Windows Phone 8X HTC – Using #HTC8 To Keep On Track #Troop8X

I’ve been waiting for my Windows HTC 8X Phone.  I have felt like a little kid at Christmas time, lol.  It’s finally here, and I’m one happy mommy blogger!  Most of you already know that I am a sucker for anything techy.  I have been excited to have a phone that can help me with my blogging job.

In my opinion this is the best phone available today!  The HTC 8X Phone is the only smart phone that passes the iPhone in terms of looks.  It’s beautiful, mine is blue!  The HTC 8X comes in three brilliant colors – deep blue like the one I have, red and yellow.  You can also pick one up in black.  The HTC 8X has a wonderful feel, it is soft and has rounded edges, and fits perfectly in your hand.

Can you tell I am super excited!  I’m not going to give you the complete rundown, like I said I just had everything set up today!  So what’s the first thing I did when after I had it set up?  Called my husband, he knew how excited I was.  Then I immediately started downloading apps.  You know I’m a blogger, it’s what we do!  Download stuff, lol.  Not really, but there’s plenty of apps that will make my job easier!  Not to mention I will really be able to test drive this phone so I can bring you a great review.

Next I wanted to focus on something that would make my job easier, as a blogger.  After all it was my New Years Resolution.  To become more organized, and find things that help save time, and make my life easier as a blogger.  Next on my list to try, the camera.  If you’re a blogger YOU TAKE PICTURES!  The Windows HTC 8X Phone, takes awesome pictures.  Check it out, it’s gloomy and snowing, and I HAVE AN AWESOME PICTURE take by my new Windows Phone.

Since we’re talking about pictures.  Have I mentioned the photo editing apps?  I’ve just started using them, but so far so good!  I can take my picture from my phone, edit it and use it on my blog, or post it to social media, the list goes on and on.  I cannot wait to try more apps tomorrow.

I love how I can personalize it just the way I like it!  The live tiles are awesome, and I can easily pin my favorite apps right on my home screen.  Yes, I can see your face on the front of my phone if I wanted to.

Customizing my home screen is one of the most important features to me.  The personalization of the HTC 8X is something you can only experience with this phone, there’s seriously nothing else out there like it.  It’s easy to drag and drop widgets, apps, or shortcuts to the home screen and make your phone stand out from the rest.  It’s seriously you’re phone, that fits your personality.  Dressing up the HTC 8X is fun and takes the personalization a little deeper.  Choose from almost 50 different scenes, skins, and wallpapers.  Cannot find one that fits, I’m sure you’ll find something to download.

Arranging you home screen panels is great!  Point, touch, and you now have the flexibility to arrange your widgets the way you want.  You can also view all 7 screens as thumbnails, this is called Leap View.  No wasting time flipping from screen to screen.  Look at me saving time already!

Now I can see my friends updates without unlocking my phone.  Yes, now to see my buddy Diva Fabulosa’s updates all I have to do is look.  I know what’s going on with my children, husband, and friends.  It’s a techy world out there, joining in is loads of fun.   Another fabulous feature is the People lock screen which allows you to add any group from the people widget to help customize you’re phone.  This is really a phone made for each person!

The HTC 8X includes a built-in amp, which makes it nice for listening to music while you type up posts.  Which is what I’m doing right now.  I’m surprised by how loud and clear the it is.  I can also plug-in headphones or speakers to really jam.

One of the features I’m really looking forward to learning more about is the SkyDrive.  You’ve heard of it?  It’s fabulous!  SkyDrive allows users to automatically sync files across your computers, yes and you’re Windows HTC 8X Phone phone!  You can install the app on both your phone and computer free.

With SkyDrive you can access your photos and other files from anywhere, store them, and share them.  Yes you can now access everything on your SkyDrive, regardless of where you are.  Your very own personal cloud, I love the sound of it!  If you’re on Windows 8 you’ll have the ability to view all your photos and files, edit and share Office documents, or share!

The overall appearance of the Windows HTC 8X Phone cannot be beat!   I wanted to do something fun with this phone.  My New Years Resolution is to become a more organized blogger, and to work smarter not harder.  I use my phone for everything, having the perfect Smartphone could make my job easier. 

Here’s an awesome video that helps explain how personal the Windows HTC 8X Phone allows you to be, and how easy making your phone person is.

I cannot wait to post a little more information for you tomorrow!  You know it, I will be trying out my new phone to the fullest.  I was too excited to wait, I really think this phone will help me reach my goal of being more organized!  Isn’t technology awesome, I love it!

I am super excited to try the Windows Phone apps to help you lose weight!

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