Three of My Favorite Places To Make Money Blogging!

If you are a blogger chances are you want to make money blogging!  It’s hard work, naturally you want to generate some extra income, maybe even make a full-time job out of it.  There are several different ways to generate income with your blog, and I take advantage of the ones that work best for me.  I think you just have to find what works best for you and go with it.  Some places might work great for some, while others might struggle to make a dollar.  

Three of My Favorite Places To Make Money Blogging!

Three of My Favorite Places To Make Money Blogging!

If you are looking for ways  to make money blogging here are three of my favorite places to make money blogging.

The Sponsorship Marketplaces by IZEA

This is a new one that I am VERY excited about.  I have been waiting for them to roll this one out, and wanted to share.  Now you can connect all your accounts – Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Flickr!  The more you connect the better!  Connect more than one account too, the more social accounts you have the more money you can make.  Be sure to set up the Topics and Target Audiences for every connection, and update your profile so advertisers can easily find you.  Advertisers will find you based on interests and demographics, the better your profile is set up the better offers you will get. 

This program actually rolls out in March, but I am sure it’s going to be a good money-maker, and you are going to want to get set up as soon as possible.  Be sure to sign up for The Sponsorship Marketplace here!  



If you are looking for places that pay you to write sponsored posts Social Spark is awesome.  You have to apply, but once you get accepted to their program you’ll be happy you applied.  Social Spark helps to connect bloggers with brands in an ethical way.  They have great offers, and plenty of them be sure to apply with Social Spark if you are serious about making money with your blog.  My favorite thing about Social Spark is they adhear to the highest ethical standards, and 100% of their posts are 100% ethical, and everything is easy to understand.  They supply link, images, and anything else you may need to craft your sponsored post.

You can join Sponsorship Marketplace here.


This is as easy as it sounds, get paid to send out tweets.  You will receive email alerts when you have an active offer in your Sponsored Tweets accounts, which you can choose to accept or deny.  Sponsored Tweets is also part of the IZEA family, which is my favorite place to earn money blogging.   The Sponsorship Marketplace here.

Blogging is hard work, it’s extremely time-consuming.  I honestly spend more time crafting posts than I did as a store manager for a large bank, but it’s worth it.  I love what I do, most importantly I am able to be home with my family.  Which means the world to me.  

There you have it, my three favorite places to earn money blogging.  Leave me a comment and let me know what your favorite places to make money blogging are. 

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  1. says

    I have signed up for all of these and I don’t have any offers from them. I do keep checking, but I’m not getting my hopes up too much.

  2. Heather says

    I wasn’t aware that bloggers could make money (aside from the ads on the sides of the page). Are you talking pennies per month or hundreds of dollars?

  3. Elizabeth Crabtree says

    I was asking my husband just yesterday how bloggers make money. Particularly, how they could make enough to earn a full time living. I was reading someones blog recently and it said they get $20 per review they do, but they only do 1 or 2 reviews a week. So I can’t see how they’d make any real money. This article makes it a little more clear, thanks.

  4. says

    Thanks Jenn, I will certainly check these out. I’ve been putting off because I started my blog and then I got sick, so I have been in a state of limbo. I’m going to a new dr. on Friday and I have high hopes that I will be better soon. As soon as I get back into the blog with gusto, I’m going to look into monetizing.

  5. margaret peg m says

    i am just about ready to start my blog (a long time coming) and didn’t really consider the money-making aspect…after reading this, i am going check around and see if it will work for me. thank you much.

    • says

      That is awesome, these are GREAT places they are awesome I have worked with all of them for 3 years and have deveoped a great relationship with them and I highly recommend them!!!