Yoomi Feeding System, Bringing Warmth Within!

I know for me bottle warming in our home is daily routine. What could make this simpler? Of course, a bottle with a warmer inside! Fantastic!! Well parents here it is! The Yoomi feeding  system. This great little wonder was created by Mum & Dad, Farah and Jim, Who like all of us, find bottle warming a pain! I just know all you new moms are gonna love the Yoomi feeding system, it brings warmth within!

yoomi 1

A bottle and warmer all in one, Yoomi warms baby’s formula to the natural temperature of breast milk at the touch of a button, in just 60 seconds.  Their feeding system is the quickest, safest, and most hygienic way to warm expressed breast milk, as it never overheats! Yoomi feeding system features include,

  • naturally shaped nipple for easy latch on
  • unique 6 anti-colic vent system for less colic
  • ergonomic design for comfy grip
  • wide necked bottle – easy to fill, mix & clean
  • 100% BPA free
  • use bottle alone or with yoomi warmer

I thought the bottle would instantly heat milk at the touch of a button, but you have to charge the bottle warmer first. You can either microwave for 2 minutes in its heating case or place it by itself  in boiling water for 25 minutes, allowing it to cool for 75 minutes. The Yoomi can be used one time before recharging.

Yoomiyoomi charging case


You make your bottle up as normal, insert the warmer and press the button on the side of the warmer through the teat. Your bottle is then warmed within a minute to the temperature of breast milk. It comes in two sizes 5oz & 8oz. The warmer lasts for 150 uses before you have to replace it.

I love the concept of the Yoomi feeding system. The nipples are very soft and are uniquely designed to mimic the breast and is great for latching. Also the unique body design is easy to hold. Unfortunately baby Novalee had a hard time because the nipple is so soft, and she sucks real hard, it kept collapsing.

yoomi bottle  yoomieasy to hold

Yoomi feeding system is not for our little one, but that’s not to say it wouldn’t be fabulous for yours!! I would highly recommend this feeding system to any new mom!! It is a fantastic warming system for the on the go parent. What caught my attention is that Yoomi is highly recognized and have won a few awards for their fabulous Yoomi products!

yoomi awards

Hey all, Yoomi would make a perfect baby shower gift and with the holiday coming up you can gift one to the expecting or new moms in your life.


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  • Sumbul Aslam

    Loving the shape of the nipple…just like breast shaped……..