The Gift Idea That Will Get Him To Shave! Bye, Bye #ScuffyDude

I was recently contacted by Panasonic, and asked to help promote the #ScruffyDude Challenge.  I am sure you can guess how excited I was, since I am married to a Scruffy Dude!  It’s is a great gift idea for him, and me!  Now my Scruffy Dude isn’t so scruffy, and I love it.  As always we only recommend products we would use ourselves, and all opinions are 100% my own.

ShavingEver wonder how to get your husband to shave his beard, or maybe you don’t like facial hair at all and that goatee has been bothering you?  If they are a hard sleeper, it’s easy.  When they head to bed, wait about an hour, and shave that sucker off.  You can blame it on the kids, next door neighbor, or come up with something good I am sure..  If that doesn’t work, you can try the saying, “It’s me or the beard.”  I highly doubt that will do any good, if yo are married there is that whole “for better or worse, till death due us part”, thing you said when you were married.  I know, there is nothing about his beard mentioned in that, but it’s one of those things that come with it.  

There is always hinting, but that probably wont’ work due to the fact men don’t understand hinting, and most women suck at it.  So crap, where does that leave us.  Oh, yea wondering how to get rid of his facial hair.  Maybe you could find the perfect gift idea for him – bribery! That just might work.  If you are planning on the perfect gift idea for him than you better be slick, most men I know will not trade their buddy “Mr. Beard” for a pair of tube socks.  

how to get your husband to shaveMaybe, just maybe you should go with the flow, and ask him.  Rather than wishing he was clean-shaven, get him an awesome shaver, like the Arc 3 Wet/Dry Shaver by Panasonic.  At least then you know he has everything he needs if he decides to shave, and you never know maybe he will get so excited to have a new toy that he will shave.  It worked for me!  When I first received the Arc 3 Wet/Dry Shaver I decided to try something new, and see what happened.  He noticed the Arc 3 Shaver right away, and asked me about it.  Of course, I had done all my homework, and knew how awesome this shaver was.  I told him all about it.  The Arc 3 by Panasonic can be used wet or dry, and in dry operation use with foam or gel.  It also has Shaver Sensor Technology that helps it to detect a beards density, and the motor will adjust as needed for a gentle and powerful shave.  Oh, and we cannot forget to mention the 3 Blade Cutting System for an easy, close, and oh-so-smooth shave.   

  • Multi-fit Arc Foil to help follow the contours of the face.
  • Pop-up Trimmer
  • Water Shutters, which allow water to flow throughout the top to make caring for the Arc3 easy.
  • Sensory Mode Indicator
  • Charge Status Light
  • Carrying holder, which is perfect for traveling. 

gift idea for himTo make things even better, maintaining the Arc 3 is easy.  There is a plastic guard that covered the blades, when you are ready to use it just pop that bad boy off and start shaving.  I personally like this feature because we have little ones around, and they love to get into everything that they are not supposed to.  Shawn loves it, and I am enjoying the non-scruffy dude look for the time being.  Even if he decides to grow something back out, I know he will have the Arc 3 to help keep him looking nice and groomed. 

Typically when Shawn shaves, he takes his hair off too.  He said it’s still a little cold outside for that, but he loves the Arc 3 Shaver by Panasonic.  He works great, gets nice and close, and he loved the fact that he didn’t have to go back over it with a traditional razor.  TWO THUMBS UP! 

scruffy dudeIf you are looking for a great gift idea for him, or if you cannot figure out how to get your husband to drop the scruffy dude look, try the Arc 3 by Panasonic.  Even if he doesn’t shave, he will have something to help him stay nice and groomed!

You can grab the Arc 3 by Panasonic at your local Target, or visit them online at

One lucky person will win an Arc 3 Razor by Panasonic!  Open to US, must be over 18 and use the widget below to enter! Good Luck!

  • Claire D

    If this works it would be a lifesaver. My boy is constantly scruffy – shave in the morning and scruffy by afternoon. And he always manages to miss a spot. So this could be perfect!

  • Karen

    Would love to own the Panasonic shaver. Thanks for the giveaway.

  • Em Ma

    Wow, my husband could sure use this! I love the 3 blade cutting system. I’m hoping that with the convenience of this shave, my husband will be encouraged to shave a bit more often.

  • sheri street

    would love to win this for my husband

  • jean wiggins

    would love to win

  • Alison Gibb

    Your husband is a good sport! This shaver works great, after seeing the second picture!

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  • Terry Hall

    I sure could use one of those. I hear they are great. I’ll see if my luck is any good.

  • Darlene Jones-Nelson

    My husband needs this and I am sure it will cut down on getting ready to go out.

  • Rita M

    Wow! Great results – thanks for sharing, plus the opportunity!

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  • Ashley W

    Being a cop, my husband has to shave daily. I bet he would love this shaver! It would make mornings so easy for him.

  • Ronald A.

    great shaver

  • Pam Gurganus

    I call my husband “Grizzly Adams”…he could so use this! I think if he had this, he’d be more willing to shave or at least more often and keep him self nicely groomed and trimmed! Thanks for the awesome giveaway opportunity!

  • Holly Thomas

    I really need this for my husband, the Grizzly Adams look has got to go!!

  • Kimberly Wettlaufer

    This gift would be awesome for my son in law!!

  • Barbara Mc/Whenihave Time

    I would love for my scruffy man to try this! Looks great, thanks for the opportunity!

  • Jai B.

    I think my husband would love this!

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  • Rita Spratlen

    Thanks for the giveaway. I am not sure how I found this either!

  • Tommy Nava

    Great contest. Could definitely use this shaver.

  • Ashley Avelar

    I loved your review. Seems like a great product. Can’t wait to see if I can win this for my #ScruffyDude

  • Shannon

    This is a nice, close shave. My husband would love for me to win. Thank you Jenn.

  • Shannon

    This is really nice, Jenn. Thank you for this chance to win.

  • Julie Wood

    I need this amazing Shaver to get my son to shave off his beard. He says the shaver he has does not work good, so he is just going to let his face have a long beard. I like that this shaver can be used wet or dry and that it has a close shave! I also like that it has a pop up trimmer!

    • Jenn

      Its a great shaver my husband LOVES it, and he is very picky… it’s been clean shaven since!