  • sam dock

    I love that it is more than just one story..makes bedtime go so muuch easier with more than one story in a single book. Sounds very cute.

  • Tania B

    This sounds like a lovely book for little ones! Thanks for introducing me to it. I will have to try and grab this for my younger nephew.

  • Rosie

    That’s a cute story, reminds me of me and my two sisters growing up. My mom or dad would be suspicious if we were looking too cute & innocent!!! This is a nice book, I’m always looking for mom & kid-approved books!!!

  • Kathy Idol

    I think my youngest granddaughter would love this book. Thanks for sharing!