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I love to travel, and have wanted to visit Charleston, South Carolina for some time.   I have head about all the things to do in Charleston since I was little.  My mom grew up in the area, and I have grown up listening to her stories.  Now as I hear about Charleston from family and friends, and even my husband.  Yes, he has been a few times for work, and always comes back telling me how beautiful it is, and that the food is amazing.  

My husband and I are planning a trip to Charleston later this year, just the two of us.  That’s right, NO KIDS!  Sure I will miss them, but my husband and I try to take at least one mommy and daddy vacation a year.  It’s a great way for us to hit the restart button, and I cannot tell you how exited I am to be going to Charleston.

Earth’s Finest City Guide – Charleston

I have been checking out the FIJI Water’s Earth’s Finest City Guide – Charleston, and it’s AWESOME!  It’s helped me learn more about Charleston’s hot spots.  Sure I have always heard the food is good, but nobody tells me about hot spots.  You know fun things to do, best places to say, and great places to eat.  After checking out the Earth’s Finest City Guide I have a few things added to my “Visit Charleston Bucket List”.  Yes, I have a bucket list for Charleston, my husband and I will be visiting in about 6 months.   

3 Places I Want To Dine or Grab Something To Drink

Andrew Pinckney Inn

Who wouldn’t want to experience biscuits and gravy on a rooftop terrace first thing in the morning?  I don’t know about you, but that sounds like the perfect way to start a Charleston Vacation.


My husband has told me about the Cypress, and I recently read about it thanks to Earth’s Finest City Guide – Charleston.  You will find 80 different types of charcuterie on premises, and they work with local farmers.  I’ve have heard, and now read that their coppa is AMAZING!

The Gin Joint

This place just sounds fun.  I actually learned it’s one of the best cocktail bars in the town of Charleston, and you can get shrimp and grit fritters, not to mention a pretty fabulous assortments of drinks.  Sounds like a perfect spot to unwind after a busy day.

Things To Do In Charleston

I found some pretty fun things to do in Charleston too!  I’m very excited about the horse and buggy rides.

Horse and Buggy Tour

Now there are tons of reasons I want to visit Charleston, but I cannot tell you how badly I want to take a horse and buggy tour.  Doesn’t that sound amazing?  I’m pretty sure, Horse and Buggy would be my preferred transportation around the heart of the Historic District.  

Ferry to Fort Sumter

I had never thought about a Ferry ride, but after learning you can have a two-for-one adventure from the Charleston Harbor.  Doesn’t it sound like fun?  

Walk Arthur Ravenel Jr. Bridge

After eating all that yummy food, why not head for the Arthur Ravenel JR. Bridget for a walk.  I always enjoy walking over beautiful bridges and listening to the running water.  I think it’s due to the lack of water where I live, lol.  Wouldn’t it be the perfect walk to watch the sunset?

Charleston City Market

Who wouldn’t want to hit up the Charleston City Market?  I know I want to visit, especially after learning about what a great experience it is.  Plus I love shopping for things artwork, jewelry, and more.

Charleston Wine and Food Festival

Sounds pretty fun right?  I think it does, outdoor barbecues, cooking classes, evening cocktail parties.  Sounds like a great way to relax and spend time at a casual daytime event, and have a reason to get dressed up for the evening cocktail party.

Charleston’s Wine and Food Festival is one of America’s best events for sampling modern cuisine such as local seafood, veggies, and meats.  There is even renowned chefs like Sean Brock of Husk there, as well as other chefs from California and even Australia.  According to FIJI Water’s Earth’ Finest City Guide it’s worth centering a trip to Charleston around.  

Places To Stay In Charleston

As far as places to stay I’m not really sure yet. 

Wentworth Mansion

There are so many great places to stay in Charleston, like the Wentworth Mansion.  Did you know this is a true mansion that was founded in 1965 by a wealthy Southern man, who raised 13 kids there?  WOW right!

Battery Carriage House Inn

There is also places like the Battery Carriage House Inn which is a beautiful bed and breakfast I learned about thanks to FIJI Water’s great Earth’ Finest City Guide.  

Whether you have been to Charleston, or dream of visiting the Earth’s Finest City Guide – Charleston is loaded with information about the town of Charleston, hot spots, places to eat, hang your hat, and so much more.  I”m off to check out Earth’s Finest City Guide – New York, which is another place I cannot wait to visit.

FIJI Water’s Earth Finest City Guide is a bi-monthly online travel magazine.  Each issue focuses on one city and gives readers the inside school on the best places to eat, stay and play!  Be sure to check out all the different Earth Finest City Guide’s below:

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Which one of the Earth’s Finest City Guide’s did you check out first?  Leave me a comment and let them know which one you are planning on using, or learned something interested from.

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  • tamra gibson

    Just beautiful pics. It looks cozy and elegant both. I sure hope you get to go and do everything you want Oh and don’t forget to take pics, you take picture perfect pics-I always chop off heads-lol

  • Courtney

    I grew up in the midwest and moved to the Charleston area 5 years ago leaving all of our friends and family behind. Absolutely love it here!

    • Jenn

      I want to visit so badly everyone says such good things, and I just love learning about places I want to travel to…. I cannot wiat to visit

  • Christina A.

    My dad and his wife love visiting Charleston! It’s a wonderful “foodie city!” I took a look at the Austin guide as well…I live right outside of Austin so was curious as to what their recommendations would be!

  • Cara Daymude

    love the pics never been to Charleston