Using The Gift of #Tech to Teach Your Children The Gift of Giving

Does your child love his games, you know all the awesome items children are lucky enough to have today.  Smartphone’s, Tablets, Computers, OH MY! How in the world did we ever make it as children, without all these great tech gadgets.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m a gadget geek, and I don’t know what I would do without them, but I’m a blogger so I must have them, lol.  Luckily, I’m an old fart and understand that giving is important!

With all these new tools available to us, they not only provide entertainment to our children, but also opportunities to teach children about giving back and helping to make the world a better place.  It’s important we pass the gift of giving down to our children.   My daughters always been so kind hearten, but lately we’ve seen a huge change in her.  She’s a teenager now, and thinks she knows everything.

My children have all kinds of things, I know they don’t realize how lucky they are.  I won a Kindle Fire not long ago, and my teenage daughter has been bugging me to give it to her.  She’s actually been rather mad at me, because I asked her if she knew of an older child that was less fortunate than us.  I  wanted to give it to them for Christmas.  OMG, if I could have smacked my daughter for her selfishness I would have.  She’s lucky she’s faster than me, lol.  But on a serious note, I never expected this kind of reaction from her.  She was very upset, I was going to give the Kindle Fire to someone other than her.  Even though we don’t need it!

Really we have a Kindle, Google, Samsung, iPad, iPod, everyone in my family has a nice Smartphone.  It’s one of the perks of having a mom that loves the techy stuff.  This reaction went all over me, I began plotting how I could help my daughter understand that giving is a gift to not only someone, but to ourselves too.  The feeling of putting a smile on someone’s face is far more meaningful, than having a Kindle that will probably sit on the counter until it’s no longer a “cool” gadget.

So what are some ways your child can use their Smartphone, Tablet, or Computer to understand the importance of giving back?  Here’s a few ways I’ve made my daughter step away from her texts, and get a better understanding of the gift of giving.

Read, Read, Read

It’s the holidays, have your child read articles online about children their age that are less fortunate.  It’s really helped my teen relate, I don’t think she would really feel bead for anyone younger or older.  Let’s face it, she’s at that selfish age.  However, making her read an article that she’s able to relate to really puts things in perspective.

Visit charity websites

One day Google it, or take some time to check out a few known “Charity Websites”.  We checked out several, my daughter loves animals and cloths.  We went to Good Will, and a few animal charities.  She is getting all her old cloths together to take to our Good Will drop off.  Which, before visiting she had no idea we had in our town.  We live in a town where there isn’t a Good Will store, but there’s several drop off locations in our town.

Find charities available in your area

I don’t remember the last time I had a phone book in my home.  My daughter and I Goggled charities that were available in our area.  She now knows, what’s available in our area to donate to.  She learned that all the schools in our area have programs for families that are not able to afford the holidays, or need a little help.  I think this is what really touched her, I don’t think she realized that maybe some of her friends we less fortunate than us.

My daughter actually visited with her school principal to find out if there was someone in her school that would love to have this Kindle Fire.  The school called me to ask me if she was serious, and if I was okay with gifting a Kindle Fire to one of their student.  I proudly told them, if that’s what my daughter wants to do with it we sure would.  The night before, I had given the Kindle Fire to my daughter, at this point it was hers to give.

I know right, it seriously brings tears to my eyes, when I think about it.  I didn’t think she was going to give it away, I really thought she would keep it and I would see it on my counter in a week.  I love my kido, even though she is a snotty teen, she’s still in there.  I think sometimes we have to get creative to reach them.