10 Reasons Parents Should Let Kids Go Play Outside Daily

by Jenn

10 Reasons Parents Should Let Kids Go Play Outside DailyDo you remember being a child, going outside, and discovering the great outdoors?  I don’t know who I would be today if I hadn’t spent so much time playing outside.  We would stay outside for hours, went on some wild adventures and even ended up with cuts and scrapes, but it was all part of being a child.  

In today’s world, it’s easy to replace outside play with TV, video games, tablets, smartphones, and computers, but kids also need the great outdoors.  It’s part of being a child and one of the best parts.  Kids need to be kids – running, jumping, building, climbing, skating, and just hanging out and playing OUTSIDE – the one place a kid can be a kid.

Reasons To Let Kids Go Play Outisde
10 Reasons Parents Should Let Kids Go Play Outside Daily

Here are a few of the many reasons to join the CLIF Kid challenge and let your kids go play outside every day.

  • There are no instructions – Playing outside doesn’t come with rules or guidelines.  In fact, there isn’t any certain way a child is supposed to play outside.  They can use their imagination and build a spaceship or climb a tree to see how far they can see. 
  • Physical activity – Playing outside is fun, but it’s also great exercise for children. Playing outside keeps them active and healthier.

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  • Outside play can make kids happier – We all need a little sunshine in our lives.  Being outside in the sunshine and fresh air for playtime can help make children happier and healthier thanks to the vitamin D they’ll get from the sun.  Just remember hats and sunscreen because we still need to protect their skin.
  • Attention span – Kids who play outside often have longer attention spans, which can assist them in school. 
  • Creativity and imagination – Since there are no rules to playing outside, kids can be as creative as they like and let their imaginations run wild.  Whether it’s turning a tree into a fort, using an old rope to make a swing or turning a cardboard box into an airplane, being outside and using our imaginations is fun. 
  • It’s part of being a kid – Playing outside, getting scratches and bruises are part of being a kid.  It’s one of the best parts of being a child.  It not only teaches them life lessons, it’s just good old fashion fun without TV, video games and technology.  

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  • It’s good for the kid in all of us – You don’t have to be a child to enjoy playing outside.  Playing outside with your kids is not only an excellent way to bond, but an awesome way to build memories and get in touch with the kid in you.  Life’s more fun with outside play; it doesn’t matter how old you are.
  • Don’t give up – Playing outside helps children learn not to give up.  Yesterday my youngest daughter made it across the monkey bars for the first time, but it was no easy task.  She tried over and over until she finally made it, and it was a sweet victory.  She also learned a valuable lesson – never give up and believe in yourself. 


  • Playing outside helps children make friends – Playing outside and making friends helps children with social skills, learning how to cooperate, work together, and care about a person.    
  • There’s so much to do outside – Gosh when you think about all the different things kids can do outside, playing on a computer or tablet seems so boring.  My kids are always up to something new when they play outside – riding their bikes, exploring, building forts, digging for worms, jumping on the trampoline, going on adventures, using their imagination, and even flying all the way to the North Pole in their cardboard box airplane. 

There are dozens of reasons why kids should play outside, but most importantly it’s part of being a kid.  So send your kids outside, let them be active, use their brains, imaginations, and allow them to experience the great outdoors.  Remember, you’re never too old to join them for a spaceship ride to Mars, but be careful you might just have fun.  

Join the CLIF Kid Challenge and let loose, have fun, go outside and play on.

CLIF Kid is Challenging Families to Get Up and Go Outside Daily

You’re probably already aware that CLIF Kids makes yummy and nutritious snacks for our kids’ growing bodies without any high fructose corn syrup, artificial flavors or synthetic preservatives.  CLIF Kid snacks nourish our children’s active minds, so they’re able to play on!

The wonderful people at CLIF Kid are challenging families to get outside and play every single day.  They want kids to be kids and are working to encourage parents to feed their children’s adventure, discover the great outdoors, and feed their active minds.  

Learn more about the CLIF Kid Challenge by visiting www.clifkid.com.

This is a sponsored post written on behalf of CLIF Kid by Jenns Blah Blah Blog.  All opinions express are our own.  

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