Triple Action Life In The Amazon Exersaucer From Evenflo! #GiftGuide

Here’s another, “We didn’t have baby stuff like this when my children were small!!” I can still remember the roll around walkers my children had with the cheap metal frames, hard plastic seats that were suspended with straps, and wheels that would eventually pop off. Parents from the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s are you with me so far?? Well for you younger parents, let me show you what I’m talking about,

Now, after seeing these old-time models I’m sure you can relate when I say I was ecstatic to receive the Triple Fun Life In The Life In The Amazon Exersaucer from Evenflo!! This fun ExerSaucer is a “safe alternative” to baby walkers!! I love that if offers three stages of extended and easy conversion. The spinning, bouncing and rocking actions provide baby plenty of exercise to strengthen legs, back and neck muscles. Best of all your child can use this awesome ExerSaucer from newborn to 24 months.

What a big difference right? Evolution & technology…I love it!! You have to see all the fabulous features Life In The Amazon ExerSaucer has,

  • Playmat, ExerSaucer and Activity Table in one for extended usage as your child grows
  • This baby activity center folds flat for travel and storage
  • 11 age-appropriate toys and fun music help baby achieve 10 developmental milestones such as fine motor skills, object exploration, tactile development and more
  • This Exersaucer has a carry handle to make traveling a cinch
  • The wide surrounding tray on the baby activity center is landscaped to bring toys closer to baby.
  • 3-position height adjustment grows with your baby
  • ExerSaucers feature a machine-washable seat pad
  • Take With Me Toys™ can be easily removed and used on other Evenflo items
  • Features a fun amazon theme
  • For use with newborns to approximately 24 months; maximum height 30 inches
  • Requires 9 AAA alkaline batteries for learning pods and toy bar (not included)

It was easier to assemble than we had thought! When we opened the box and saw all the parts, we looked at each other and sighed. Well, needless to say that was a waste of breath!! We were able to assemble the Exersaucer quickly and easily with no problems!! It took a whole whopping 15 minutes to assemble, love it! Every piece is easy to attach, directions were easy to follow and all we needed was a screwdriver and some batteries.

I love the colors and the engaging detachable toys! Not only does this marvelous Exersaucer fold flat for easy travel & storage but it grows with your child converting into an activity table and play mat so your little one will continue to have hours of educational fun while sitting in or out!!

little miss Novalee’s is 5 months, and is at the “reach & grab stage” so she can hit the buttons while reaching to create music and grab onto the toys. I can’t wait until she’s able to maneuver all the endless possibilities this Exersacucer has to bring her!! She just loves her Life In The Amazon ExerSaucer and will be able to use it for a long time !

Over all the only down fall I had with this ExerSaucer from Evenflo is not purchasing one sooner!! The Life In The Amazon ExerSaucer along with all of  Evenflo’s wonderful products would make the best holiday gifts for the little ones in your life!

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  1. Anita L says

    My son was born in 1982, so I am well aware of what was available then! Looking back, it was just awful! I’m loving everything I see about this product. There’s so many things to keep baby busy and it looks to be quite comfortable! I am certain that my grand daughter would have a great experience with this :)

  2. Cassondra Del Rio says

    i have done daycare for 10 years. nanny for 4 of those years. and two kids of my own. never have i had an exer saucer that folds down for travel! thats so cool!

  3. Marti Smith says

    This is so awesomely amazing. I just really like the fact that this works in 3 different ways. So entertaining for the babies

  4. says

    I love the fact that babies can use these for a whole 24 months and they are built to last. I remember the old ones and they were really not safe. Some even collapsed with the baby in them which hurt their little legs.

  5. Courtney Desormeaux says

    Wow, I am an 80s baby and so is my brother, I remember these well. Now my baby is due in July, I would love one of these exersaucerss!

  6. ldoepker says

    I love the picture on the different walker I have a picture of me in one that you are showing. I am so glad that they have come a long way on the way they are made thank you for the flash back.

  7. Gina H. says

    Oh my gosh, my Mom put us in those flimsy walkers a long time ago! So unsafe but I’m glad we have ExerSaucer now. They are great!

  8. Kortney Picker says

    I love that you can use this product 3 different ways, I would love to have this for my baby due in February!! I have a daughter, but I never had an exersaucer for her, this looks great!!

  9. June S. says

    (Triple Action Life In The Amazon Exersaucer From Evenflo! #GiftGuide) I can remember the baby walkers looking like the yellow walker pictured up above. That is how they looked when my children were all babies.

  10. Nena Sinclair says

    These sure have come a long way from the “good ol’ days”! They’re so much more practical and comfortable now!