10 Ways To Honor United States Veterans All Year!

by Jenn

You may already know I am proud to support our military, their families and the veterans.

There are so many veterans living with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and other injuries they received serving our country that are being dealt with by veteran attorneys (click here to learn more).  When it comes down to it the men and women in our military sacrifice a lot, more than I will ever understand.

I was going to post this on Veterans Day as a way to say thank you to our vets and men and women actively serving in our military, but I decided to wait until after Veterans Day because we should be saying thank you every day!  Every single day should be the perfect day to say thank you to the men and owmen who have served and are currently serving in our military!  Which is why I’m so excited to share a few unique ways you can say thanks to a veteran or soldier on activity duty!

“NOT ALL VETERANS AND THEIR FAMILIES NEED HELP! But those who do should not feel like second-class citizens and Easter Seals and our other partners are the perfect partners to help our veterans and their families feel special and understood.” – Katy’s Goodness

10 Ways To Honor United States Veterans All Year!10 Ways To Honor United States Veterans All Year!

Here are a few unique ways you can thank and honor United States Veterans all year long:

  • Say It – Do you know and veterans?  Say thank you whenever you have the chance!
  • Knowledge – Know what you’re thanking them for. You don’t’ have to spend days memorizing anything, but spend a little time doing your homework. Don’t do it just because you’re supposed to.  Better yet, do a little homework and know exactly what you’re saying thank you for. It’s a great way to give a more heartfelt thank you.
  • Care package – Send out a care package to the United States troops!  It will defienltly be appreciated!  If you’re thinking about sending a care packages you can send things like – individual condiments, jerky, gum, toiletries (travel sized), stamps, books, and tons more.
  • Wear it – Break out with the patriotic gear!  Show your support with the shirt on your back, hat on your head, or anyway can to show you’re a proud American!
  • Take a moment – Stop, take a moment of silence to honor the United States Veterans.
  • Random act of kindness – Do something nice for a veteran or their family.  If you see a veteran out for dinner, buy them a drink, main them a thank you card without a return address, or call and say thank you.  Anything you can come up with is fabulous, and be sure to remain anonymous.
  • Social media – Say it on your social media accounts!
  • Time – Spend time helping in some way in your community.
  • Donate – Have something you can donate, do it!

Katy’s Goodness

  • Katy’s Goodness – Katy’s Goodness “Thank A Deserving Military Veteran campaign cookie packages are to be delivered to TWO MILLION military veterans.  To make things even better Katy’s Goodness will donate more than $3 MILLION to support military veteran organizations!  WOW, how awesome is that?  Go Katy’s Goodness!  Between now and Veterans Day in 2015 you can thank a veteran by ordering Katy’s Goodness Cookie Care Package which will be shipped to one of the 22 million military veterans in the US!  To make things even better, every cookie that is purchased means Katy’s Goodness will donate funs to local affiliations like – Student Veterans of America, Easter Seals, Warriors in the Workplace, and even Support Military Foundation.

I do teach my children the importance of Veterans day, but I also teach them how important it is to say thank you every single day!  To me it’s more important to do it everyday!  Now, don’t get me wrong Veterans Day is amazing, and we should all stop and say thank you to a veteran, take a moment of silence, and do something special to say thank you, but these things shouldn’t be limited to only one day a year! Which is why I’m totally loving Katy’s Goodness! KatysGoodness.comDid you know that 90% of all funds given to Katy’s Goodness partners go back into our communities!  Katy’s has checks and balances in place, they believe in accountability along with their partners, have agreements, which allow their partners to audit their books, and Katy’s Goodness can audit theirs!  This helps each other make certain they are delivering what they set out to do!

KatysGoodness.comAnother awesome thing about Katy’s Goodness is the fact you can actually read their ingredients list and understand what’s in the food you’re eating!  No Joke!

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