11 Denim Jeans Maintenance Tips: Is It Time for a New Pair?

by Jenn

Women have that one pair of jeans that they love and will do anything to keep. It fits perfectly, and the color is just right. Unfortunately, without proper maintenance, it is more likely that those favorite jeans will become worn and ready for the trash. Reviewing the 12 denim jeans maintenance tips helps women get more longevity out of their favorite jeans and give them many happy years together.

  1. Don’t Wash Treated Jeans Unless They are Sagging
    Treated jeans have been pre-washed before they were placed on sale to the public. Style experts recommend that women do not wash treated jeans each time they wear jeans. The best option is to continue to wear the jeans until the denim starts to appear saggy and doesn’t fit tightly. At this point, the denim has relaxed to the point that it needs to shrink back down and conform to the size requirements for which it was cut by the manufacturer. If the denim is allowed to become saggy, it is less likely that the pants will become too tight after the wash and fit their owner. Women who want to review the current inventory of treated jeans can click here for more details.
  2. Turn Jeans Inside Out
    Turning jeans inside out when washing them lowers the risk of fading and maintains the denim more proactively. The exterior of the fabric will become less worn looking and maintain its integrity by washing the fabric inside out. Darker washes last far longer and won’t begin to fade for many years. Lighter washes won’t show signs of wear as quickly if they are washed in this way, too.
  3. Steam Clean Jeans
    In between wears, it’s a great idea to steam clean the jeans to get rid of odors and bacteria. It doesn’t matter if women don’t have a steam cleaner. All they have to do is hang the jeans in the bathroom while they take a long steamy shower and the steam will work its magic. This task is recommended for treated or raw jeans when women are waiting longer in between washes to maintain the fabric.
  4. Add Distilled Vinegar to Dark Wash Jeans
    Adding distilled vinegar to the rinse cycle helps maintain dark wash jeans and lower the risk of fading. The vinegar protects the fabric and makes the darker wash last far longer. Typically, dark wash jeans start fading after about 20 washes and slowly lose that brand-new look. Women should limit how often they wash the jeans, but if they must wash the jeans adding distilled vinegar can help.
  5. Air Dry Jeans
    The cardinal rule when it comes to jeans and all denim products is to never dry them in the dryer. Air drying the jeans is better, and women won’t have to do the struggle dance trying to get back into their jeans. Once jeans are placed in the dryer, the denim begins to tighten up, and for some women, it takes several tries to get back into the jeans even though the jeans are the right size. It’s best to lay the jeans across the top of the dryer for maximum results. Line drying the jeans outside in the heat has the same effect as placing them in the dryer.
  6. Don’t Wash Untreated Denim for the First 6 Months
    Raw denim shouldn’t be washed for at least the first six months after the purchase. It maintains the size and lowers the risk of shrinkage. Raw denim will shrink if women wash them as soon as they buy the jeans. Sometimes the jeans will draw up enough to be far too short or too tight. It’s important that the owner wears the jeans regularly but holds off on washing them to maintain the denim and the size of the jeans.
  7. Use an Iron-On Patch to Cover Holes
    Using an iron-on patch to cover a hole can bond it to the denim and lower the risks of more damage. However, the patches are just for temporary use and won’t fix the problem permanently. It is necessary for women to take the jeans to a repair shop to get the holes repaired properly. The patches are a fast fix for damage due to thigh rub, and the products can make it possible to wear the jeans until you can get them professionally repaired.
  8. Trimmed Fraying Edges
    Trimming fraying edges prevent further damage to the jeans. Over time, the edges of the pant’s legs will start fraying. Laying the jeans flat on a table makes it easier to trim to edges and prevent them from tearing upward.
  9. Run New Jeans Through the Wash Twice
    If a woman has purchased jeans that are just a little too long for them, they can run the jeans through the wash twice. Style experts recommend that women should wash their new jeans twice the first time they wash the pants. However, they should adhere to the rules according to what type of jeans they are. Twice washing makes the jeans shrink to their normal size. Raw denim shrinks when you first wash them. Twice washing prevents them from shrinking any further.
  10. Use Spot Cleaners for Stains
    Using a spot cleaner is the best choice for eliminating wine, grass stains, or mud. It’s not recommended that the entire pants be treated if the stain is centralized to one area of the pants. Stop cleaners lift and remove the stains effectively without damaging the fabric.
  11. Use Mild Detergents
    Using mild detergents maintain the texture of the denim and keep it from becoming worn looking. Using harsher detergents can accelerate damage and compromise the fabric quickly.
    Women who follow the necessary maintenance steps can increase the longevity of their favorite jeans. Expert tips can help women maintain their favorite jeans and get the most use-value out of their investment. After all, the day that a woman’s favorite pair of jeans are irreparable is a sad day in any woman’s life. Reviewing maintenance tips prevent this tragic day from happening.

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