Worry Woos Twitch Monster and The Very Frustrated Monster Children’s Book

Worry Woos, another awesome children’s book review.

Andi Green, the author and creator of Worry Woos graciously provided me with a Worry Woo and its coordinating children’s book review. I’d like for you to meet Twitch. He’s the Worry Woo Monster of Frustration.

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Twitch has horns on his head and just two toes on each foot. He also has the Worry Woos belly button. When he wakes up late one morning, stubs two of those toes, and then misses the bus, amongst a variety of other morning mishaps, Twitch is determined to have the worst day ever. Absolutely nothing this day goes right for Twitch. His not-so-good-friend the Worry Bug hangs out at school in a terrarium just waiting to eat all the worries that are adding to Twitch’s frustration.

Worry Woos Children's Book

Andi has beautifully captured this emotion that we all feel at one time or another.  As an adult for the most part I have learned how to deal with frustration and try not to let it bother me so much  Her book is so well written that its message was clearly displayed and I learned the lesson taught.  The Very Frustrated Monster is brightly colored in its illustrations and full of detail.  It definitely is a children’s book that will keep any child actively engaged in the book.  As I was reading it to my nieces, whom you’ll meet next, the older one commented that it was a rhyming book.  I bet in no time this is a book that she will be working on reading with me.

I asked my nieces to help me on this review.  They are 6 and 3-years-old.  The only request of their mother was to not use their real names.  So I thought it would be fun to ask them what they would like to be called if they could have named themselves.  The 6-year-old quickly replied Rosebud, while the 3-year-old said Noodles.  Yes, Noodles.  I so wanted to honor her request, but just couldn’t bring myself to do so.  Curiously I did ask her why Noodles and her response was because she loved noodles, naturally.  I then persuaded her a bit and asked if she wouldn’t like something like “Rainbow” and before the word was out of my mouth, she was jumping up and down.  Please meet Rosebud and Rainbow…

Worry Woos Children's Book

Rainbow is hanging onto the Worry Bug.  Rosebud is showing off her new friend Twitch.  Twitch continues to go about his bad day until him comes across a squirrel trying to store some nuts away.  This isn’t just any squirrel though.  This little guy is running into all sorts of problems too, just like Twitch has all day.  Twitch and the squirrel talk and from their conversation, a very important lesson is learned.

***Children’s Book SPOILER ALERT*** 

Please skip to the very end of the review now for contact information for Worry Woos and how to get your own if you don’t wish to know how the book ends.  I promise not to give it all away, but some of the book ending will be shared.

Worry Woos children's Book

The squirrel teaches Twitch that regardless of what happens throughout our day, ultimately how we react and therefore treat others as a result is up to us.  Yes, stubbing our toes hurts, but Twitch didn’t break his toes.  Things could have been much worse.  Although he missed the bus, he did get to school.  Twitch only saw the bad that occurred all day and let that bad frustrate him.  He also allowed his frustration affect how he treated others.  Twitch didn’t look at the other side, the positive side.

When I was done reading the book with my nieces I asked Rosebud what she thought the book was about.  Her response was that things are never as bad as they really seem and that just because we’re upset, it doesn’t mean that we have the right to be mean to our friends.  I asked Rainbow the same question and she said she liked the Worry Bug.  Of course I pried for more and she agreed that we ultimately have control of our emotions and that while things upset us and yes, absolutely horrible, terrible, nothing-goes-right days happen; we can be happy on those days.  Rainbow also says to eat noodles.  Doing so will make you happy!

To get your own Worry Woo and/or children’s book, please visit http://worrywoos.com/.  Along with Twitch, The Monster of Frustration, the other Worry Woos are; Nola, The Monster of Loneliness; Rue, The Monster of Insecurity; Squeek, The Monster of Innocence; Fuddle, The Monster of Confusion; and Wince, The Monster of Worry.  Wince has a little not-so-good friend known as The Worry Bug.

Andi has generously offered to give one of our readers a Worry Woo Monster and Book of their children book of choice.

Disclosure:  Jeni was provided the above-named product for review purposes. All opinions are 100% her own based on her own experiences.  The Jenn’s Blah Blah Blog only reviews and recommends products we feel will be of value to our readers.  You can also trust ALL reviews will be 100% honest based on our own experiences with the products.  

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  • Laticia

    I enjoyed the worry woos review i will surely be watching for the giveaway! my grandaughter 4yrs. will let me read it to her then when she thinks she has it figured out she will say okay nana let me finish reading it to you and 85 percent of the time she on target. saying nana im smart arent i?

  • http://insidemyheadwithkelli.blogspot.com Kelli Avery

    OMG these are adorable!! will bookmark for the giveaway!! :) Thanks so much for sharing all these awesome, unique products with us I always look forward to finding something new and interesting on your website.

  • Jeanine

    What a cute story! And I love the illustrations- very engaging! thank you so much for sharing, going to have to see about winning the giveaway if not I will buy it for the kids… sounds like something they would love

    • Jeni Mitchell

      Good luck come the giveaway. If luck doesn’t pan out though, I highly recommend these books and monsters. My nieces couldn’t put Twitch and the Worry Bug down. Over the course of this weekend with them, we must have read the book 5-6 times. They absolutely loved it. The message is so positive and the book is written in such a way that they learn the lesson without realizing they are learning, yet at the end of the book if you ask them what the book was about, they can tell you everything.

      I’m sure your kids would love whichever books/monsters you got. Lucky little monsters you have. 😉

  • http://cindybrickleyblog.wordpress.com Cindy Brickley

    Thank for the review, my grand kids would love the book and the stuffed monster.

  • Maria Iemma

    My granddaughter is fascinated by Monsters – I think she is more excited than afraid and this book looks like she would enjoy it.

    • Jeni Mitchell

      Maria, I bet any of Andi Green’s monsters would become your grand-daughter’s instant best friend. I think I know what she might be getting for her next birthday.