Want More Than Just A Video App? Try This All-In-One Storytelling App!

I recently learned how to make videos on your mobile device the easy way.  Everything is in once place on your mobile device, there is no need to toggle back and forth between apps, or even worse your mobile device and your computer.  If you have ever wanted to learn how to make videos the easy way you’re going to want to read this.

I love learning about all the new technology, and finding new apps that make things more convenient, safer, or more fun.  When I search for apps to download to my mobile device I want apps that will be beneficial to me personally and/or professionally.  I have made it a goal to be more active on YouTube over the next year.  I finally feel like I have a good hold on my career as a blogger, and feel like I’m ready for the next move. I have been looking for apps to help make videos using my mobile device.  With my on-the-go lifestyle it’s a necessity.  There are so many video apps to choose from, I want something that stands out from the rest – like Voyzee, it’s an All-in-One Story Telling App.

I have heard over and over again that video sharing is supposed to be more prominent next year.  Like many of you I have a YouTube Channel, Vine account, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, but I wasn’t aware of Voyzee until about a week ago.  Do you already have a Voyzee account?  You’ll probably want to get one, even if you’re not a blogger.  Let me explain…

Voyzee All In One Story Telling App For Android and iOs LogoVoyzee Story Telling App For Android and iOS

Voyzee is more than just a video app that you can find in both Google Play, and iTunes App Store.  It allows users to tell a story using pictures, videos and spoken words from your mobile device.  That’s right you can add personalized narration to your pictures, and share it with family and friends all from that mobile device.  Users can share a picture story of the kids with family and friends via email, narrated video of your most recent vacation on Facebook, or maybe a do-it-yourself video to share on your Voyzee timeline, and upload to your YouTube Channel, and other social networks.

Using Voyzee is easy.  Capture or upload your favorite pictures and video clips, and use Voyzee’s editing tools to help bring your story to life.  You can add captions, descriptions, filters, animations, remove background audio, add a soundtrack from Voyzee’s library, or add your own music, even add your own recorded narration!  What’s not to love?  With Voyzee you can turn your pictures and videos into a beautiful story.  It the easy way to make videos!

profile of videos made by a Voyzee all in one story telling app userShare Your Story with Family and Friends

Each Voyzee you make can be shared with others by using Voyzee’s in-app social network website, or you can share via Twitter, Facebook, text message, or email, YouTube, Vimeo, and more.  The possibilities are endless.  Check out all the features Voyzee offers.

  • Voyzee Features
  • Upload videos or pictures from your camera
  • Capture new footage
  • Share up to 30 pictures and/or videos per story
  • Using your own voice you can add narration to each picture of video.
  • Add captions and descriptions
  • Trip the start and end frames of each video clip
  • remove background audio from videos and select a soundtrack (pick songs from your device’s mp3 collection or from the Voyzee library)
  • Share your story on your Voyzee timeline and share it with your Voyzee followers.
  • Share your story via Facebook, Twitter, emails, SMS, or download to your phone and share anywhere.  Great for YouTubers!

If you need to re-edit a story that’s already been posted and shared, not a problem.  You can re-edit and rest assured that your story will update everywhere.

Voyzee is an awesome app for everyone!

How To Make Videos With The  All-in-One Story Telling App, Voyzee

After you download Voyzee you’ll be asked to register, and set up your profile.  It’s easy, only takes a few minutes, and as soon as you’re finished you can begin creating your first Voyzee story!

HOW TO MAKE A VIDEO WITH YOUR MOBILE DEVICEVoyzee allows users to enter a 68 character title, as well as a 300 character description.  Images and clips can come from your mobile device, or users are able to create new footage with the Tap-Tap feature.  Using Tap-Tap allows users to use both their mobile device camera to capture video and photographs without toggling back and forth between the two.  To use the Tap-Tap feature select Tap-Tap Capture and tap the screen for a photograph, or tap and old to capture video.  After you have captures you’re new content you’ll go straight to the editor.  I have found this feature to be much easier, save time, and probably a lot of frustration, lol.  I tend to get frustrated when there is too many steps recommended to accomplish one simple task.

I use my mobile device for everything, but when it comes to checking my timeline, looking at others videos, sharing, commenting, editing my profile, and things of that nature I prefer to use my computer.  Voyzee is the rockstar of video apps with a functional website.  I love that I am able to check my timeline, view my video, comment, like, share, edit settings and more from my computer.

Voyzee is the only app I have downloaded that allows users to turn their pictures and videos into a beautiful video story that can be shared with family and friends using their social networks, email, SMS, and more.  Voyzee is more than a video app, it’s an all-in-one story telling app. I’m excited to use Voyzee more for my personal and professional life.

If you don’t already have it you can download it free from Google Play and the iTunes App Store.  When you download it be sure to leave me a comment and let me know what you think of Voyzee.

If you want to learn more about Voyzee you can visit them on their website, “Like” on Facebook, and Twitter.

Check out this fun video I made of the reindeer cupcakes my daughter and I recently made.  I was going to talk through the entire thing, but I wanted to show you the best of both worlds.. I will do a video soon to share with you, yepie! Great app!

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  1. Christina Kelbel says

    That is pretty neat. I don’t see much practical use for it but it is pretty cool. Thanks for sharing.