3 Holiday Pregnancy Announcement Ideas For the Grandparents-to-be

by Jenn

You just found out you’re pregnant, and there is so much to be excited about! Between filling the nursery with adorable baby clothes to finding the perfect crib, you have a very fun list of to-do’s to take care of before your little bundle of joy arrives.

Right up at the top of that list is making the big announcement to your family and loved ones, especially the grandparents-to-be. This is where you can really have some fun. There are so many different ways that you can tell everyone the big news, and finding the perfect way to tell everyone can be incredibly fun.

Take a look at our top three absolute favorite ways to announce your pregnancy during the holidays!

1. Special Onesies

Some adorable custom onesies for babies are a classic way to go, not to mention they’re sure to make for some awesome pictures to look back on.

Make it holiday-specific by getting something Christmas-themed on the onesies, perhaps a Santa hat with the words “special delivery arriving on (due date)”. This would also work with a cute decal of a Christmas tree!

Perhaps there’s a certain name that the grandparents-to-be already know they want to go by. Granny, Pop-Pop, Gams, Grandad, or even good ol’ Grandma and Grandpa. Whatever it is, it would look fantastic on that onesie!

Plus, just think about how happy they’ll be to put your little one in that onesie once they’re born. There will be nothing better, and just think of those baby and grandparent selfies they’re sure to take!

2. Personalized Accessories

We are all about meaningful gifts, and getting something with a personalized touch is sure to be a treasure for the grandparents-to-be for years to come. Give them something that they can wear as they anxiously wait for the baby to come, as well as something that can be worn for all those visits and playdates they’ll have with the baby.

For grandma, you could get a necklace or bracelet with a baby on it. Or perhaps you’re far enough along that you know the gender and are certain about what you’re going to name the baby. You could get the jewelry engraved with the baby’s name, or maybe their initials. 

For grandpa, a themed baseball cap is a perfect way to go to let him brag about his upcoming grandchild!

3. Countdown

The grandparents-to-be are going to be just as excited as you are for the baby to arrive, and giving them a way to track the time and count down the days will be a wonderful gift for them. It could be a paper chain, a countdown chalkboard, or a sticker poster to help them see just how close you’re getting to the due date!

So get excited to make the big announcement! Whether you’re going with personalized onesies or a fun countdown that everyone in the house can participate in and enjoy, make this a special moment for the grandparents-to-be. 

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