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Colorful Windows Phone 8X by HTC

There’s so much to love about the actual Windows phone, but what about the Windows apps.  Those that are just stepping in the world of Windows phones are experiencing the Windows App Store and downloading Windows apps.  There’s always something exciting about experiencing a new phone with new apps.

The new Windows Phone’s really are stirring up some buzz, it’s no wonder either.  If you’re a Widows Phone owner, it’s likely your having fun playing with all the feature and perks of being a Windows Phone owner.  So many perks for anyone using the phone, if you’re a Windows 8 computer user than you’re really experiencing the HTC 8X.  So many perks for anyone who appreciates a quality phone.  I recently received the Windows HTC 8X, and wow I love it.

I’m not huge on app, I only download the ones that are important to me.  Apps that help me with my blogging business, allow me to keep up with my friends and family, shopping, and then of course the apps that keep my children busy.  I have found plenty of apps to keep me busy in the Windows App Store.  I’ve heard many people complain about the lack I apps, if I used tons of them this might be an issue.  However, everything need for my business and personal life I have been able to find.

The Windows Marketplace offers plenty of social apps to keep you connected to your friends, family, co-workers, readers, and just about anyone else you need to get in touch with via social media.  No need to worry you’ll be connected, have entertainment, help shopping, save money, and help traveling if you grab apps from the Windows Marketplace.

Facebook – I think this is a given.  In my line of work, and on a personal level Facebook is important.  It allows me to connect with my readers, and keep in touch with my family and friends. The Facebook app makes it easy to upload pictures, post status updates, check in, chat it up with some buddies, and more.  There’s several different versions of Facebook in the Windows store, I’ve been trying several of them and personal I prefer Facebook Pro.  There is also Facebook + that is supposed to be just like the app for iOS or Android.

Rowi – Rowi is an awesome Twitter app that you can download on your Windows Phone.  Rowi is FREE to download and allows you to use Twitter to the fullest.  It’s a great app for both beginner tweeters and avid tweeters.

YouTube – I love jumping on YouTube and checking out some of my subscriptions.  Watch all the videos for free on YouTube.

4th & Mayor – This is a free app that really makes Foursquare simple and quick to use.  If you use Foursquare, 4th & Mayor really simplifies the experience. yet leaves you with the experiences you would expect from Foursquare.

Xbox SmartGlass – This is a Xbox gamer app, and it’s free.  Xbox SmartGlass allows users to control their Xbox console with their Windows Phone! You can navigate around your Xbox dashboard without a controller, use your phone as a virtual keyboard, and more.  If you’re an Xbox fanatic than I highly recommend downloading Xbox SmartGlass.

Pinspiration – If you’re a Pinterest addict, here’s your app to brows and post to Pinterest on your Windows Phone.   Sign in, share, pin, comment, repin, all from your Windows Phone.  Pinspiration is Free at the Windows Store.  If you don’t like Pinspiration you can give Pin + a try.

SkyDrive – This is one of my favorites.  Just in case you didn’t already know, SkyDrive is a place to store EVERYTHING.  Store your files int he clouds, then you can access them from any device.  Windows phone has a built-in access to SkyDrive right form the Office.  Don’t miss out on this awesome app, get SkyDrive free at the Windows Store.

LinkedIn – Connect with your LinkedIn friends from your Windows Pone, read news, stay up to date with your groups, explore jobs, and share content.  Get LinkedIn free.

Track My Life – This is more of a fun app, but it might just open your eyes a bit.  Track My Life is an app that lets you know just how you spend your life.  How much time do you spend at work?  Have you ever calculated where you spend most of your time?  Download Track My Life for free you might be surprised at the results.

Groupon – All you deal seekers are more than likely familiar with Groupon.  Save 50% to 90% off on places to eat, travel, deals, deals, and daily deals.  Download Groupon for free at the Windows store.

Amazon Mobile – If you’re like me and love to browse and buy on Amazon there’s no need to worry you’ll have the Amazon Mobile app on your phone.

If you’re looking for great apps?  Head over to the Windows App Store and check out all of their great apps.  You’ll find plenty of great apps to keep you social, keep you saving, shopping, gaming, and your kids busy.

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    • says

      thanks for stopping by stay… yes My Life is awesome.. there’s so many that are great it’s so hard to choose lol

  1. Tiffany Faulk says

    I have thinking of getting a Windows phone. Good to know there are so many cool and useful apps. I don’t know anyone who has HTC phones so it’s good to hear a little about what you can get for it. Thanks for the review !!!

  2. Kristin Chapman says

    Thanks for all the info! I am deciding on a phone to buy and part of me thinks I wouldn’t really need a smartphone–but all those apps sound so awesome, I’m getting more convinced!

    • says

      You will love this phone! It’s awesome, if you choose one let me know I think you will be super happy with your choice!

  3. Maddie K. says

    I’ve bookmarked this review so I can come back and make sure I get some of these awesome apps you have reviewed. Thank you.

  4. says

    Wow, all the ways you can stay connected on that phone is impressive. I need to check and see if my phone has a Pinterest app. Thanks for the review.

  5. Melissa Rimes says

    I think this is a really nice phone. I wish I could get one but there just so expensive. Guess I’m stuck with my hand-me-down phone for now.

  6. DENISE SHOOK says

    I love my smartphone. It looks like there are some really great apps too. I would recommend anyone that does not have one yet to buy one and this one looks great too!!

  7. Jenn says

    My sister has one of these phones. Not only am I looking for a new plan but IO would like to upgrade

  8. barbara austin anderson says

    im not a spammer. Want to update myself on newest apps on my phone, I just have few basis that i use on my phone. It gets costly at times for me, but always like to know about new apps. I like fancy girl writing.

  9. grace says

    I don’t own this kind of phone but I appreciate the review. IT’s very informative, just hope that one day I can get a fancy phone like this. Right now, I have a very old phone that can only call/receive a call and text. Oh well …one day :-)

  10. says

    I use a Tracphone that doesn’t do anything but phone calls and texting. I would love to upgrade and will eventually have to in order to be efficient with my blog, my online sales and stay in touch with my family. It nice to know there are apps for nearly everything a person could need (or want!)

  11. Anne says

    The red looks so good! I’m planning to buy a new phone too. There are so many too choose from and I depend on reviews like this to help me decide which I’ll buy.

  12. Lisa Brown says

    I have a disposable phone, can’t afford much else, and can’t use apps on it. I love the features of this phone and the color choices.

  13. Rosanne says

    I think I’m the last person on earth who doesn’t have a smart phone. I can’t afford another addiction like being on my computer is. Thanks for getting me motivated though with your great writeup!

  14. Jo Ann Moffatt says

    One of my kids just purchased this phone and he absolutely loves it. Well worth the money according to him.

  15. Wendy Mastin says

    Thank you for all the technology info. I’m not technology savy and this really helps.

  16. Gail Williams says

    First I need a phone! But learning about the apps makes me consider an HTC window phone as a possibility with the Apps you reviewed! Thanks, if it is good enough for Jenn, it’s good enough for me!

  17. Jo-Ann Brightman says

    I am making a note to flag this review so that when I have a smart phone I can come back here tosee where I can get all the free apps.

  18. Mikki Cross says

    I am so tech disadvantaged .Had to have the 12 yr old next door show me how to download an app and how to use it. The only app I use frequently is for restaurants & supermarkets. Maybe when I have time tospare I’ll start experimenting with others.

  19. German Lopez says

    This is a great list. I am currently thinking about switching over to a new phone from my iphone. I have been eye balling a windows phone for a while now. This list definitely bumped up the windows phone up a notch Thanks.

  20. Jo-Ann Brightman says

    I too need to buy a new phone. Mine is not a smart phone. I was glad to read your review

  21. Rosie says

    I’m starting to shop for a phone, too. I’ve been considering this phone and have been waiting for reviews1!! Your apps are pretty practical. I like make the most of the smallest amount to be advantaged (and not spend too much time playing around, as I have no extra time)!!

  22. Maddie K. says

    We are overdue for new phones and i have been scouring the internet for reviews for different phones. This one is on my radar. I’m going to get my husband to read your review and see what he says. Thanks!

      • Maddie K. says

        Hubby wants to get the Samsung Galaxy III phone. I’m on the fence about it. You are so enthusiastic about this phone!

        • says

          ONE COOLEST THING…. WOW, JUST ONE! I think I would have to say the live tiles, and how much you’re able to personalize your phone. It’s different, and everything runs so smooth, but then I think about the camera and how easy and well it works, or the virtual keyboard and how accurate it is. I really don’t know just one thing, lol. I’m a phone freak, and the Windows Phone has tons of feature I love. My husband liked it so much he ordered him one, in blue and just got it today. I can honestly say it’s the nicest phone I have ever owned, and I’ve had a lot of phones. It’s kinda my thing, when a new one comes out that is awesome I gotta have it… lol