10 Things You Should Know About Babies

by Jenn

Many married couples start dreaming about having a baby right after the honeymoon but very few have the idea that babies are life changers and they do not come up with manuals, parents have to struggle at their own to learn how to take care of the baby. If you’re going to be a first-time parent then before going to purchase the baby outfits from lavendersun, read these 10 pointers that you should know about babies to your parenthood.

  1. Babies will sleep eventually

Your newborn baby might wake-up midnight and starts crying for no reason so you must have this thing in your mind that babies don’t always sleep so do not consider yourself a failure as a parent because they baby will sleep eventually. Your fellows or relatives might share their experience that their babies are having a sound sleep. I promise you they have a different definition of sleep or maybe they are stretching or manipulating the truth. Don’t talk much about your baby’s sleep with others because babies are different, some sleep better than others.

  1. Babies have needs of social mammals

Intensive parenting is the prime feature of social mammals as it is their basic instinct to take care of their babies unless and until they are capable of self-supporting. Breastfeeding for approximately 2 years is the most important of all intensive parenting practices as it will develop brain and body systems. Mother’s physical presence and nearly constant touch, responsiveness to needs have significant effects on the physical health of babies.

  1. Babies see very little and can’t perceive colours

In the mother’s womb, babies see almost nothing but darkness and their vision begins to develop after they have entered the real world. The visual field of babies is improved slowly from 20 centimeters in the first few months until they see perfectly. Visual accuracy will take time; almost 4 and a half months to see the tip of the pencil and 18 months to see a hair. Color differentiation also takes time, at birth, everything is black and white for babies and after 4-6 weeks they will perceive red and green. Babies will differentiate yellow and blue after 6 months until the colors are bright enough.

  1.  A happy mother nurtures a happy baby

The first 3 months with newborn babies are the hardest and It’ll take time for your baby to adjust life outside the womb. You will suffer while recovering from your childbirth too through all kinds of internal and physical changes. Babies recognize and love the physical touch by their mother, picking them will soothe and distress your baby. For some couples adjusting with a newborn is not a big deal while others find it difficult but as time passes by they learn all the essential parenthood practices. Don’t forget to reconnect with yourself in some “me-time” and get rest, eat, and drink well. 

  1. Babies can lose their hair

The tick and dark hair of babies might falls during the first 6 months when they are outside the safe cocoon of the mother. This is maybe due to a decrease in the level of hormones transmitted by mother to baby. It’s not a matter of deep concern as this hair represents the future hair neither by color nor by texture so stop worrying about hair fall of your baby in the early 6 months.

  1.  Babies are equipped with built-in warning systems

Babies will let you know what they need and if they are not getting it they will get it by hook or crook as they have builtin warning systems. So you should prefer to respond to baby’s grimace very soon as babies have difficulty stopping once they start crying. We advise you to sensitively follow the baby’s needs and not to wait till crying occurs.

  1.  Baby will recognize you by your smell

Babies get a sense of smell while in the mother’s womb, so they can smell at birth and this help them in recognizing you. Nature wants to ensure a special bond between you and your baby so nature equips the child with a sense of smell this is another way that nature ensures a special bond between you. Your baby will only need you all the time. It’ll be difficult earlier, try to enjoy it because soon you’ll feel more yourself and getting more sleep.

  1. Babies will help you in gaining new skills

Baby care will teach you how to love without conditions, how to forgive, to be carefree and careful both at the same time, to trust your instincts, patience, how to do things single-handed, and to sleep anywhere, anytime. In the period of baby care, you’ll learn non-linguistic communication.you’ll find joy in the simplest things. 

  1. Setaside Money and Plan your finances

Having a baby comes up with new expenses as childcare requires the largest part of the family budget. You will buy a baby carrier, onesies baby, diapers, baby lotions, baby food rocking-chair for feeding, a changing pad, plastic huger, sunshades for car windows, and whatnot. As you are excited about the new addition, so set aside money for the care of your baby and plan your finances. 

  1. You won’t remember much of your first-time parent experience so take lots of pictures of your babies 

When I was a first-time parent, no one told me that I will not experience this again no matter how many children I have. In childcare every day is a new beginning, a new journey so captures each precious moment with your baby. You will never feel like this again and might end up wishing that “Someone should have told me to capture that first-time parent experience”. No one will guide you on what to expect while you’re expecting, not even a class, book, or a little old lady in the grocery store.

In the end, keep in mind that there are many ways to be a good parent and you do not have to follow the techniques of your mother or mother in law to get an A plus in parenting. You know your baby the best not the others so don’t let anyone make you think you’re not doing a good job.

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