Top Four Coupon Websites

The Internet has revolutionized all aspects of modern life, including and especially commerce. These days there is less and less of a need for shoppers to even leave their homes in order to find what it is they are looking for, as pretty much anything can be dropped right on the front doorstep. And the Internet doesn’t just help with modern shopping; it offers a number of great deals on various products as well. Online consumers just need to know where to look in order to find the best deals. This is where daily deal sites come in.

Top Four Coupon WebsitesThere are a number of coupon sites on the Internet, but those that offer daily deals are popular for bringing extremely low prices on a wide array of items to the masses. Yes, everything from clothing to jewelry to even food is often represented on these websites. Here are just a few of the best.

It wouldn’t be a list of daily deal sites without that most famous of group-buying websites, Groupon. This is why it takes the first spot on the list. But the reasons for Groupon’s massive success are not only due to the social nature of the site; they simply offer many deals on a staggering variety of products and services. It’s probably the only site where visitors can find discounts on tours of the Queen Mary as well as a half-off discount at a Brazilian churrasco restaurant. And, true to its name, Groupon offers discounts for whole groups of folks so shoppers can include their friends.

This is a typical shopping website offering products that run the gamut from laptops to red wine. However, the central premise of Woot is to offer one great deal per day, listed front and center on their site. These deals close at midnight every evening but the items usually sell out before then due to the attractive nature of the deal. For example, in a cursory review of Woot, this author found a listing for a brand-new Schwinn exercise bike on sale for a mere $179.99.

This site is another option that lists one stellar deal a day. Products go on sale at midnight each and every day and closes at 12 AM sharp the following evening – or until stocks run out. This site’s main specialty is electronics, and a sample viewing saw a listing for a ViewSonic digital picture frame for $29.99. Not too shabby.

This site is similar to Groupon in that it offers a variety of discounts and deals across the U.S. by city. It even keeps up with Groupon in the diversity department, as visitors can find discounts on everything from painting classes to meals at Thai/Japanese fusion restaurants. One twist Living Social offers is that it gives visitors a free deal if three or more of their friends by the offer in question.

Those shopaholics and deal hunters who visit the above-listed sites should be able to find steep discounts on a number of items likely to appeal to them. And the best part is that each of these options is free to use with no membership fees.

Amy Fitzgerald is a professional blogger that provides financial advice and tips to consumers. She writes for, a title loan company.

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