The NEW Windows #HTC8X Rocks – Thanks #Troop8x

Phones are important to many of us.  How many times have you been late to work because you forgot your phone at home?  Sadly I can admit I’ve done it several times.  It’s one of the few things I am willing to risk being late to work over, other than my family.  For some reason it almost requires no thought, turn around and grab your phone, it’s that important.  You never know who’s going to call, text, or email you if you leave it behind. I truly don’t know how my parents survived being parents without them.  Yes, my children have phones.  Even my 8-year-old daughter, she just received her first phone as a Christmas gift.  My children walk home from school, I want to know they’re safe.  Yes, having my phone, my husband having his, and my children having theirs make me feel safe and gives me piece of mind that if something is wrong I can always be reached.  I want that, need that, which is why my phone is so important to me.

I also use my phone for work, almost as much as I use my computer or tablet.  I take lots of photos using my phone, for several reason:

  1. I always have it
  2. I can take those pictures that matter the most
  3. The best pictures are those that are not planned (in my opinion)
  4. It’s easy, I take pictures on my phone and they are automatically downloaded to my Photobucket account.  Which makes it easy for me to use for my blogging business.

It’s just so much easier, in the end it’s easier, and faster to take them with my phone, them automatically download where I need them, and use them for my blog.  Not to mention sharing them on my social media accounts is much easier as well.  For both business and personal use, to family and friends.  In the end it’s about what saves time, and allows us to be as organized as possible without spending half the day getting that way.

Check out a few pictures that I have taken with the Windows 8X HTC.  None of them have been edited at all, just pulled them out of my Photobucket account and pastes here.  I love the camera, and video recorder.  The diffidence is amazing!

Yes, that’s her older sister playing with her hair.  I couldn’t miss this picture   It’s rare Vayda’s that sweet to her baby sister Maddie, lol.  Not really, they actually get along  very well, but it’s nice to have proof for when they don’t, and they have driven me so crazy I wan to cry.  It gives me hope that it only lasts a few days at the longest  then back to normal, lol.

This would be my baby, Maddie all comfy in the living room getting ready for a nap.  Dang, lucky kid her big sister loves her and made that bed for her so she could sleep good for her nap.  Wow, I love my kids, and I love that I was able to have this picture to remember them working together to build this bed.  There were little things that they said to each other that I don’t want to ever forget…  I love the power of sisters!
PhotobucketNow here we are, Maddie acting like she is asleep so she doesn’t have to help her big sister clean her room, lol.  She’s good at faking, she was wide awake!  Poor Catie ended up cleaning her room without any help from her baby sister that made the mess!

Most of you probably already know that my New Years resolution this year was to get more organized.  This is why, my beautiful family!  Nothing matters more to me than being at home with them, raising my children the best that I can, spending quality time with my wonderful husband that I love dearly, and best of all being the best mom and wife I can be for my family.

My goal is to stop working, and be mom full-time.  I will continue my blogs, but rather than working a 9-whenever the hell I get off job.  I will be mom, and blog around my children.  My husband and I are almost to a spot we can do this, so it’s very important for me to get organized.  Getting organized, will give me so much more freedom to do the things that matter.  It will give me more time, more space, and less stress lol.

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The Windows 8X HTC phone has a physical camera button, which I have pinned to my start-up page.  It makes it easy to grab those awesome pictures that you only have a few seconds to grab.  It takes no time at all for the camera to be up and ready to snap some awesome pictures.  The HD 1080 video camera works just as good as the camera.  Be sure to check out my YouTube Channel, I will be uploading some videos taken with my Windows Phone, and another taken with another top of the line phone to show you the difference.  Watching it will make you appreciate Windows quality camera and video camera more.

I love that the Windows 8X HTC has both the rear-facing camera and front-facing camera.  The rear-facing camera is packed with 8MP auto-focus with LED flash, and the front-facing camera has 2.1MP with 88 Ultra-wide angle viewing field, and 1080p video capture.

The display makes life easy and fun.  It’s not only fun to personalize, but the screen lets you view all those apps that you use all the time.  It’s simple, tab the widget and you’re good to go.  Start using your favorite apps.

Now, lets talk about High-quality sound.  If you don’t already know, the Windows 8X HTC has the Beats Audio feature.  Which means, clearer sound than before.  Beats Audio features software equalizer which presets optimized for better, clearer, more quality sound.

Overall, the Windows Phone operating system is awesome, easy to use, and runs smooth.  I am yet to see it freeze or lag.  It always loads smooth, fast, and works fabulous.  The colors are bright and beautiful, yes you can personalize the color of you phone as well.  My windows phone is the beautiful deep blue, and my home screen is my favorite color pink.  Your personal home screen allows you to add people and things that are most important to you.

Having all my social media accounts, email accounts, camera, text widget, clock, photos, OneNote widget, Office, Photobucket, and YouTube widget on my home screen makes my life easy, organized and saves lots of time.

The keyboard is one of the best I’ve experiences.  I did a review on the Nokia Lumia 900 Phone not long ago and experiences the same awesome keyboard.  It’s so accurate, if I touch the letter P on the keyboard it’s going to type in P.  It’s nice to experience the same accuracy with this phone.  Inserting pictures, video, clips, and sound clips into a text message or email is super easy.

Another one of my favorite features is the Voice Dialing and voice commands.  I love sending an email from my phone by simply taking to it.  So much easier and less stressful than trying to type out what I want to say.
Colorful Windows Phone 8X by HTC
If you have read my Nokia Lumia 900 review, you will probably agree that at that point in time I didn’t think it could get much better than that.  Well, I think it just did!  Way to go HTC and Windows, I think you’ve accomplished what I thought was impossible.  You’ve surprised me yet again, and I look forward to more surprises as I continue using my HTC phone.  There’s so much that I have yet to discover, and yes I will continue to share!

I hope most of you have read my first post about the Windows 8X HTC Phone – Using HTC8 To Keep Me On Track.  If not feel free to head on over and check it out!  In the 1st post I share with you an awesome video that shared just how personal you’re able to get using Windows 8X HTC.  Here’s another great video that helps explains the amazing design behind the Windows Phone 8X HTC Phones.   Enjoy, let me know what you think!

Iconic design behind the Windows Phone 8X and 8S by HTC (Video)

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  1. says

    Well, I think I want one of these, I’m not quite satisfied with my current phone. Thanks for the review, I’ll keep my eye out for this brand.

  2. Melissa Rimes says

    Wow what a great review on this phone. I would love to have one of these. I was looking to buy me a new phone about a month ago and looked at the HTC model that came out right before this one and it was nice to me. But this newer one is so much better. I can just imagine the price of it because I know the older one was not cheap at all. Reading this review made me really want one but I guess I’m stuck with my good old hand-me-down for me.

    • says

      do you have a contract? if you have a contract with verizon we just renewed for my hubby same phone not bad price at all

  3. Eileen says

    I am still one that does not have a smart phone. My husband had one of the HTC models and I loved playing round with it, but admit I don’t know much about the smart phones. I’d LOVE to have this model. That easy switch on camera mode would be so nice. I am amazed at the quality of the cameras on the phones now. Who woulda thunk all this technology would have been available to us?
    My kids have phones too. Not at age 8 but by age 12. It is as much used for us to know they are safe as they are for our kids to be social. Actually MORE!

  4. Jo-Ann Brightman says

    Since I still only have a cell pohone, not a smart phone this is one I must consider. This HTC really sounds trmendous.

  5. Rusu Alexandru says

    I want to have one phone with Windows and is it’s my favourite because are many applications,make awesome photos and more things i liked!

  6. Alicia says

    There are some people who should NOT have a cell phone. Nothing is so important that a person needs to talk on their phone while driving and then causing an accident.

  7. marthalynn says

    Love those kids! And this phone!! The little ones sure do grow up fast, don’t they? I love that we can take so many photos to remember these days.

  8. Vikki Cousin says

    Thank you for this review. I am still trying to get my android tablet to recognize the touch of my fingers so I am still using a cosmos cellular phone for now.

  9. lisa says

    Wow, besides raising children and the blog you have a full time job too? Hopefully you reach your goal soon!

  10. Sarah L says

    Almost makes me want to get a smart phone. Almost…
    You’ve been making good use of yours.

  11. Christy says

    I just graduated from a blackberry to an iPhone. I haven’t really tried it out yet. Wish I would have read this review before getting the iPhone.

  12. DENISE SHOOK says

    Yes, having a phone now is really a need and not a want. To b c connected with all your family is important. We no longer have a landline phone anymore because all of us carry our phones now. The phone you reviewed sound awesome..mine has some sound quality issues…I will have to keep this one in mind…thanks

  13. Barrie says

    Wow, my head its spinning! The phone does so much and not sure I could keep up with it all!LOL

  14. Tania B says

    This sounds like my kind of phone. I love the idea of personalizing it to best suit you. Great review – you’ve given me lots to think about when it is time for my next phone!

  15. Sherry Compton says

    Isn’t it ironic – we got answering machines so we wouldn’t have to answer or be near a phone always and now we take our phones with us everywhere.

  16. Leann says

    Love this review! I’ll be sending people over here if they want a good review over it! Love all the colors of it too. :)

  17. molli vandehey says

    i realyl appreciate the review… i am looking for a device that will act as my main mobile device, that the kids can use but not destroy easily… so this is amazing information…and SUCH cute kiddos!

  18. Mikki Cross says

    WOW…the technology today is unreal.We thought my father’s NOKIA wasbthe coolest thing.It was a big bulky thing that you really couldn’t fit in your pocket. and you had to stand very still in a “hot spot” so it would work.

  19. Barrie says

    I love the fact the the HTC has a front and back camera so it’s easier to take photos! Thanks for a great review!

  20. Vikki says

    It sounds better than what I am using. By the time I get it ready to snap a photo everybody’s gone.

  21. Nena Sinclair says

    After reading your review, I want a Windows HTC 8X! I love the colors and it takes awesome pics, too!

  22. Pamela Halligan says

    I Ned to trade in my basic cellphone for a smartphone like this one. I could access the Internet, take photos, check email, and easily send texts. Oh, and make phone calls.

  23. Sara Campbell says

    I am always taking pictures of my kids as well. My oldest always says that he is done with pictures and that I need to stop. These pictures look like they came out better than the pictures on my iPhone.

    • says

      i love taking pics of the kids my oldest stays the same thing but i tell her this is her mom and i don’t care how old she is she will always be my little girl so to get over it as i snap another and run lol…

  24. Terri Herman says

    Just got an iphone 5 so I won’t be in the market for a new one any time soon. But thanks for the info. Very good review.

  25. marthalynn says

    Aww, what cuties! And the little one looks all comfy for her nap. Glad they get along – even if only at times. I love having an older sister now that we are adults!

  26. cole mckinnon says

    I love your blog site, from the name to your offerings. An IPhone would be nice. I don’t even have a cell.

    • says


  27. Mikki Cross says

    I only use my cell for emergencies. My immediate family are the only ones that have my number. If someone just wants to chat and I’m not home to answer my land line…then so be it. If it’s that important they’ll call back.

  28. says

    Wow..being a mom is so important. I admire you being a good mother to your children.You are very RESPONSIBLE..Sounds like your children are very lucky to have you.

  29. Rosanne says

    I think I’m the last person on earth without a smart phone. Still have a flip phone no keyboard but I’m ok with it,

  30. peggy fedison says

    hehehe i’ll probably be just like that. i just got the iphone4 today. dont have it activated yet. not a clue how to work it. but im sure after a few months.. ok years.. ill be like you hehehehe great review

  31. Vikki says

    Poor Catie, they are such adorable children. Sometimes you may wa nt to cry now but in a couple of decades you will miss these days. Cherish every moment.

  32. Charlotte Raynor says

    It looks like you really like your new phone. I’ll have to look into it the next time I am looking for a new phone. You have a lovely family!

    • says

      omg i love it, I am a techy girl for sure! love phones, puters, tabs, anything techy the better the more I like it and this phone rock!

  33. misty farmer says

    The phone sounds very interesting, and my sister loves hers! Great pictures of those babies, I love snapping them whenever I can! Maggie and Catie act alot like my 3 girls! Priceless!!

  34. Sara Campbell says

    It looks like this phone takes some clear photos. I even love all of the colors it comes in, especially the red one. I wish the iPhone came in those colors.

  35. Jennifer Mae Hiles says

    Accuracy in the keyboard is so nice. I have a heck of a time with mine. Maybe I just have fat fingers, lol. Looks like a great phone though!

  36. Dorothy Boucher says

    this looks like an awesome phone, the phone i have now just allows me to make a call out or have calls coming in, no texting ,no pictures, no wifi.. love this and love your review, Thanks for sharing 😉
    need twitter followers please @tisonlyme143

  37. says

    Sounds like a GREAT review! I miss having a SMARTphone! I got a silly ole do not much phone..Heck I was shocked I can even get online with it! lol. BUT I can NOT go without a cell. not with my husbands bad heart. I tried that. I was paranoid everytime i left the house!