15 Things To Do On Valentine’s Day, Plus A Great Gift Idea For Him

I’m not sure if you are already thinking about Valentines gift ideas for him, but I am.  I’m also looking for cute things to do for him on Valentine’s Day.  The way I see it is, I love my husband and this is OUR day together.  Today isn’t about the kids, it’s all about us.  I want to be sure and do something special for him, followed by great Valentine’s Day gift for him.

things to do on valentine's day

If you are wondering what I am going to get him, I’m not really sure yet I am still searching the web for great gift ideas for men.  I’m not looking to break the bank, just get him something a little different that lets him know I’m love him, and put some thought into his Valentine’s Day gift.  I have a few things do to on Valentine’s Day to share with you, as well as a great gift idea for him.  I cannot use the gift idea because I already gave it to him for Christmas, lol.  Either way, it’s a great gift and I wanted to share it in case you are looking to get something unique for your man this Valentine’s Day.

I’m no pro at all this, but I like to think I have a few good ideas to share.  I have found some great things by reading other bloggers posts, which is why you will find me sharing things like this more often.  I am going to start putting a stronger focus on being more personal with my readers, sharing things I have learned over the years being a wife, having 4 children, one of which is handicap.  I was thinking about it the other day, and wow I have a lot of “stuff” in this brain of mine, and I would love to share it.  You just never know who you will help, or what difference you will make in someone’s life.  In my opinion it doesn’t get more personal than your family.  Oh, and be on the lookout for more technology, that’s my cup of tea, and I’m going to be brining a lot more of it to the blog.  Anyway, now that we have that over and done with let’s talk about things to do on Valentine’s Day.

15 Things To Do On Valentine’s Day, Plus a Great Valentine’s Day Gift Idea For Him

Here are 15 things that don’t cost much, if anything at all.  They all are meaningful, and allow you to spend quality time with your spouse on your special day.  Which in the end that is what matters right, quality time together.  Plus, doing these things will give you more money to get him a great Valentine’s Day gift idea, because he really does deserve it.

Cook For Him on Valentine’s Day

Cook, men love a good meal, and by a good meal make it all about him.  If he likes to cook, maybe ask him to join you.  Even if he doesn’t cook, and he’s home tell him to join you.  The kitchen is the heart of the home, why not start there?

Get a Babysitter For The Kids

If you find someone to keep the kids, I’m sure it’s not going to matter what you do.  A night alone, on Valentine’s Day!  That never happens, if it does this year have fun.

Stay Up Late

If for some reason you cannot get a sitter, put the kids in bed a little early, and stay up late.  Spend time together doing something special.  Don’t let the kids being home be the reason you don’t curl up in bed together and watch a movie, or something.


I am not sure if all men like it, but my husband loves when I do cheesy little things like leave him a letter in his truck.  He finds it on his way to work, and it puts a little hop in his step all day.  Of course, it’s a heartfelt letter that I spent a lot of time on.  It’s Valentine’s Day, make it awesome!  You can also leave him a sweet trail of letters that he will find all throughout the day.  It’s fun, and will make him smile for sure.

Watch Movies

By watch movies I don’t mean sit down and watch movies.  I mean cuddle up in bed and watch a flick you both like!  It’s all about being together, and doing things with one another you normally don’t’ have time for.

Make Something

It’s true, gifts from the heart mean more.  Why not make your man something sumptuous – Chocolate Covered Strawberries, or something romantic that the both of you enjoy.

Bubble Bath

Why not jump in the bath, add some bubbles, maybe even drink a glass of bubbly.


Go for a walk (being its warm enough where you live).


Give him a full body message.  Who doesn’t love a message with all the oils?  It’s a great way to spoil one another, and connect on a level that you’re probably not able to often.

Watch The Sunset

Jump in the car, and go to that place you used to watch the sunset. Don’t have one?  Do your research, find a good one and make one.

Drive In

We’re lucky we have a drive-in.  If you’re lucky enough to have a drive-in go watch a movie together.  It’s a nice start to a romantic evening.

Do Something You Both Enjoy

Buy tickets to that movie you have been wanting to see, drive 20 minutes to that restaurant you both talked about wanting to try, or anything else that is fun and spontaneous.  If you have kids, spontaneous is likely something you don’t remember how to do well, lol.  If you are able, do it.. It will be fun!

Take A Trip Down Memory Lane

Look at old pictures, go to places you used to go when you first meet, or do something the two of you used to do together.  Talking about the past can cause sparks to happen.

Wedding Pictures or Video

Check out your wedding pictures, or video.  Talk about how important that day was to one another.

Do What Is Special To The Two Of You.

I can sit here all night and share idea, after idea, after idea, but what is special to me isn’t necessarily special to you and your husband.  You know what your husband likes, and you know what Valentine’s Day is about.  It a day to show your spouce how much they mean to you, and you don’t have to get anyone a diamond ring to show them you care.  I have always thought of Valentine’s Day as a day to make memories together.  I do get my husband a gift every year, but we typically don’t spend money going out to eat, or heading to the casino like some of my friends.  We stick around the house, and half the time have to put the kids to bed early, and that’s okay.

six different wooden watches from Jord

Anyway, I am searching for a gift idea for him.  Something super special, something as unique, and awesome as he is.  I got Shawn something REALLY neat for Christmas, and thought I would share it with anyone looking for the perfect gift idea for him.  It’s totally unique, not something he will ever expect, well made, and wow looks amazing.  Shawn loves his….  Now it’s hard to find something as cool for Valentine’s Day, lol.

If you are looking for unique gift ideas for him for Valentine’s Day thank you cannot go wrong with the Wood Watches by Jord!  Yes, you read that right – Wood Watches, and they are cooler than they sound.  My husband has been wanting a good watch for years, but is WAY too picky to every wear one.  The second that I saw the Jord’s Wood Watches I knew this would be a watch he would wear proudly.  They come in several different styles, and they are all amazing, and seriously beautiful.

Delmar Series Wooden Watch by JORD

Delmar Series Wooden Watch by JORD

This is an amazing watch with a large face design, and slick carbon fiber face plates.  I don’t know if I know any man who wouldn’t love this watch.  You can get the Delmar Series in a variety of wood and carbon colors.  You can even pick it up in Natural Bamboo!  Tell me this isn’t a beauty.  Enjoy scratch proof glass face, which is perfect for the working man, golf playing man, or man whose kids will sneak to play with his watch.  Yes, they all happen around this house.

746 series wooden watch gift idea for valentine's day

746 Series Wood Watch by JORD

This wooden watch is HOT, and is the limited edition, premium mechanical series.  It’s the first to incorporate an automatic and exposed skeleton movement.  It’s awesome, and like all their watches only constructed form the best products.  You can wind the 746 Series by hand, and will stay wound with your body’s natural movement, that’s right no batteries so keep moving.  How awesome is that!

94A Series Wood Watch by JORD

94A Series Wood Watch by JORD

I don’t know how one would choose their favorite watch, they are all awesome.  The 94A Series includes a etched, multi-colored, metallic face, square, scratch-proof glass, secure Citizen Miyota movement with date, stainless steel clasp, and more.

Sully Series Wood Watch by JORD

Sully Series Wood Watch by JORD

Enjoy a casual and professional look, and you can choose from several different woods, includes Citizen Miyota movements and date window.  The contrasting colors make this an obvious wood watch from a distance

Ely Series Jord Wooden Watch Great Valentine's Day Gift Idea For HIm

Ely Series Wood Watch by JORD

The Ely Series is super elegant, small face design, which screams my husband when I see it.  This is an awesome watch that makes you want to smile, and show it off, lol.  The Ely Series is light, and sexy, it’s the everyday watch.

Fieldcrest Series Wood Watch by JORD

Fieldcrest Series Wooden Watch by JORD

This is the one my husband has, and it’s awesome.  He loves it, and to my surprise wears it every single day, and said he loves it when people ask him about it because he knows he is the only person in town with one.  HA, for now because people love it.  We went to the grocery store last night and three people asked where we got it, how much, and one person actually asked him to take it off so he could see it, and feel it.  I’m sure you would get this type of attention with any of the watches, they really are amazing.

Jord wooden watches for valentines day

I’m not going to lie, seeing a wood watch does make you want to feel it.  In my mind I picture a stiff watch that is hard to wear, but it is not at all like that.  From the looks of it and what my husband tells me it’s much more comfortable than any other watch he has owned.

wooden watch by jord

My husband is not a show off, or a look at what I have kind of person, unless he really likes it.  I catch him showing his watch off all the time, which makes me happy because I know I did well this Christmas.  The Fieldcrest Series wood watch is designed for both men and women seeking simple elegance.  I knew my husband would love the Fieldcrest Series in Black, it has a simple, yet rustic look.  I personally love it, and the size of the face is perfect, it’s not too big, but not too small, includes stainless steel hands, Citizen Miyota Movements, scratch proof glass face, and more.

Wood Watch by Jord for Valentine's Day Gift

There is only one thing I wish they would do differently – make one a little more elegant for women.  I really love the light-colored watches, made out of Bamboo, but they are all very manly in my opinion.  Either way they are great watches and offer tons of great features, like:

  • They are well made
  • Make a great gift idea for him
  • Unique
  • Well crafted
  • Comfortable
  • Reasonably priced
  • Made with quality material, and it shows from the moment you open the box.
  • They are beautiful, and truly one of a kind.  I know I have never seen anything like it.
  • Jord offers several different styles, sizes, colors, etc. so there is something for every man.
  • Like all of the Jord Wood Watches the you will find the scratch poof glass face, each Jord watch is designed to be splash proof, but is not intended for compete submergence in water.

If you are looking for a totally awesome Valentine’s Day gift idea for him I highly suggest you visit WoodWatches.com!  If the man in your life likes watches, or even if he doesn’t like them be sure to check out these awesome Wood Watches because they might turn him into a watch lover.

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  1. Birdiebee says

    I would like to have one of these for myself or for my daughter. I would choose the Ely for my daughter or myself as they are a bit smaller. Love the cherry color. Love the fact that the face is scratch-proof. Thank you for the review! These watches are so unique that I would be the talk of the town if I wore one out in public.

  2. Rachel Duerr says

    My husband is obsessed with collecting accessories like watches. He has been wanting a wooden watch for a while. Such a cool concept!!

  3. Sherry Compton says

    These watches are so beautiful and different. I had never seen these before, but think they would make a great gift.

  4. says

    I had no idea of the quality of these wooden watches. I’m surprised to hear how comfortable they are also. I too thought that wouldn’t be the case. I’m now thinking of one for my son next Christmas. I know he’ll love to receive one as his big gift.

  5. Desiree Dunbar says

    I’d love to win this watch for my husband. I especially like the Ely Series watch in Cherry.

  6. Elizabeth says

    The wooden watches look really unique and cool! I’d love to give this as a gift or even keep it as a funky accessory for myself.

  7. Cindy B says

    These watches are beautiful and I think my brother would love one because he has issues wearing most kinds of metal. Thanks for the great review.

  8. Sarah L says

    No significant other to buy these for, but I think I would enjoy having one of the smaller wood watches. lovely woods.

  9. Sandy Cain says

    These are TOO cool – there’s something so special about wooden watches – they have a steampunk quality to them that I can’t resist!

  10. tracy says

    love how these watches look! my husband and i saw them for the first time on our honeymoon. i would love to get one for him.

  11. Nicole Bear says

    Wow, these are cool and totally unique. I haven’t worn a watch in a while, but I would definitely wear this as just a fashion statement.

  12. Lolita Bouyer says

    Some of these wood watches are sooo fly!!! I love them, and think they would make a great and totally unique gift. My husband has several watches and this would add something unique for his collection.

  13. melisa says

    Still looking at these watches, have a few picked out for my honey that I’m considering for V-day, that’s for introducing me to these gorgeous watches.

  14. Jennifer Hiles says

    I would love to break out our wedding album. I don’t think we’ve looked at it since we got married (bout 5 years ago!). I think that would be a nice thing to do on Valentine’s day. Love these watches. Such a cool look.

  15. says

    This Valentine, I am planning a handmade Valentine card for her. I think see will love it as she is a fond of handcrafts. I decorated my card with some beautiful Valentine messages and quotes. Apart from the card, I have also planned a romantic dinner on the Valentine’s Day eve. Is it ok or should I add more?

  16. Dorothy Boucher says

    this watch is definitely different, but i don’t think a watch would do for valentines day,i just prefer to keep it simple, cards dinner dancing bubble bath , i don’t want my hubby having to think of stressing himself out to worry about what to do for that day, thats probably why we have lasted over 10 years already… thanks for sharing your tipes @tisonlyme143

    • says

      Oh Dorothy I totally agree with you! However, I do enjoy getting my husband something special for Valentine’s Day. He knows I don’t expect anything back, and don’t always go all out for him. Every now and again I do enjoy doing it for him. I do agree with you for sure, I don’t want my husband to stress getting me a gift either, thank you very much for sharing your comment.

  17. Cindy B says

    It’s really difficult to find a great gift for my sweet husband. I think he’d like one of these watches!

    • says

      I have a hard time with my husband too lol… Darn guys are so hard to shop for! Be sure to attend out Twitter Party

  18. Brutus Duffy says

    A trip down memory lane sounds great-will dig out he old VCR…
    I have seen some wooden watches and thought they were pretty cool, but these styles from JORD are the best by far.

  19. says

    Hi Jenn,
    Awesome Valentine day gift ideas for man.
    Your blog is perfect for valentine day gift suggestion for men.
    I really like your ideas and especially about wooden watch.
    You share such a great valentine day gift ideas for men. Nice write up..!!
    Thanks For Sharing…

  20. Carol L says

    I love your ideas and have to tell you they are very similar to what my husband and I have done. Raising 7 kids can leave you a little depleted sometimes :) but we were lucky that my Mom would babysit on Valentines night and stay over so hubby and I could go on a date night with dinner and we would go to a hotel room he reserved and have dessert there and listen to music and act like newlyweds all over again. :) We only did this (staying overnight) once a year but we had always had date night at least twice a month for ourselves. I love the letter idea because I did the same thing, slipping them into his brief case before he left the house in the morning. Thanks for the post of ideas. I just became aware of these wood watches and think they are great and I’m so glad you mentioned they weren’t hard because that’s what I imagined with them being made of wood. So thanks for the review of them. I’ll pass this post to my sons and daughters who now have their own families for the ideas mentioned.
    Carol L

  21. md Kennedy says

    I always struggle to find something different for Valentine’s Day, particularly as my husband and I don’t do gifts (at all – even no gifts on Christmas, Birthdays, etc). So I love the movies in bed idea. I’ll find a couple of good ones on Netflix and then…..!

  22. M J says

    These are great suggestions! A few weeks before Valentine’s Day, every day I try to think of and write down something (big or small, short or long) that I love about my husband, sometimes I give him the list on Valentine’s Day, sometimes I read it to him, sometimes I transfer it to a card, make a gift out of it, etc. He does the same as well :)

  23. elinor semira says

    Thanks for sharing those great helpful tips. It’s not important how simple or extravagant the celebration as long as we are with our loved ones, it’s already enough right? btw, i love the watch for hubby.

    • says

      I couldn’t agree with you more! I think we often get caught up in trying to hard, when it’s about being with your loves ones…

  24. rebeka deleon says

    I am not really thinking about Valentine’s day yet but I want to get some stuff for the kids and I will make a good dinner. it will be more of a family thing.

  25. Christina A. says

    I think that the wooden watches are really classy…they would look good on my husband!

    I also love the idea of writing a letter to your loved one for Valentine’s Day…so sweet!

    • says

      I do one every so often, used to do it every Vday but then I stopped I don’t want him to know what I am doing, lol. My husband loves that kind of stuff so it’s fun, and really puts a big smile on his face..

  26. Cassondra Del Rio says

    those are some great ideas! however, we do that on a weekly or daily basis. pretty much all 15 of them. lol. however, the massage part …. i have only given him twice. i might add that =]

    • says

      That’s great! It’s so important to do these kinds of things to keep your marriage happy and healthy! If you ever have any tips to keep your marriage happy please feel free to leave them.. It’s osomething I will be writing a lot more about this year..

  27. says

    I always make a steak dinner for him on Valentine’s Day and we just take it easy and maybe watch something on Netflix. He works the next day so it makes it harder to stay out too late. Our Anniversary is on the 20th too so we do something on the weekend after Valentine’s and kind combine the two.

  28. Stephanie says

    I wish we could afford a sitter for our 3 lil ones! It would be nice to do have a date night for Valentine’s Day but instead we do incorporate our kids into it. They get a new shirt or dress (hidden from daddy until Valentines day!) that is either something he loves (like star wars) or something cheesy (like I love my daddy) then we get Papa Murphy’s Heart pizza and then we all eat together and watch a movie together. Not that he is not going to be spoiled at night time when the kids are in bed, but with shortage of money and sitters to watch 3 kiddos, we have had to improvise! I would not give up that time together and hopefully its something they remember when they get older!

    • says

      Girl I think that is GREAT!!! We do the same thing normally we have 4 getting a sitter can be hard so if granny cannot help you do the same thing with a bedtime goal of 8pm… then it’s mom and dads time to chill together… It’s great I love hearing that you incorporate your kids into the mix, and they prob love that..

  29. Shannon says

    The wooden watches are gorgeous! I usually make a handmade card for him :) These are all great ideas!

  30. JV says

    First valentines with my girlfriend this year. I’m hoping to make it really special and memorable. I might give some of your suggestions a go. Wish me luck!

  31. Jennifer Hiles says

    I think my husband would be happy if I just watched the hunting channel with him and cooked dinner. With our busy schedules, it’s two things we rarely do. I like the idea of making chocolate covered strawberries!

  32. Anita L says

    You have some very nice ideas of things to do for Valentines Day. This year since hubby was laid off and I lost my part time job, there’s not much money to buy extras. I think hubby would love a nice massage and cooking him a nice breakfast in bed :)

  33. Holly says

    Great ideas for a romantic and personalized day to celebrate love. Cool watches,, how about hubby gets one…. And so do I… this valentine!


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