Tried Mircrosoft SkyDrive? I Love It On Windows #HTC8 Phone #Troop8x

Most of you know I’ve been on vacation, which means tons of great pictures.  I’ve always used Photobucket to save my pictures, and edit, pretty much anything I need to do I have always done with Photobucket.  Now don’t get me wrong, there’s times when I have stepped outside my comfort zone.  Since I’ve been using my Windows HTC 8X phone so much, and love so many of the features I decided to give Microsoft SkyDrive a real try.

Needless to say, I have take a lot of pictures to share with my family and my lovely readers.  I left my camera at home, and I have to say my HTC 8X Phone has done a wonderful job snapping pictures, but I will save that for another post.  Taking a lot of pictures means, spending a lot of time doing something or another with them.  Whether it’s editing or adding them to my blog.  I feel like I spend more time on my pictures than I need to.

So what’s the deal about Microsoft SkyDrive?  First of all, have your used it yet?  If not I highly recommend downloading it.  It’s actually awesome, I have it on all my Windows HTC 8X Phone, Android Phone, Google Table, Kindle Fire, and my husband has it on his device as well.  We save all our photo’s in one neutral spot.  We have taken most of the pictures with my phone because the camera is seriously amazing.

Today my husband went to work and wanted to show off some pictures from our vacation.  He called and asked me to send some to him, all he had to do was sign into our SkyDrive and he instantly had access to all the pictures we had taken.  Which is awesome, but it gets better.

If you have a Microsoft email account you can toggle back and forth between your SkyDrive, People, Calendar, and Email.  It’s super easy, two clicks and you’re right where you want to be.  I love that I can use the Microsoft calendar so easily, it’s really encouraged me to start using it more.

Now for my favorite part.  You know all these pictures I have stored in my SkyDrive?  There’s a lot of them, and I want to share them with you.  When I visit my SkyDrive and view my pictures there’s this little map on the right hand side that tells me where the picture was taken.  WOW, talk about never forgetting again.  It gets better, you can tag someone in the picture so your remember who was there, it also gives you all the information you need.  Remember the date the picture was taken, what camera took the picture, dimensions, when it was last modified, when it was added to the SkyDrive, name of picture and the size of the image.  There’s a place for you to add comments too.

Now for my favorite part.  If you’re a blogger placing images on your blog is a never ending task.  Microsoft SkyDrive makes everything so easy.  Add a picture to your blog in a matter of seconds.  All you have to do is click on the image you want to use, hit the Embed link, and wait for the code to pop up.  Then copy and paste the code on your blog in html format and you’re good to go.  It’s really that easy, and if you’re worried about placing the name of your blog or your url on your pictures there’s a WordPress Plug-in that will automatically add your website address to it.

There’s so much more you can do from your Microsoft SkyDrive too.  Do not think it stop at pictures.  You can create, save, modify and share documents such as:

  • Word
  • Excel
  • PowerPoint
  • One Note
  • Excel Survey

You can share anything in Microsoft SkyDrive via email, Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, by link, oh and don’t forget to take advantage of Handyscan and other awesome apps that work with SkyDrive.  What’s Handyscan?  It’s an app for your Windows Phone that allows you to scan anything on your phone, and save it to your SkyDrive to access later from anywhere.  Isn’t that just amazing.

You can also take advantage of Xobni.  This app allows you to access your SkyDrive files from Outlook, so you can easily sent to others.  You can also link up your Android or iOs devices.  I have everything all working together, it’s awesome.  I feel so much more organized, lol.  I love the thought of everything being stored up in the clouds, rather than bogging down my computer or phones.

I know there’s others programs that offer this, but Microsoft has always been one of my favorites.  FYI, which would be the reason you’ll still catch me using a email, lol.The more I learn how to use my Windows HTC 8X Phone the more impressed I am with everything.  I love the fact that I can have my SkyDrive anywhere, and posting pictures on my blog is super easy.  It’s amazing everything you’re able to do with the Windows HTC 8X, everything just runs so smooth.  I’ve yet to have an issue (knock on wood, or my phone will blow up, lol), and everything is so easy to learn how to use.

I can honestly say with my job as a blogger, I will use this every single day.  It’s helped make my life a little easier, and defiantly more fun.

I would love to hear your opinion on Microsoft SkyDrive.  Have you tried the Microsoft SkyDrive yet?  If not what do you think about it, will it be something you try out?

Be on the lookout for my next post, I will share a bunch of pictures from our trip all taken with my phone.  I think you will be impressed, I know my husband and I sure are.

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  1. Sam Dock says

    My husband just got us started with Sky drive, I havent used it much yet, but I think it is going to be great!

  2. Vikki Cousin says

    Thank you. I was wanting to know if Skydrive was good and now I know that I want to try it.

  3. Ari says

    Yet something new I learned today via your blog. I’ve been a Windows!lover for most of my life so the fact that Microsoft Skydrive is soo usefull is like music to my PC-loving ears!

  4. Jennifer Mae Hiles says

    I love love love sky drive! I just started using it about 6 months ago. So nice to be able to access my photos from anywhere and not worry about losing them or forgetting to back up. I was unaware of the “map” that tells you where the picture was taken! Thanks for the tip!

  5. Rosanne says

    We recently had a photographer come to our house when everyone was home for Christmas and takes hundreds ob pictures. As everyone went back to their home states Photobucket was a great way to share the pictures we received

  6. vanessa dalton says

    TY for the information. I don’t have a smartphone or internet on my phon,e but I love reading your reviews!